Fun waves for the next two weeks in Bali

Java, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Tue 27th May)

Best Days: Wednesday, Friday onwards

This week and weekend (May 27th – Jun 1)

Make the most of today's and tomorrow's waves, as the swell will bottom out through Thursday ahead of some better surf into Friday and the weekend.

The source of yesterday and today's swell was a vigorous mid-latitude low firing up towards WA late last week and through the weekend, but since then there hasn't been any real new activity in that area of our swell window.

Fresh E/SE trades will favour slightly protected breaks for the most part and create average conditions at spots picking up the most size.

Into Friday and more so the weekend a couple of new SW groundswell pulses are due. The first has been produced by a strong mid-latitude storm pushing fairly north into the Indian Ocean. This swell should be fairly consistent and peak through the day Friday to 4-5ft+ at exposed spots before dropping back a touch into Saturday morning.

A secondary larger but much less consistent swell generated by a flurry of strong polar frontal activity in our far swell window to the south-east of South Africa and Madagascar is due to arrive later Saturday and peak overnight. There will be very long waits between sets for this swell, with inconsistent 5-6ft waves due later Saturday with the odd bigger bomb possible Sunday morning at exposed locations.

Unfortunately fresh E/SE trades will continue to create average conditions at these exposed spots, with better and smaller surf in slightly protected locations.

Next Monday onwards (Jun 2 onwards)

Into next week there's nothing too major on the cards but medium levels of swell should pad out most of the week.

This will be related to a series of mid-latitude fronts pushing through the Southern Indian Ocean but without too much strength.

Ebbs and pulses either side of 5ft at exposed locations is expected as fresh E/SE trades persist.

Longer term there's no indication of any larger swells until at least the week starting the 9th June, but we'll have another look at this on Thursday.