Friday's the pick of the week

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Craig Brokensha (Craig)

Western Australia Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Monday 26th of May)

Best Days: Wednesday in Perth, Thursday in Perth and Gero, Friday onwards everywhere


The weekend saw large stormy waves across much of the state as a strong mid-latitude weather system pushed across us. The swell eased through yesterday and further today as onshore winds persisted across the state.

This week (May 26 - 30)

We've still got a few more days of poor conditions to deal with before things start to improve towards the end of the week.

This is related to a series of high-riding mid-latitude frontal systems pushing in from the Indian Ocean and across us, bringing plenty of swell but poor winds.

At the moment a broad progression is to our west, but a system will shed off this and push into the South West of the state tomorrow evening, generating a large mix of W/SW and SW swell.

Winds will be onshore in the South West with a stormy 6-8ft of swell, while the Perth region should see cleaner conditions with a morning S/SE breeze and 2-3ft of swell. Gero should see more size into the afternoon but with limited options.

A drop in size is due on Thursday as winds clock more offshore around Perth and Gero from the E/SE, but the South West looks to continue to see average S'ly winds.

Friday will be the pick as a new long-range W/SW groundswell fills in, generated by a series of strong polar fronts firing up in and around the Heard Island region the last couple of days.

This swell should peak Friday morning to 6ft to occasionally 8ft in the South West, 2-3ft in Perth and 4-5ft+ in Gero under offshore E'ly tending variable winds. Therefore plan around Friday for a day in the waves, as as we head into the weekend, the swell will ease back as winds veer around to the North.

This weekend onwards (May 31st onwards)

As touched on above, Friday's swell will ease into Saturday as winds head around to the NE Saturday morning (E/NE around Gero) and then N/NE Sunday. This will favour more exposed spots across the state and a reinforcing W/SW groundswell on Sunday should halt the easing trend further from Saturday.

Longer term we should continue to receive small to medium levels of SW swell through next week with favourable winds, with nothing too major beyond that. This is a result of the upper level weather patterns remaining subdued (read no real strong amplifications of the Long Wave Trough), but we'll review this Wednesday.