Talking Heads

Tuesday with Richo

Stu Nettle

Swellnet spends a thoroughly entertaining morning talking to ex-world number 7 Terry Richardson.

Grün: Music that's beyond words

Stu Nettle

The fella who owns this website also drums in a fantastic band. Here the editor chats to the lead guitarist and avoids (almost) all surf references.

Garrett McNamara is a sea hound!

L P Michaels

Surfing’s Mr Brightside has written a book about all the things that got him here, there, and everywhere

Rosy Hodge: On tour life and overcoming nerves

Mimi LaMontagne

She's been a fixture on the WSL commentary team for five years now and Rosy Hodge believes she's finally found her calling.

Geoff McCoy on the origins of the Lazor Zap

Anthony Pancia

It's the most admired and maligned surfboard design in history. Loved and loathed in equal measure. Now, on the eve of a limited edition release, Geoff McCoy chats about the beginnings of his beloved Lazor Zap.

Shaping a life less ordinary: Hayden Cox's New Wave Vision

Anthony Pancia

The outward thinking Hayden Cox deflects criticism from a shaping icon and pens a "how to" book for the modern entrepreneur

Matt Biolos and surfboards as objects of desire

Matt George

Matt Biolos, who so often plays cupid between surfer and surfboard, explains the mysteries of fibreglass desire.

Enjoy the midday magic hour with drone photographer Chris Duczynski

Stu Nettle

Come observe the leisurely life of a drone photographer. No need to set the alarm...

Colouring outside the lines with Henry Jock Walker

Stu Nettle

He paints! He surfs! He paints while he surfs! Come enter the colourful world of South Oz performance artist, Henry Jock Walker.

Ben Cregan on Dale Egan

Stu Nettle

Filmmaker Ben Cregan discusses the pioneering life of Dale Egan. The original surfing punk and father of friction free surfing.

Five minutes with Dylan Longbottom

Stu Nettle

On family, the reason he pulls back on some waves, and why tow surfing is still king.

Mark Mathews: On missing the best El Nino season in memory

Stu Nettle

"It was the biggest and best Jaws ever and I don't know if I'll ever get another shot at it."