Poor period ahead, better from Wednesday

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Craig Brokensha (Craig)

South Australian Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Friday 11th November)

Best Days: Wednesday morning South Coast, Thursday morning swell magnets on the South Coast


Fun peaky waves on the South Coast yesterday, best at spots that handle the easterly wind while the Mid saw clean 1-1.5ft sets across most breaks.

Today the swell was a touch smaller but still coming in at 1ft on the Mid and 2ft+ off Middleton with similar winds to yesterday morning, but conditions weren't as straight down South.

This weekend and next week (Nov 12 – 18)

We've got a poor period of surf ahead.

The weekend will be terrible with onshore winds across the Mid Coast and building levels of windswell, while the South Coast will be tiny but clean in protected spots tomorrow, with building onshore waves Sunday.

A deepening and stalling mid-latitude low in our region will project a fetch of strong W/SW winds due to be aimed through the Mid's swell window from this evening through tomorrow, before tending more SW in direction Sunday as the low starts moving east.

The Mid should build to a messy 2ft tomorrow with fresh to strong W/NW winds, with similar if not a bit bigger surf Sunday to 2ft+ with gusty SW tending S/SW winds.

As touched on above, the South Coast will be clean in protected spots tomorrow but tiny, while some junky weak windswell is expected to build Sunday due to a fetch of strong S/SW winds being aimed into us.

4-5ft sets are due across Middleton by dark but with strong SW winds.

Monday morning will then see the swell easing from 3-5ft with fresh but easing S/SW winds.

The Mid should ease from 1-2ft but with those onshores persisting.

Unfortunately Tuesday looks to remain poor with onshore S/SW winds and a building SW groundswell through the afternoon.

This will be generated by a strong but distant frontal system, producing a fetch of W/NW gales through our south-west swell window today.

Middleton is expected to reach 2-3ft, with 1ft waves on the Mid, easing through Wednesday from a similar size with a morning E/NE breeze.

Thursday looks cleaner but small.

Longer term there's nothing too significant on the cards for our region, but we'll have another look at this Monday. Have a great weekend!