Talking Heads

Everybody loves Richo

Stu Nettle

Swellnet spends ten minutes with the People's Champ of Wollongong before he embarks on one of the busiest periods of his life.

Gee Cormack: Chix Surf School


"The more women, the less testosterone, and the happier everyone is!"

Big time: Russell Bierke qualifies for the Big Wave Tour

Stu Nettle

The young fella from Ulladulla makes the big wave grade.

Shooting the breeze with Ted Grambeau

Stu Nettle

Ted riffs on Google Earth, Mick Fanning surfing 'the Snake', and a lifetime spent searching.

Kai Lenny: Champion to be, bridesmaid now

Craig Jarvis

Billy Kemper will take the Big Wave crown, but Kai Lenny is still frothing.

A new year with Mikey February

Craig Jarvis

Craig Jarvis speaks to South Africa's rising star with a velvet style.

Steve Cooney: "I remember it very clearly!"


Steve Cooney reflects on his first wave at Uluwatu, the very first wave ridden there.

Water flowing over glass: A conversation with Phil Myers

Stu Nettle

"Water flow is everything," says the prodigious Lennox Head shaper who made his name with channel bottoms and variations of the form.

Nick Brbot on bodywhomping Cape Solander

Stu Nettle

Have a romp with the guys whomping the Cape.

Jake Howard on 'First Priority'

Alex Workman

Jake Howard teams up with Chris Moore, father to Carissa, for some real talk on raising a pro surfer.

Flying too close to the sun: The descent

Stu Nettle

A good tradesman never blames his tools, but what if the materials are poisoning him? Read about Josh Dowling's epoxy shock.

Flying too close to the sun: The ascent

Stu Nettle

Josh Dowling made his name working with alternative materials, and those materials slowly poisoned him. Last month the master shaper hung up his tools.