Windy improving waves Friday, better swell for Tuesday

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Craig Brokensha (Craig)

Western Australia Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Wednesday 7th January)

Best Days: Friday morning, Saturday and Sunday mornings swell magnets, Tuesday morning


S'ly winds have spoilt a couple of pulses of SW groundswell yesterday and into today, but we've got better conditions to come over the coming period.

This week and weekend (Jan 8 - 11)

The swell should drop back into tomorrow morning as winds swing a little more E/SE across Perth and Gero, while remaining strong from the SE in Margs. Therefore protected spots will be the go for a wave.

A new spike in long-period and medium-range SW groundswell due through the afternoon and Friday morning is still on track, with Margs due to see 3-5ft sets, with 1-2ft waves around Perth and 3ft sets up at Gero (mixed in with that close-range S'ly swell).

Winds will remain strong offshore but E/SE through the morning creating clean but blowy conditions before winds slip back to the SE through the afternoon (S/SE around Margs).

Into the weekend Friday morning's swell will continue to ease off from a drop Friday afternoon with exposed breaks the go across the state with winds straighter from the E/SE-E Saturday and then E/NE Sunday morning as the swell becomes small to tiny.

Monday onwards (Jan 12 onwards)

Into later Sunday a long-range and very inconsistent SW groundswell is due but to no major size, but a better W/SW swell is due later Monday, holding Tuesday.

This should be generated by a broad and fairly north in latitude low firing up to the south-east of South Africa today, aiming a fetch of severe-gale to near storm-force W/SW winds towards us.

The low will break down just east of the Heard Island region leaving a very inconsistent but good W/SW groundswell in its wake.

This should pulse to 4-6ft later Monday in the South West and ease from a similar size Tuesday morning, with 1-2ft sets in Perth and 3ft+ waves up at Gero.

Winds should improve with S/SE tending S/SW breezes Monday and then E/SE winds Tuesday morning.

Into the rest of next week and following there's nothing major on the cards, but we'll have another look at this on Friday.