2022 Election

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sypkan Tuesday, 13 Jun 2023 at 8:38am
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sypkan Tuesday, 13 Jun 2023 at 8:38am
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andy-mac Tuesday, 13 Jun 2023 at 8:40am
sypkan wrote:

glad someone said it...


True, however mind blowing that we are talking about a Labor senator regarding a rape that allegedly took place in a Liberal Senators office of a Liberal staffer by another Liberal staffer...


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batfink Saturday, 17 Jun 2023 at 6:44pm
quadzilla wrote:

Hey, Alba SLEAZY ya had ya go and have done a great job at fookn Australia up.


Fark, Quadzilla, on a surf website that has some genuine numpties, that diatribe might just ice the cake.

Are you unhinged? Are you even human, or was that just another bot slobbering away.

For the record, the quarter before the last election, the first quarter of 2022, had an inflation rate of 2.2%, that is an annualised rate of 8.8%.

As much as Labor could have done more, the current annual inflation rate is 6.8%. In other words, they have brought inflation down. (They haven’t, they have been around while the inflation rate came down, but that’s a discussion way beyond the nuances of someone who posts what you did).

Further, there is a one-off adjustment in the annual CPI measures going back to the second quarter last year which will come out next quarter. The inflation rate after next quarter comes through will be substantially lower again, possibly with a 4 as the first figure.

As for your comments about The Future Fund somehow affecting the fact that Labor posted a surplus, the two are not remotely connected. There is no cross-over.

Labor posted a surplus, first one in ages. Suck it up. Doesn’t mean anything really, but as the unschooled masses think that means something, you’re just going to have to accept it.

Very good chance of another surplus next year too.

More dumb luck than anything, but there is no doubt we actually have a government now. Not a great one, I wouldn’t even say good, but infinitely better than 9 years of the worst government in living memory.

Frydenberg had no idea, a bunny in the headlights, and the LNP have no policies. Sorry, that’s just reality.

By the way, nice work Wilhelm.

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andy-mac Saturday, 17 Jun 2023 at 7:15pm

Haha glad someone replied to that @batfink

Whilhelm.... Classic.

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truebluebasher Thursday, 29 Jun 2023 at 5:46pm

Wizard of Oz Toto

Oct 2015 All Hail The New Messiah

19 April 2022: (Hustings) Albo's local neighbour Kate :
"Albo's got a proper mixed breed dog, not one of those coodlie doodlie Mosman things!"

Space Cavoodle Commander Toto

Top Dog in Show.

21 May Albo gets pretty pissed about Pauline's Cartoon of snapping Toto

25 May Oz 1st Dog


25 May Oz first dog gets cyberbullied

6 June Insta ban for dog act - @totoalbaneseofficial

26 Aug PM Toto survives Wartime character Assassination Attempt

2 Sept ~ Toto 1

16 Sept PM Toto Meets all World Leaders but is Toilet Shy (No Poop Scoop for the Paparazzi)

2 Dec Drugged Out Princess swears she had Talkies during Walkies with Princess Toto.

18 Dec Albo claims Fauves dedicated "Dogs are the Best People" to Toto...

2 Feb 2023 Dude says Albo buys too much Dog Food for smallest Dog : "... don't pick on Princess!"

1 March 2023 ABC Weekly's segment Albo's Fuckin' Dog pays a heavy price...

16th June PM Toto centre stage with some wannabe muppets
From PM Toto's Diary...

23 June PM Toto BOM Mascot.

24 June PM: "No money for ABC Political Editor!"
"But enough money for The Weekly to have multiple episodes of Albo's Fucking Dog!"

June Marks the end of Dog's Life 1 year Parliamentary Term
Albo is vetting other canine candidates
Albo : Former PM Toto has been chosen to fill the role of new ABC Political Lap Dog.


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truebluebasher Friday, 30 Jun 2023 at 12:37am

That New Guy's First Year's Jitters
PM Keating's torpedoing of Subs did immense damage to ALP Brand.
ALP Albo has not recovered & looks unlikely to U Turn as they focus new attacks on [L] Generals.

1 April ALP Houso Mary wins historic Byelection joining other Power Housos Lidia / Jacqui / Albo
Albo never mentions his Hard luck 75yr 5x Avg rebated Housing + Free Uni ever again.
5 April Dutto says [NO] [L] Reffo.
16 April PM Keating says [NO] Aukus Warmongers Torpedoes & sinks Albo's $368B Rubbery Sub Deal.
70.5% Oz back up Keating > World's longest Cold War campaign + lifetime burden on economy!
Consider most of Oz will actually be Asian born before Australasian 1st Sub torpedoes our motherland.
Oz response on $368B Subs Funding Source (Choices)
34% Defence Budget (Yes) Green/Left Women (vs) (No) WA Right Men
22% Don't Know (Most 42%) Qld Women (vs) (Least) nsw ONP men.
18% Cut Services (Yes) WA Right Men (vs) (No) Qld / nsw Left Women
15% Raise Deficit (Yes) Qld ONP m/w (vs) (No) Vic / WA Green/Left Women
11% Raise Taxes (Yes) WA ALP Men (vs) (No) Qld Green/Left women

PM Keatings torpedo strike blasted a 10% hole simultaneously thru all ALP polls! (Kaboom!)

Albo records 3x higher Covid Hospital Rates + 3x Higher Covid Death rates than his predecessor!
7 April > mid '23 Vax Rollout 176K/wk (ads) 265K/wk > (ads) 135K/wk (-23% Vax on pre Ad rates)
Seasonal Winter Covid wave ramps at end of July & Vax Numbers are plummeting to Feb rates!
Albo needs to Man up & Face the Public & tell it as it is...or watch his Leadership polls sink further!
ALP Polls
16 April > mid '23 [ALP] Primary Vote 42% > 32% [2pp] 61.5% > 52%
Leadership Polls
16 April > mid '23 (Dis/satisfied Net %) Albo +27% > (now) +10% (vs) Dutto -28 >(now) -11
16 April > mid '23 Albo is losing his Voice [YES] 52% > 42% [NO] 27% > 40%
This week 4 States [NO] Boxes lit up real bright...

April ends with Record Migrant Rental Crisis Crunch
Oz Tent Cities reflecting hard times of late 70's Youth Tent camps.

May only got Worse
9 May Budget
Oz Highest Inflation in 30 years raised record GST take to create surplus (Good...Kinda!)
Oz highest > longest > most mortage rises on record per year.
Next 5 years GST Hauls derived from Inflation offset Interest Rates hikes for Mortgage owners...
GST Hauls 2024 $89B 1.18% > 2025 $92B 3.18% > 2026 $98B 6.35% > 2027 $104B 6%
Crew can read ALP slowly raise rates to 2025 Election then let the Banks Ramp them up in 2026 > 27.
tbb recommends those with large mortgages study these GST Hauls as forecast Inflation windfalls.
At which time ALP will shower Boomers in Howard like Middle Class Welfare to gain Honey Pot Votes!
Pay rises > Migrants > higher Tax bracket > Proceeds to Hand out Middle Class Boomer Welfare Votes!
Very much like long haul Howard middle class & migrant welfare to buy & lock in extra terms in Govt...

Banks #1 Loans = $10B bankrolls Landlords...Ask! What do Banks think of Greens Rental Freeze!
Hate to think of Banks response if Greens flatline their big fat healthy bottom line...better hold on!

SEQ #1 Kiwi / Migration best examples future ALP Migrant Inflation targets & impacts...(Oz Average)
Education 7.4% (5.3%) Health 5.4% (3.8%) Housing 3.4% (1.9%) Ins' 2.5% (1.9%) Food 2% (1.6%)
Note Olympic Migration is ramping SEQ Inflation higher than Oz Average but Oz kicks in 2025 on.
Qldurrz are sharing with Oz their projected Migration Waves impact on securing yer household budgets.
Reads 2025-27 Inflation ramp on Interest Rates Mortgage > Schools > Health > Rents > Insurance!
Focus on that order to get yer house in order for next Migration Inflation Wave Interest rate ramps.

10 May Ex ALP Green Meanie Extorts Housing Package to trigger a Rent Freeze (See Bank loans)
Wotz interesting is the Green Vote is peaking with the Rental Freeze Stall Tactics.
It's as if ALP voters are hurting & want wot Greens are offering...[ALP] Can't bleed more Votes!
ALP need Housing Package signed off fast to boost record low Productivity to check Interest Rates.
This being their trump card to simmer rates on slow rise until next Election...then we cop it big time!

16 Biden says sorry [NO] Oz Visit.
29 May WA (World #1 Pollie) Alp leader has had enough...See ya Mate

ALP Timely Comeback Tour to claw back 10% lost Vote.
28 June World #1 Migrant / Kiwi Direct Enrollment for 15 July Byelection of Corrupt ROBO [L]
29 June nsw [L] Premier = Corrupt

Then today came this fucked up slap in the face...more like a Skinhead's boot to the head.
29 June IOC Bitch : "Where & Who the Fuck is this Brisbane thingy...did we rubber stamp this shit?"
Sydney! Melbourne! So Cool! Then there's this shit...WTF is it...where is their Olympic Stadium?
Biggest Sledge ever! We Qldurrz are way too fucked up to give a shit ...Snooty bitch wins Round 1.
Gotta say...pretty fucking Top Notch sledge...very professional sly sniggering...Bitch be good at her job!
Even us Qldurrz are pissing ourselves...pray Albo don't defend us! Get some more of that good shit!

Polls show Albo can rally Voice Votes by bossing next Covid Wave / Massaging Rentals / Sinking Subs.
Maybe just shirt front that IOC dominatrix...that'd give Qldurrz a Voice...Bravo Albo! Pollskyrocket
Everything Oz expects but everything his minders will oppose outright.
No one here thought Dutto would be sitting pretty watching Albo box himself in...least of all Dutto!

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basesix Friday, 30 Jun 2023 at 6:21am
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velocityjohnno Friday, 30 Jun 2023 at 2:00pm

Is that an accent I hear basesix?

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blackers Friday, 30 Jun 2023 at 3:32pm

Reckon you do VJ

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basesix Friday, 30 Jun 2023 at 3:48pm

Haha, forst the dae to ye laddies!
I have been watching Auf Wiedersehen Pet, was going to suggest TBB might enjoy some harmless geordie brain-rot to help endure his turbulent times (some tha#cher refugees from the #oh era, when there were real-men we could look up to on the telly like kenny everett, bill oddie, catweazle and worzel gummadge ; )


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velocityjohnno Friday, 30 Jun 2023 at 6:25pm

Haha, will have a look at that one... Dad studied there and picked up a booklet 'Larn yersel' Geordie' which gave phrases and translations, I remember "'Rinnie's cooped 'er cree" which means Grandmother has fallen over.

I was down the park the other day
Feeding some pidgeons
To my cat

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velocityjohnno Friday, 30 Jun 2023 at 6:29pm

Nobody move!

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blackers Friday, 30 Jun 2023 at 8:20pm

Nice, the dialects from up north can get difficult to penetrate, but that just adds to the fun
And from the king of Gateshead himself...

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basesix Saturday, 1 Jul 2023 at 7:39am

.. leave it to northerners to have a well-know phrase 'Grandmother has fallen over', says a lot about a place that has lots of wobbly grannies, and has people who sit around saying that to each other instead of rushing to help, haha..
The Unthanks are right up there with Newky Brown and Ross Noble as exports I reckon

- sorry tbb, this thread has gone a bit weird : /

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truebluebasher Sunday, 2 Jul 2023 at 12:47am

Let's argue that PM Keating never torpedoed a 5-10% hole in Albo.
Then how else could've this happened in the exact same recent timeline.

There is another vehicle of Albo's own making that is simultaneously blasting a 5-10% hole in ALP

Clear to see that the Voice Referendum has a 10% default bias toward Right Wing Parties.
Sure! Taboo like millions of AEC / Natcab or [ALP] [L] First Nation / Migrant Vote Rorts

2022 Election Left Parties = 45% Vote (vs) Right Parties =55% Vote
{Important} There is no Preference in Referendum so we see the Whole 10% Primary swing in action.
The more the Voice goes on the more the Needle will naturally reveal the full 10% Right swing.

Albo must hold 100% Left [YES] Vote + convince 10/55 or 18% of Right Voters to Vote [YES]

Extra to this...
Naturally the Voice in turn will automatically rebuild & galvanize support for Right Wing Parties.
For the first time in a long time the Voice affords Right Parties a majority Voice > now rising up!
Honeymooning Albo never saw this Right Wave rising as the Loudest Voice on "His" Horizon.
Albo invited the devil in & has no way of swaying 18% Right Votes to keep them from enslaving him!
Let's face it...this dude won least ever Votes yet wants most to Vote with him...(How does that work!)
Strange how Oz media never ask these perplexing tough questions when rewriting history!

Media of course are so far removed from reality & still swayed by the power of Bureaucratic Voice
Primary Right Votes are each week monstering over puny cashed up Bureaucratic Troops.
Albo's Voice has exposed this 5-10% primary Vote to now over shadow ALP Polls & Govt Policy.
Albo let the wrong Genie outta the Bottle > This Bad arse Genie gets the 3 Wishes, not Albo!

Pay not to read tbb's detailed timeline / polls as disrespect for [ALP] or Albo...quite the opposite!
Shoot the messenger by all means...won't do any good as this Neutral messenger backed the ALP.
Crew may recall tbb bankrolled well known WSL [ALP] candidate at his launch...wanna sticker?
But there is no denying that dates show past ALP PM blasted a 5-10% Hole in current ALP PM.
Only know what all know...that the shots were fired from ALP Victorian Division!

tbb is alarmed at the mess Albo has got himself in...no point naval gazing with mouth open.
Exactly why tbb is detailing it for all to see where or how this happened...timeline reveals that!
Yes! tbb thinks it is newsworthy when #1 slips 10% in 3 months across all walks of life!

This across the board apathy is dragging down the Voice so that only leadership can reverse it!
For the record...tbb reads about 5% drop is Albo across the board...enough to swing the Voice!
No one dares mention it, as it will blow the Voice to kingdom come! That's the message tbb is sharing!
No point dancing around it...the dude is in the Dog House!
He needs a 10% makeover to bring it home...can be done before the Voice Curtain call.

- % Polls
-70% $368B US unsound Toxic Attack Subs
-15% Shaq'odile Dundee
-10% Toto - Kyle's DJ

+ % Polls
+20% Cancelling Brizzo Olympics (Qld [L] promise to Vote 2x YES Please!)
+10% Deploy 16 nation's 30,000 Talisman Sabre Troops to bomb Russia instead of Australia

tbb is Ok to help in neutral capacity as Albo did this to himself...having said that...
May try to track Poll Bumps that relate to Oz situation.
DJ Toto will need to spin like crazy...that's politics!

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frog Sunday, 2 Jul 2023 at 1:59pm

Good read TBB.

Albo starting to get just a hint of the stunned mullet look about him.

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thermalben Tuesday, 11 Jul 2023 at 7:16am

Clive Palmer is suing Australia AGAIN! There are now two claims regarding the Asean free trade agreement re: coal exploration permits.

As per previous posts: "In the first claim, Palmer’s Singapore-based Zeph Investments is seeking $296bn for an alleged breach of the Asean free trade deal over Western Australia’s extraordinary law to prevent Palmer from seeking compensation over his massive Pilbara iron ore project."

And now: "Clive Palmer’s Zeph Investment’s second case against Australia is a $41.3bn claim that it breached the Asean free trade agreement in relation to coal exploration permits".


Anyone out there still think Clive should be PM?

thermalben wrote:

"Clive Palmer’s company Zeph Investments has given notice it intends to sue Australia in a fresh case in addition to the existing $296bn investor-state claim, with a potential third claim in the works."


thermalben wrote:
burleigh wrote:

I've made up my mind. I'm voting for big Clive.

Hey Burleigh, did you end up voting for Clive?

Also, breaking news: Clive Palmer is suing Australia for $300 billion (fun fact: he's hired Christian Porter as his lead lawyer).

Clive's got form on the 'suing Australia' front, too:

2020: "Clive Palmer sues WA Government for at least $30b over Balmoral iron ore project"

2020: "Clive Palmer defamation action alleges Mark McGowan brought 'ridicule and contempt'"

2019: "Clive Palmer threatens to sue Australian taxpayers for $45b as he re-routes business through NZ"

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truebluebasher Tuesday, 11 Jul 2023 at 12:29pm

Thanx Ben...seasonal brazen monkeying around...
Plenty more Double Bungers goin' off...

Recall PM Keating sinking them $368B Red Hot Virginian Flappers...

News : Pacific Nuke Test champs France strongly oppose NATO/Japan /Oz nuking the Pacific

PM Albo : "Supreme Being NATO Warmongering Overlord is a friend of Oz!"
PM Keating : "That NATO Supreme Fool is an accident waiting to happen!"

Dutto's Polls Skyrocket :"Keating is the best [L] opposition leader we never knew we had...luv this guy!"
The Voice Poll : "Preparing to Dive...Dive...Dive!"

News : Oz Nuke students are now certified to ship AUKUS Nuke Waste to First Nation Nuke Waste Dump.
Oz can now certify handling imported Nuke Waste as essential to Oz National Health...so clever are we!

17-19 Aug Bne : Anti Nuke ALP (Conference) AUKUS Bomb goes off...Duck'n'Cover...KABOOM.
The Voice Polls are Down Down Deeper Down.
Brizzo Voldemort's fangs are dripping blood, gorging on comrade's entrails! [L] Polls Skyrocketing

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truebluebasher Tuesday, 11 Jul 2023 at 8:22pm

Natcab is also falling off the Radar...Govt / Media no longer bother
WA National Cabinet Member > Hon Mark Mc Gowan...(Resigned 28 May 2023)
Natcab couldn't give a shit who shows up...WTF ... Who's this bloke!
"I'm yer new WA National Cabinet Member > Hon Roger Cook!" (Sworn in 7th June 2023)
Poor Roger is still waiting for his Sheriff Badge...until we see that...there won't be any Natcab meetings!

Albo : "Well ya better sign in then! Wot!
Albo : "Can we get the tea lady to print up a fuckin' [Name Badge] for my mate Cookie!" Said NOW!

This lot are so fuckin' lazy...we the people have now gotta iron on numbers for their Star Players!
Bloody embarrassing knowing yer #1 Nat Govt Agency are now running 2 months behind real time!
Media...Wot! Wotz a fuckin' Natcab! OMG! Luv Straya!

For wot it's worth this be wot went down...

2020 Natcab 27 meetings (Peak months > March x5/ April x6 / May x5)

2021 Natcab 28 meetings (Peak months > April x4 / June x3 / July x5/ Aug x3 / Dec x3)

2022 Natcab 6 Scomo meetings (Peak month Jan x4 > end 11 March 2022 > Caretaker mode)
21 May 2022 Natcab 6 Albo meetings ( Peak months Aug x2 / Sept x2 - Oueen {rip} )

2023 Natcab 2.5 meetings...Yep...that's it!

3 Feb (Natcab Unanimous support for 'Statement of Intent' for First Nation constitutional recognition!)
Natcab Tas [L] Premier is campaigning for [Yes] Vote
28 April ( No entries from hereon...)
16 June Friday arvo phone hook up > presumably with the new guy to pay the Green's $2b bribe!
Aug is next Sit Down Meeting
17-19th Aug Bne ALP Conference ( AUKUS World Domination)
Oct-Nov~ Natcab to end Cruise Vax after winter wave during spring lull.
We can lock in Aug / Nov Natcabs if all goes to plan...
No! In case yer wondering...Oz still haven't welcomed the new guy into the Club!
Hence why Cookie is not yet up on the Natcab Dart Board!

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 2 Aug 2023 at 5:42pm

Wotz in a Name
No secret that Big Brand Pollies try to hide any association with evil masters.

In the lead up to 2022 Election > Pollies / AEC corrupted the Voter Roll to suit.
Scomo reduced Migrant Enrollment to Annual Big Day Out sign on.
Scomo required Aboriginals to produce extra ID that they've never once seen nor can access.

Nat Cab orchestrated a Testing Wave to peak on Election Eve to bump 500K voters from Poll Day.
AEC were down 10% [+] Staff & Booths were Flooded so natcab ramped [+] Tests to ban 500k Voters

ALBO allows any Mob to ID any Aboriginal for woteva!
ALBO mandates [ Direct Enrollment ] with 7 day back date for fasttracked New citizens.

All up AEC has recently rigged 1-2 million votes to please themselves & their Masters of the day.
Record Enrollment with record Lowest ever Poll Day turnout ever for lowest ever % Vote wins Power.

However! If the Little Guy / New Guy / Maverick steps outta line...
Full weight of the Law will land you in jail.

2003 Electoral commission had Hanson jailed for 11 weeks before winning her appeal.
2011 Court ruled Electoral Commission to repay Pauline $150,000 for yet another wrongful charge.

2010 Rudd / Turnbull don't have Logos

2016 ALBO Signs...don't have any ALP Logo...

2019 [L] Deputy leader Josh [ Purple AEC Right Way to VOTE 1 [L] signs]
AEC : "Our How 2 Vote AEC [L] Signs are easy to follow...don't see any problem!

2022 [L] Deputy Josh >Itsy Bitsy [L] on Massive $Gazillion Signage
AEC never halted his Campaign nor took him to court. (These are the smaller ones)

AEC tripped over Josh's no brand Billboards to target & halt Craig's campaign on election eve.
Craig was sitting member ex [L] / Indy so ran standard Type UAP Logo...to cover all bases.
AEC forced him to replace 500 signs / 1,000 stickers on Election Eve...
Then busted his arse over a 2 remaining signs..but where..the AEC refused to Say!

AEC Chased Craig for $26,640 fine & blew $1m doin' dirty biddin' for [ALP / L]

Judge : "Seemed to be a deliberate deception from AEC!
Sign's Logo is clearly identifiable from intended distance!
Not an appropriate way for the regulator to behave!"

tbb : Nominating ultra corrupt AEC for NACC or we can just Jail every complicant AEC Voter.
None say a word about compulsory rigging of millions of Votes...your Vote counts as evidence!

AEC Shop T Shirt Range
[AEC How 2 Vote #~?* L ] Comes in AEC Purple or [L] Purple
[ Size Matters ] Only comes in 24pt Font
[ Stop the Votes ] Only available during Peak Natcab Season
[ AEC ROBO ENROLL ] Your T Shirt is in the Mail (Happy Invasion Day)

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Saturday, 12 Aug 2023 at 11:46am

Meanjin ALP Conference
ALP Qld / Vic / ACT + Syd / Mayo / Boothby all passed motions banning AUKUS
Da Prez Albo : (Bad luck coz Me & Joe is Blocking AUKUS Motions @ Conference)

Vic passed motion to Recognize Palestine
Da Prez Albo : (Stiff Shit coz Me & Joe is Blocking Palestine motions @ Conference)

Of course tbb is obliged to handover the nerdy ABC Pod Promo as evidence.

Qldurrz duty to inform of brotherly Love Ins.

Day 1 ~ [No more Coal] Climate Change Rallies
17th Aug 8:00-9:30am ( BYO CLOCKS )
[ Time's Up Labor ] Seed Indigenous Youth / Oz Youth Climate Coalition / UQU / Qld Conservation Council / Tomorrow Movement / Get Up
[ ARRCC ] Australia's Religious Response to Climate Change
[ Move Beyond Coal ] Shaping a Giant Clock
6:00pm - 7:30pm [ Rising Tide ] Promo for Newcastle Flotilla

Day 2 [NO AUKUS]
18th Aug 8:00am
[No Aukus Coalition] ~ Labor Against War / Union of Australian Women / ETU / Wage Peace / Independent & Peaceful Australia Network
[Anti Aukus Coalition]

Day 3 [Enviro]+[Palestine]+[Renters]
19th Aug 8:am [Save Toondah Harbour] Birdlife Australia
9:00am [Rally for Native Forests] Bob Brown Mob
9:30am [Justice for Palestine]
11:00am [Rally for Renters] Brizzo Renters Alliance

Qldurrz are happy to hand out frontline passes to ALP Love-In...enjoy yer Conference Comrades!

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Sunday, 13 Aug 2023 at 2:06am

66 days since McGowan stood down.
So why does he still represent WA in National Cabinet? Huh!

Justin : "My best mate Tony will remember what to do about Mark!"
Rishi : WA's Captain Cook made a good captain's call by choosing Antony as his first mate!
Joe : My Mate Mr Alba Neeze disbanded Natcab...coz he works for me now!

107 Days since the last National Cabinet convened...it did what?
Albo : "National Cabinet is almost as vital as next Millennium's Dreamtime Reffo!"

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Sunday, 13 Aug 2023 at 6:21pm

National Cabinet continued ....from above.
Wed 16th Aug National Cabinet Brisbane.

Qldurr immediately contacted WA Govt about absence of Premier Cook from National Cabinet.
tbb afforded WA Govt time to correct invite & welcomed Premier Cook to Qld.
Wot else was tbb to do...equally looks lazy by Qld / WA & Oz as a whole.
Crew's duty to help the Star Chamber get their shit together!
Sure...check back to see if they bother...best not set Oz sights too high!

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Tuesday, 26 Sep 2023 at 11:47pm

Not Qldurrz place to say...but can help back load Dan's baggage...
While you Vicco's recover from shock ... Northern Victoria with lift yer Cup!
Can use that as a pretty decent excuse...at least Vic can't lose the Cup!

27th Nov 2022: Dan wins : "Not gonna retire mid term!"

17th July 2023 : John Pesutto :"Dan will Retire in 2023"

20 July : NP call for Dan to Go

19th Aug : ALP Branch stacking / Cash Splashes + Dan's successors
Premier Jacinta Allan + Deputy Ben Carroll

20th Aug : ALP 'Head' Calls for Dan's Head!

Weekend, Dan goes on a bender gets on the Wacky Backy...starts trippin' out, comes down & chills out!

Pie in the Eye ALP Leader...

Anti Vax Real Estate attacker left a nasty sore welt on NT Leader's Eye!

Psycho : "FFS That's not assault...just smashed her head into me fist while holding a plate of cream!"
"Check her Real Estate Page...(Cult Worshiper) Vessel that channels her Meta physical Dimension!
Rupert / Costello Media wanna fuel this shit...(Why!)
Suzi is a Metaphysical Psychopathic that channels Reclaim Australia to Rant at the Nazi Rallies!
Albo is sniffin out Rupert / Costello's MSM hypno mutant to tar'n'feather Evil NT minister Natasha!


Tip! Shoulda used Light Cream...Minister copped a pretty heavy case of Lactose intolerance!

Reckon that Eye will swell more & get blacker by the day!
Gonna have some serious Med photos...Hard for Astro Plane Psycho to say it's nothin...
Albo is havin' a crack at Conservative Media laughin' it off & playin' violin strings for Psycho's pay back!

[L] NSW Take me to yer Leader News...Don't throw out yer Cardies & Glad' Rags!
Technicality #202.02.
First > Covid went for too long > blah blah blah > now The Judge outlived her welcome!
Seems as if The Judge retired but was extended as a consult...but!
Gladys : "That bitch never had enough power to prepare my report!"
Anyhow...Alan & gang will keep leverin' 1>2>3 years more until Media Headlines a mistrial.
Try & claim the undies in her handbag were exempted as a Covid Mask!

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quadzilla's picture
quadzilla Saturday, 14 Oct 2023 at 8:45pm

AlboSLEAZY...learn to run a chook raffle before ya make a referenDUM.

How about a refund on the $364million ya just blew...LOSER

basesix's picture
basesix's picture
basesix Saturday, 14 Oct 2023 at 8:53pm

need some cash quad? I could lend you a bit..
need it back before Crissy but.

Fliplid's picture
Fliplid's picture
Fliplid Sunday, 15 Oct 2023 at 7:46am

Ask Clive, he’ll be dishing out the cash soon enough, got to be the right cause though.

With the unholy trinity of Dutton, Murdoch and Palmer on the horizon we haven’t hit the bottom of the barrel yet