Average end to the week, fun weekend

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Craig Brokensha (Craig)

Western Australia Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Wednesday 8th July)

Best Days: Early Thursday, Friday in protected spots, Saturday, Sunday


Average conditions yesterday, small and onshore in the South West, but clean around Perth early, before stronger onshore winds developed and an initial pulse of W/SW groundswell pulsed late.

This morning a peak in size was seen, but a touch under expectations with 6-8ft surf in the South West and 2ft waves around Perth with average S/SE winds.

This week and weekend (Jul 9 – Jul 12)

Today's W/SW groundswell is due to ease back through tomorrow and conditions should be clean early with a variable tending light offshore breeze, but onshore winds are due by mid-late morning in the South West, so don't dawdle.

Margs should ease from 6ft on the sets with easing 2ft sets around Perth, while a new SW groundswell pulse for Friday looks to be more in the 5-6ft range across the South West, with 1-2ft sets in Perth.

Winds will be average in the South West with a fresh S/SE'ly, while Perth should see variable tending SE winds.

Saturday looks the cleanest and best size, with a new S/SW groundswell due to peak through the day under E/NE offshores. This swell will be generated on the back of the front bringing Thursday and Friday's average winds, with the South West due to see inconsistent 6ft surf at exposed breaks, with 2ft sets in Perth.

Sunday will see the swell drop away with E/NE tending variable winds.

Next week onwards (Jul 13 onwards)

A couple of moderate sized S/SW groundswell pulses are due into early next week, ahead of some larger SW groundswell from a broad and vigorous polar frontal progression developing in the Heard Island region.

The biggest pulse is likely Thursday but with unfavourable N/NE winds, we'll have another look at this on Friday though.