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Craig Brokensha (Craig)

South Australian Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Wednesday 9th November)

Best Days: Protected spots keen surfers Thursday morning


Poor surf across the South Coast yesterday, while the Mid saw the swell pulsing between 1-1.5ft with OK conditions for beginners.

Today conditions were much cleaner on both coasts with a good SW swell providing 1-1.5ft sets on the Mid again (a little above expectations), while Middleton was a good 3ft and a bit bigger.

Sea breezes have since kicked in down South and also more recently on the Mid.

This week and weekend (Nov 10 - 13)

Today's swell will ease off later today and further tomorrow with a morning E/NE breeze across the Surf Coast creating peaky conditions.

Fading 2ft+ waves are due off Middleton and 3-4ft at Waits and Parsons, smaller again into Friday with fresher E/NE winds, more than likely tending E/SE into the afternoon.

With the lack of size it probably won't be worth travelling for a surf Friday.

The Mid Coast should offer clean fading 1ft sets tomorrow, tiny Friday.

The weekend is still looking average with no new swell and gusty W'ly winds on Saturday, whipping up a building windswell across the Mid Coast to 2ft through the day. The South Coast will be tiny all day.

Into Sunday though we'll see a fetch of strong to gale-force SW-S/SW winds generated to our south as a result of a deepening low pressure system. This will produce building levels of SW tending S/SW swell through Sunday, peaking Monday morning.

Large surf around the 5-6ft range is due down South, but conditions will be a mess with strong S/SW winds. Sunday won't be any better as the swell builds with strong SW winds.

The Mid Coast should see stormy 2-3ft waves Sunday, easing back from 2ft or so Monday.

Longer term, there's nothing significant on the cards for us next week, with the swell easing into the middle of the week as winds swing offshore from the NE by Wednesday. More on this Friday though.