Updated: Sat 30 August 6:34am Surf: stormy 6-8ft SE Winds: Strong SSW Weather: drizzle Rating: 4/10

Big and gnaley! Strong southerlies overnight have pushed the waves up to around 6-8ft this morning. The wind is SSW and even nudging South at times which is bringing showers along the coastal fringe. They're hanging just offshore at the moment but any shift in the wind toward SSE will bring them over the coastline. The beaches are just too lumpy to contemplate surfing and with a lot of water moving around extreme caution should be exercised before entering the water today. Even the southern corners are not looking too inviting at the moment. Give it a few hours for the swell to settle in and the Point may be worth a look later in the day.

Sat 30 August 6:26am: bumpy 6-8ft SE, Strong SSW, rain 4/10

Large, unruly surf and gusty S/SW winds in the Shire this morning with the only options at sheltered southern corners. Even then they're picking up a lot of size with set waves in the 6-8ft range across the open stretches. Really need a day or so for conditions to settle down but if you are keen you will find something to ride. Check back for the updated photo report before 8am. 

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Nearest Surfcams:
Cronulla Point
Shark Island
Cronulla Beaches
8ft (3x Overhead)
SW 20kt
4.1 m @ 11s SE (135°)
First light: 5:52am Sunrise: 6:17am Sunset: 5:35pm Last light: 6:01pm
Current: 12.9 (7:43am) Min: 9℃ - Max: 18℃

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