Design Outline

'Shapeshifter' interchangeable tail shapes

Stu Nettle

A clever system or an over-engineered gimmick?

Champagne Glass: The Desert Storm

Stu Nettle

Introducing the mother of all boards.

Tom Wegener and a custom for Curren

Stu Nettle

Tom Wegener and Tom Curren branch out on a new collaboration.

Quobba fins launched in West Oz

Graeme Powell

Inspired by the movement of the fastest fish in the ocean, these fins have taken 38 years and more than $2.5 million to develop.

Watch: Kelly Slater on the Cymatic

Stu Nettle

From ayahuasca-inspired trips to cymatic vibrations, the ascension of Kelly Slater continues...

Greg Webber's deep double

Stu Nettle

Check out Greg Webber's exotic deep double concave, shaped "for someone" in the Quiksilver Pro.

Watch: Dave Rastovich // Quivered

Stu Nettle

Rasta talks us through his Gary McNeill-shaped quiver.

Clear resin with a green tinge

Stu Nettle

Eco-X epoxy resin increases the green stakes in board making.

Boarding School: Flex

Get your head around flex in the latest lesson of Boarding School.

Rex Marechal wins the Icons Of Foam 'Shape Off'

Stu Nettle

Most shapers never want to revisit the super thin, rockered out boards of the early 90s, yet recently Rex Marechal was forced to.

Donald Brink: Surf the way you stand

Stu Nettle

Come learn about the 'feet first' shaping philosophy of Donald Brink.

Boarding School: Volume

Stu Nettle

Turn it up! In the latest Boarding School, Cory Russell drops a few truth bombs on volume as a dimension.