Swellnet Dispatch

Watch: Kerby Brown // Born Of Fire

Stu Nettle

So you thought you got a heavy one last weekend?

Watch: Mundaka swings into the new year

Stu Nettle

Mundaka puts on a show for the opening day of 2018.

Watch: Waimea Bay last Sunday

Stu Nettle

It's all about the drop....'cos there's not much else.

Watch: The Occ-Cast with Brad Gerlach

Stu Nettle

Gerr and Occ in a captivating return to form.

Drone used in world first ocean rescue

Elloise Farrow-Smith

Fresh out of the box, a new rescue drone was put to use in a real rescue at Lennox Head yesterday.

Say g'day to Kevin Merifield, WA's surfing octogenarian

Anthony Pancia

Just shy of his 80th birthday, Kevin Merifield is still surfing the waves he pioneered sixty years ago.

Watch: Renato Hickel on the return of Cloudbreak and turning pro surfing into golf

Stu Nettle

Renato Hickel opens up on pro surfing's golden future.

Watch: Peahi carnage

Stu Nettle

Discretion is the better part of not copping a 40 footer on the head.

Watch: The Proving Grounds

Ben Matson

After a long and seemingly endless hibernation, Her Majesty finally woke up.

Watch: Filipe Toledo - The Island

Ben Matson

"Enjoy the power surf and good music".

Irukandji jellyfish discovery off Fraser Island

Here's hoping we don't experience a state-wide outbreak of full body lycra suits, as recommended by the authorities.

Byron Bay Falls Festival - gallery

Craig Brokensha

A photo journal documenting the road-trip north to and inside the Byron Bay Falls Festival.