Average weekend, better from Monday

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Craig Brokensha (Craig)

Western Australia Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Friday 27th February)

Best Days: Monday morning, Tuesday morning, Wednesday exposed breaks, Thursday exposed breaks, Friday


The surf really backed away through yesterday with morning offshores, while today, a new small S/SW swell was due across the South West but it was hard to spot this morning and with average winds, not worth the effort. Since the Cape Naturaliste buoy has perked up a touch, but there's no major size showing across the coast.

This weekend (Feb 28 – Mar 1)

The weekend will start slow with an easing S/SW swell from today mixed in with a smaller and much less consistent long-range SW groundswell.

Size wise we should see exposed breaks in the South West ease from an inconsistent 3ft, while Perth will be tiny and Gero in the 2ft+ range.

Winds should be favourable for Perth and Gero with an offshore E/SE'ly while Margs looks to see SE winds, possibly tending E/SE at stages through the morning.

Sunday will start slow but a new SW groundswell is due into the afternoon as winds go funky from the SE to S/SE in the South West, E/NE to SW in Perth and NE to SW around Gero.

Monday onwards (Mar 2 onwards)

Into early next week, a pulse of SW groundswell due through Monday/Tuesday is now looking a touch stronger than forecast on Wednesday.

A broad but not overly strong polar front projecting north-east towards us from the Southern Ocean is due to strengthen slightly through the weekend, producing a fun SW groundswell for Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.

Margs should build from 3-4ft to the 4-6ft range later Monday while Perth isn't expected to see any real size from this swell until Tuesday, coming in at 1-2ft. Gero should also offer 3-4ft sets Tuesday morning but there'll also be 3-4ft of short-range S'ly swell in the mix from a strong fetch of S'ly winds up the coast overnight Sunday.

Winds Monday will be strong from the SE and not ideal, while Tuesday should see strong but better E/SE breezes, tending more S/SE into the afternoon around Margs but persisting offshore further north.

Wednesday will be smaller but good in Margs and Gero with straight E'ly tending variable winds in the South West and E/NE winds to the north, with Thursday playing out similarly but with less size again.

Our funky W/SW groundswell from Tropical Cyclone Glenda is still on the cards for the end of next week, with Glenda still sitting east of Reunion Island.

Glenda is forecast to be absorbed into the westerly storm track early next week and with this it will track east-southeast while aiming a fetch of severe-gale W'ly winds through our swell window.

As is the case with solitary cyclones, the fetch length and breadth is severely limited and not ideal for long-range swell production, but we should see a fun but inconsistent W/SW groundswell from this source, arriving very late Thursday in the South West, and peaking Friday morning.

Exposed breaks should offer inconsistent 3-4ft+ sets while Perth should offer 2ft sets and Gero 3ft waves. Winds look to remain favourable and from the E/NE ahead of weak afternoon sea breeze, but we'll confirm this Monday. Have a great weekend!