Good swells to come, best Saturday and Monday

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Craig Brokensha (Craig)

Western Australia Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Wednesday 14th October)

Best Days: Friday morning Perth, Saturday both coasts, Monday both coasts, Wednesday and Thursday mornings


Clean fun waves across the South West yesterday to 3-5ft before onshores kicked in, while Perth was also clean but tiny through the morning.

Today more swell is being seen to 4-6ft in the South West and 1-2ft around Perth but with fresh onshore winds.

This week and weekend (Aug 15 - 18)

Tomorrow is unfortunately still due to be onshore but solid with a strong and inconsistent new W/SW groundswell. Margs should see infrequent 6-8ft waves, with the odd bigger cleanup set through the morning, easing into the afternoon. Perth should see 2ft sets.

Winds will spoil the party though with fresh W/SW breezes across the South West, and SW winds around Perth.

Friday is now looking dicey in the South West as the swell eases and winds linger in the moderate range from the W/NW. Perth should be cleaner with fun easing 2ft waves under light offshore E/SE winds.

Now, the weekend's forecast has shifted around a little, with Saturday's swell being upgraded, and Sunday's delayed, coming in Monday.

This is due to the late forming low responsible for Saturday's swell now forming earlier and being stronger, while the secondary system will be slower moving and not as intense, slowing down the arrival and size.

Saturday's swell should now come in at a solid 6-8ft across the South West and 2ft around Perth with light variable tending offshore winds across both coasts.

Sunday is looking poor in any case as the weakening arm of the second low moves in, bringing W'ly tending SW winds. A late increase in swell may also be seen, but the peak is due Monday.

Monday's swell will have more west in it, likely getting into more protected spots better, and with good strength. The South West should peak around 6-8ft out of the W/SW, with Perth offering larger 2-3ft sets due to the extra west in the swell.

Winds look good again for this swell, tending variable in the South West, while Perth should see SE to E/SE offshores, ahead of afternoon sea breezes.

Next week onwards (Oct 19 onwards)

After Monday's strong pulse of W/SW groundswell, we've got some great and sustained polar frontal activity forecast for early next week in the Southern Ocean.

While not overly strong, the expansive nature of the activity should produce a couple of pulses of large SW groundswell for Wednesday and Thursday, settling down a touch into the end of the week.

Winds look favourable and offshore for Wednesday and Thursday, but we'll review this again on Friday.