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Thanks to the Cecil Apartments for their support of the Shark Island surfcam.
Surfers etiquette: if you're travelling here to surf, please respect the locals.

Forecast: Thundering Cloudbreak

Stu Nettle

The Southern Ocean swell barrage will reach an almighty crescendo this weekend at Cloudbreak.

Forecast: Keramas, oh yes!

Stu Nettle

It's been five years since the CT has visited Keramas and the Indian Ocean is rising to the occasion.

Filipe Toledo wins the Oi Rio Pro

Rookie Wade Carmichael comes second.

Watch: Downsizing with Mitchell Rae

Stu Nettle

"I've conciously chosen to stay I can really put a lot of myself into each board."

Watch: Shocked in Rio

Stu Nettle

Rio's most famous slab on the pump.

Analysis: The long and the short of long period swells

Craig Brokensha

With their energy travelling hundreds of metres below the surface, long period swells can behave unexpectedly when they reach the coast.

Andrew Cotton on getting flung to the flats at Nazare

Craig Jarvis

What goes down must go up....and back down again with a bone-breaking thud.

Stephanie Gilmore wins the Oi Rio Pro

While Filipe jags a ten and John John gets eliminated.

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