Northern Beaches
Updated: Mon 2 February 7:31am Surf: peaky 3ft S Winds: Light SW Weather: showers Rating: 3/10

Lots of factors working against the surf this morning. The early high tide is swallowing up a lot of energy, a super south swell direction is creating tiny waves away from the south swell magnets, and although winds are light SW at the coastal margin, there are a lot of whitecaps visible about 1km offshore, suggesting strong winds are due to return soon. On top of that, the large waves over the last few days seems to have carved out some deep gutters, adding further problems to the surf zone. Exposed spots are still picking up 3ft sets but you'll have to be patient as there doesn't appear to be many good options right now. But there are waves if you are keen.

Mon 2 February 6:11am: peaky 3ft SSE, Light S, showers 4/10

Dawn Report: The swell has eased some more overnight leaving 3ft+ waves at the south magnets this morning, with smaller waves at other locations. You'll want to be looking to breaks that handle south wind with fresh southerlies forecast for the day, they're only light at the moment. The one thing you can't avoid is the tide and with it peaking at 8.15am, the waves are going to be swallowed up for a while yet. Check back around 8am for Ben's photo report.

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Nearest Observed Surf Reports:
Nearest Surfcams:
3ft (Head High) reaching 3-4ft at south facing beaches
SSW 4kt
2.2 m @ 9.4s S (172°)
0.3 m @ 10.2s E (87°)
Possible shower
Possible shower
First light: 5:50am Sunrise: 6:17am Sunset: 8:00pm Last light: 8:27pm
Current: 17.7 (8:30am) Min: 17℃ - Max: 23℃
Terrey Hills

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