Northern Beaches
Updated: Sat 7 March 7:34am Surf: lumpy 4-5ft S Winds: Light SSW Weather: drizzle Rating: 5/10

Sydney buoy data suggests we've got another large swell in the water but it's not quite showing at the beach as you'd think. Sure, it's quite solid with easy 4-5ft sets at south facing beaches however it's much less consistent than yesterday and there are a few wobbles on top from overnight onshores. However winds are now light and variable and you can see conditions are improving quickly, so scout around the open beaches and you'll find something worthwhile. Keep an eye out for a few bigger sets too, as this is certainly quite likely to pulse towards 6ft throughout the day. Sorry, no photo right now but I'll try to get one up later this morning.

Sat 7 March 7:00am: lumpy 4-6ft S, Light ESE, mostly sunny 4/10

Dawn Report: Head to the South magnets for the 4-6ft waves this morning, there's the usual variation in size at other breaks with a south swell. The winds have been light onshore all night so there's a reasonable amount of lump in the water and some bump as will with them still light ESE. Swellnet’s bringing you the Noosa Festival Of Surfing to watch live today. All brought to you by Vans. Catch it right here:  Check back around 8am for Ben's photo report.

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Nearest Surfcams:
3-4ft (Overhead) reaching 6ft at south facing beaches
SE 3kt
2.6 m @ 12.2s S (189°)
Clearing shower
Clearing shower
First light: 6:22am Sunrise: 6:48am Sunset: 7:25pm Last light: 7:50pm
Current: 20.7 (10:30am) Min: 17℃ - Max: 24℃
Terrey Hills

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