Design Outline

Merrick x Campbell - video

Stu Nettle

Britt Merrick and Malcolm Campbell share a lot of design DNA and their latest collaboration fuses two of their most popular designs - Campbell Brothers Bonzer with Channel Islands Biscuit.

Mike Psillakis: Seoul Surfer

Alex Workman

Getting "his local boards wired" ain't enough for gypsy shaper Mike Psillakis. Mike's latest trip is to one of the more obscure corners of the surfing world - South Korea.

Jughead and the history of the Wiz Fish - video


Justen 'Jughead' Allport reflects on his early fish experiments and why he's back on 'em again. Includes a vid of Jug in period costume: hair down to his shoulders and a VB shirt.

Computer aided channel bottoms?

Stu Nettle

Till now channel bottoms have been the sole preserve of hand shapers, however a new cutting tool from AKU Shaper may soon see that change.

Boarding School: Foils

Stu Nettle

You turn a board on its side and look at its rocker, but do you also look at its foil? The foil of a board - the distribution of foam along its length - is every bit as important yet it's often overlooked. Let Cory Russel get you up to speed.

Boarding School: Rocker

Stu Nettle

In the second instalment of Boarding School, Cory Russell throws a curve ball at the class. That's right - rocker. The arc of a surfboard when seen in profile. What is it? And how does it effect your surfing?

Bert Burger on making a statement at big Nazare

Stu Nettle

The West Oz board maker puts high tech craft under the feet of two-time XXL Big Wave award winner Sebastian Steutdner.

Boarding School: Outline

Stu Nettle

Outline. It's a surfboard's defining characteristic. The first thing we notice when we lay eyes on a board. But how does the outline affect the way it rides? And hows about a bit o' history for good measure..?

Simon Anderson on X-Core Reactor blanks

Stu Nettle

The inventor of the Thruster adds X-Core blanks to his range of small wave boards.

Extraordinary Boards - Kelly Slater's 1996 Indonesian spear

Stu Nettle

Slater's steed from the Quiksilver Pro Grajagan gets the once over in the latest Extraordinary Boards. It's the board he rode while punching himself in the head at perfect G'Land.

Non-identical twins: How the modern twin fin beats its older brother

Stu Nettle

"You might as well be riding a unicycle up there," says Matt Warshaw of twin fins and their propensity to spin out. However, modern design and construction has curbed the chaos without losing that footloose feeling.

The tricky history of the channel bottom

Stu Nettle

From slots to clinkers to fireballs, channel bottoms have been around for over fifty years, and their history is anything but straight ahead.