Design Outline

Clear resin with a green tinge

Stu Nettle

Eco-X epoxy resin increases the green stakes in board making.

Boarding School: Flex

Get your head around flex in the latest lesson of Boarding School.

Rex Marechal wins the Icons Of Foam 'Shape Off'

Stu Nettle

Most shapers never want to revisit the super thin, rockered out boards of the early 90s, yet recently Rex Marechal was forced to.

Donald Brink: Surf the way you stand

Stu Nettle

Come learn about the 'feet first' shaping philosophy of Donald Brink.

Boarding School: Volume

Stu Nettle

Turn it up! In the latest Boarding School, Cory Russell drops a few truth bombs on volume as a dimension.

Chris Christenson on shaping, therapy, and the subtle art of not giving a fuck

Alex Workman

Alex Workman sits down for an informal chat over beers - which is always the best kind of chat - with San Diego shaper Chris Christenson.

Gary McNeill on imitating Al Merrick

Stu Nettle

An Aussie shaper on being given a license (and a time limit) to plagiarise.

Farmer uses lemongrass 'foam' to produce eco-friendly boards

Marty McCarthy

The lemongrass plant has a foam-like structure that floats when processed and waterproofed.

Bottom Contours Part 2

Stu Nettle

In the latest instalment of Boarding School, Cory Russell talks concaves and channels...and twin vees, and torus channels, and vent systems too!

Bottom Curves Part 1

Stu Nettle

In the latest instalment of Boarding School, Cory Russell flips your board upside down to check the engine room.

Merrick x Campbell - video

Stu Nettle

Britt Merrick and Malcolm Campbell share a lot of design DNA and their latest collaboration fuses two of their most popular designs - Campbell Brothers Bonzer with Channel Islands Biscuit.

Mike Psillakis: Seoul Surfer

Alex Workman

Getting "his local boards wired" ain't enough for gypsy shaper Mike Psillakis. Mike's latest trip is to one of the more obscure corners of the surfing world - South Korea.