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Updated: 2017-02-22 15:14:00 Surf: bumpy 3ft SSE Winds: Fresh NE Weather: fine and sunny Rating: 3/10

Afternoon report: It's good to see some better size on the coast this afternoon. 3ft waves at magnets, but stick to protected breaks out of the wind. ** This surfboard drips blood and design DNA. The materials are modern, the planshape is timeless, but the channels carve a direct line back to 1980: http://swllnt.com/2mkf0Ix

2017-02-22 06:44:00: peaky 1-2ft S, Light N, partly cloudy 3/10

Small waves again in the 1-2ft range from the S and a light N wind putting a little bump on the wave faces. Small peaks all over the place with the odd good one but still lacking a bit of push. A partly cloudy start to the day.

2017-02-22 06:03:00: peaky 2ft SSE, Light NNE, mostly fine 3/10

Dawn report: Pity the wind isn't a little better this morning. If you're keen for a wave head to protected beaches from the northerly wind, and also maybe give it a couple of hours for the tide to run out. Check back for the updated photo report around 8am.

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1ft+ (Knee-Waist High)
NNE 21kt
0.7 m @ 7s ENE (75°)
0.8 m @ 4.2s ENE (58°)
0.3 m @ 10.9s ENE (73°)
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Current: 22.1 (9:30pm)

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