Bali: Large easing swells from tomorrow

Java, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Thu 17th Jul)

Best Days: Every day over the coming period besides Monday morning

This week and weekend (Jul 18 - 20)

A large and powerful S/SW groundswell should be impacting Bali and surrounds today, with a peak expected later this afternoon to 10-12ft at exposed spots.

Through tomorrow and into the weekend a gradual drop in size is expected but this will be softened as a large reinforcing S/SW groundswell fills in through tomorrow afternoon and then also eases Saturday and Sunday. Exposed spots around Bali should ease from 10ft to occasionally 12ft tomorrow morning and then down from 6-8ft+ Saturday morning.

Conditions should be workable across most breaks with a light variable breeze each morning ahead of moderate E/SE trades into the afternoons.

Next Monday onwards (Jul 21 onwards)

Monday morning is still looking to be the low point in activity ahead of an inconsistent pulse of long-range SW groundswell into the afternoon. The source of this swell wasn't very strong or significant and the swell should simply top exposed spots back up to the 6ft+ range into the afternoon before backing off slowly Tuesday.

A secondary similar pulse of slightly more southerly swell is due through Wednesday but to a touch smaller size. Freshening E/SE trades will also limit options to more protected breaks which will be smaller than exposed spots.

Into Wednesday afternoon and Thursday a mix of S/SW groundswells are due, the largest being the least consistent.

The inconsistent S/SW groundswell will be generated by an intense but small polar low firing up south-west of WA later Friday and through the weekend, with this swell possibly showing later Wednesday before peaking Thursday at an inconsistent 6ft to occasionally 8ft.

The more consistent S/SW swell should then be produced by a more northward positioned frontal system pushing up closer towards us and into the central WA coast on Monday. The size from this system will be a bit smaller but more consistent and in the 6ft+ range Thursday.

Longer term a large and long-range SW groundswell is on the cards for the following weekend, but we'll review this Tuesday.

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