Average weekend, best Monday morning and then later Friday

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Craig Brokensha (Craig)

Eastern Tasmania Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Friday 6th June)

Best Days: Monday morning, Friday afternoon


Wednesday's pumping waves eased back into Thursday with small clean 2ft surf left across the coast before fading further during the day. Today tiny 1ft surf was left across the coast and this should of faded into this afternoon.

This weekend (Jun 7 – 9)

The surf should start out tiny tomorrow but a cold front pushing up past the coast should generate an afternoon increase in S'ly windswell that's expected to peak through Sunday.

The fetch off the coast will be quite broad and reach almost the gale-force range, kicking up a medium sized S'ly tending S/SE windswell for Sunday. Size wise south facing beaches should be in the 3-4ft range Sunday morning with smaller 2ft+ waves at open beaches.

Winds will however be poor and fresh to strong from the S/SW tending S/SE.

Monday is looking much better as the weather system weakens and winds swing offshore as the swell swings more SE and eases. Size wise, open beaches should offer 2-3ft sets out of the SE and winds go offshore from the W/NW. Light NE sea breezes and a further drop in size are due into the afternoon, so try and surf through the morning.

Next Tuesday onwards (Jun 10 onwards)

There won't be any size leftover into Tuesday from the E/SE but some long-range and very inconsistent E/NE trade-swell from above New Zealand should prevent the coast from going flat. Size wise only 1ft+ surf is expected across open beaches, perfect for beginners.

Of greater importance is the likely formation of a deep low pressure system over New Zealand during the middle of next week.

This should produce a fetch of gale to severe-gale E/SE winds exiting Cook Strait (the gap between the North and South Islands, producing a medium sized E'ly groundswell for later Friday.

At this stage this swell is likely to come in at the inconsistent 3-4ft range towards dark Friday evening with fresh S/SW winds, before dropping rapidly Saturday with better offshore winds.

We'll review this all again on Monday though. Have a great weekend!