Just a few small waves around from this weekend

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Steve Shearer (freeride76)

Central QLD Forecaster Notes by Steve Shearer (updated on Fri 9th June)

This weekend and next week (June9-June17)

Central QLD: Just a few small waves around from this weekend

Easing back to tiny across most CQ breaks today.

The odd tiny wave still on offer today

Unfortunately surf prspects have been downgraded a notch for the CQ region with a high pressure ridge and subsquent SE tradewind flow in the Coral Sea being weaker, and less persistent than f/cast on Wed. We'll still see some small surf develop from Sun into the 1-1.5ft range and extend into Mon, but size quickly then eases as the ridge disspates as a front and trough approach. Following that surf will retreat back to tiny/flat from Wed at least into next weekend.

Weaker trade flow now leads to only small/tiny surf


Seeya then and have a great long weekend!


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Zwolffy Wednesday, 7 Jun 2023 at 11:33pm