Sunshine Coast Wavepool (Timeline)

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Dedicated to hung out to dry Qlder's

'Sunshine Park' @ Sunshine Coast
Lot 22/2652 Steve Irwin Way(Next door BP across from Nursery)
Developed by Sanad Capital -Australian arm of Najibi Dubai

*Feb~ $13m Next Gen Wavepool $40m development
*July~ Waterplay D.Baird > G.Webber 2 Wave designs (Open 2016)
Sunshine Coast Council Fast Track designs
Quicky Board mbr + Kelly's Manager (Backed by Ziff) buy ASP > WSL
New look WSL look to include Qld Wavepool on Oz leg of WSL Tour
Sunny Coast Pro Coach Robbie Sherwell..WP > attract World's best.
*Aug~ Development climbs to $90m Complete date (Late 2016)

*Jan~ MCU from Rural Storage > Tourist Attraction
SC'C approved 'Linear' WP 160m x 80m (1.6m high /15 sec Barrels)
SC'Council spruik 'World's Largest Wavepool'...yet to pass enviro.
Surfing Australia lend their support.
*Sept~ Noosa NSR nominates for WSR

*April~ Local Backlash! Wavepool could undermine WSR
*July~ 'Australia's first Wavepool' Claim if built before Melbourne
Development pushes higher reaching $400m (Start 2017)
First site Map shows no 'Linear Pool' but a Standard Wave Pool
*Aug~ Site Shed Mural to engage community spirit.
Name change from Sunshine Park to cheezy 80's Style 'ACTVE'
*Oct~ Webber >'Whitewater West' >(Oz Largest 9ft/2.7m waves)
2,000 swim cap' /Olympic* /1st 'Slideboard' area in S/E Asia

*Jan~ Stage 1 +Wavepool / 2 Flowriderz approved (Dig > mid'17)
*April~'Whitewater West FIFO Wave Park Guru

Local Pro Julian Wilson wakes to Horseshed share nightmare.
*May~ Mural Site ACTVE 'Jak Wrap' (Jak is an '80's Grom)
*July~ Board appoints 3 Big wigs for development
*Sept~ Earthworks Approved + 6 bid for contracts
'Sunshine Park' > 'ACTVE' > 'ACTVENTURE'
'Slideboard' > 'Wave Reservoir'

Be sure to Click on the orange coloured- [more...]
Free Magical Mystery Tour of WavePark
*Oct~ Infrastructre/Stormwater Bill $2m (Appeal pending)
This Map shows best Site Water/ Reserve Constraints
Company swaps Hotel for free title eco cabins (Await DA for new Stage 1)
*Nov~ Slideboard > Wave Reservoir >'Wave Oz' half sized Flowbowl
See Company Page for Updates.


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truebluebasher Saturday, 16 Feb 2019 at 10:40am

I just arrived back from Sunny Coast Safari.
My brothers & I darted back 'n' forth past this site wrapped in Wavepool Ads.
I'm pretty certain the Local's have given up on it up.

Anyhow %#@%..Nope I still can't say it! Needed a reboot...(tbb)'Bloody lucky them!'
Sunny Locals would love it to hear from swellnetonians or anyone... I guess?

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tristan.clark Sunday, 15 Sep 2019 at 7:12pm

Hi, just joined so I could try and get in contact with you. I'm presently writing a book on the history of punk in Australia up to '99 and conducted over 200 interviews. My knowledge of Gold Coast's scene though is admittedly a little meagre and I came across a post of yours from last year listing bands I was unaware of. Was hoping that I could possibly use some of your knowledge. If you're interested my email is: t_clark (at) hotmail (dot) com (dot) au
Or phone: 0402306569
Cheers, Tristan

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truebluebasher Sunday, 15 Sep 2019 at 11:57pm

That's pretty punk alright tristan.clark...(swellnet punks...'It's a Raid!') No it's not!
tbb & crew relive Gold Coast Punk scene often enough.
Just saying that plenty of swellnet punks can help out as much...crew know who!
Yes! Swellnet deserves a Gold Coast Punk Page...we might also consider that.
That way everyone gets a go & can flesh out entries (Swellnet credit page-for all.)

tbb took a while to unearth Tweed-Lismore & Sunny Coast is buried way deeper.
Yes tristan ...I will call soon enough!

PS: tbb will drum up some oldschool Punkz from swellnet Sunny Coast protest site

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truebluebasher Tuesday, 4 Aug 2020 at 11:19pm

Alternate Sunshine Coast wave pool Timeline

*2000/2 - Surfing World ~ 'Surf Museum + Wave Pool' - Mudjimba Shores
811-21 + 823-33 David Low Way (Ocean side of SC Airport s/e cnr),+Mudjimba+QLD+4564/@-26.6116253,153.0881899,3520m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x6b9376b3ab84ecbd:0x1ff20b99e01fef89!2s811+David+Low+Way,+Mudjimba+QLD+4564!3b1!8m2!3d-26.6115795!4d153.0930666!3m4!1s0x6b9376b3ab84ecbd:0x1ff20b99e01fef89!8m2!3d-26.6115795!4d153.0930666
Note: Only 500m to Beach.
Developer - Maroochy Clubbie / Millionaire Builder Mal Pratt OAM
Surfing Museum (1550 m2) Displays- Static + Interactive + mobile + educational
Surfing Hall of Fame + Clubbie History + Features +Photos (Gift Shop)

Wave Pool 1800 m2 with Surfable Waves (Standard Olympic Pool Shape)
Size Comparison re: (Bne Sth Bank Beach or Volcano Beach Funfields Vic (Full Ramp)

Swimming Pool with a sandy beach
Cinema for Surflix
Hawaiian Village of 5 Pavilions + Recreational Hall (9m height max)
Accom' 516 beds (10 x 4 Family Units) or [ Backpacker's / Schools Surf Camp ]
Retail - Surf Brands eg: Billabong Factory Outlet
Licensed Foodcourt 720 m2 + Restaurant 200 m2
Bus Bay + Central Car Parking - 480 spaces
Airport > Site drain was to be widened. (Likely Pool's drainage not water source)
Land was zoned Neighbourhood Res' (Well Debated) Pratt was biggest Developer?
Developers fought off outsiders threat. ('Backpackers' terror threat)
(2002 Coolum CHOGM Security Hysteria of Howard era)
Drunks roaming the Streets at NIGHT also access to a Patrolled beach
Lack of Noise Level audits for Wave Pool (Yes a thing, way back then!)

2002 Surfing World Wave Pool (Appeal Lost)
Surfing World 'Wave Pool Plans' + Refusal Notice
google [ Lots 1 & 2 of RP 175157 Parish of Maroochy ]
Scroll + Click [ Officer - Sunshine Coast Council ]
(microsoft word) [ Refusal Decision Notice ]
*2004 "Adventura"
Sunshine Coast Wave Pool Development
$90m Water Park Holiday Village (Opposite) Corbould Park Racecourse
Natural Style Wave Lagoon (Early use of name?) re: Typhoon Lagoon
GC Warner Village were to build the Park.
2005 / 2007 / 2009 Dead lines came & went
(9th Sep 2012 -30th July 2016)... "Sunshine Coast for Wave Pools"

Aug 2016 > end of 2018 (re: Main Time line above)
2019 (Timeline Continues )

18 May 2019 New Era Lawyers $30m Capital underwriting for $450m ACTVENTURE Water Park resort.
Wave Pool is still very much the front & centre feature..
*9th Sept 2019 WSL Coolum Ranch wave pool
3rd Oct 2019 Coolum wave pool meeting
*Oct 2019- Surf Lakes sell 5 waves licence to Sunshine Coast
4th Nov 2019 "Invigorate Resort" +ACTVE Wave Pools > re-lodging DA (Nov)

6th Dec -"All talk and no action!" Future of WaterPark development uncertain.
Sanad push out the Development Application Deadline! (SC Daily)

15th Jan - "Glenview Water Park" Plans back before Council
20th May - finalised in weeks..start end of Year
*10th July 2020 - "Bain Wave Park Resort"
Beach Rd Caravan Park Noosa North Shore
Builder Mark Bain (Sponsor Noosa Boardriders)
Consultant Pivotal Perspective
Waveloch "Surfloch" ~ [4,000m2 ]
News Article & Plans
28th June - Sanad (Lawsuit)

Actventure Water Park Plans (Current)
Thanx to "Glasshouse Country & Maleny News" (Pages 8-9)
Stage 1 Plans before Council..
*Water Park Tourist Attraction / Resort 165 villas (Original Code)
(replaces- Recently proposed trending Glamping / Van / Tent sites)
No Public submission period
*Waterpark has been down scaled but may also be only Stage 1.
The original loop linear Webber Wave Pool is not visible in this stage.
Pause: This Webber design has held promise for a good while on this site.
It shows that interest is still strong for a Surf Park on Sunshine Coast.

Article does include a small image of more definite Resort Plans
Shows 4 Pools - 2 of which are large enough for a Wave Pool + Flowrider?
Detailed set of Plans thanx to Your Neighbourhood
Certainly looks as if this is progressing with Massive 400 Carparking Lot
Also shows expansion area for 'water based activities' in next stages...2 Wave Pools?

Here's the past proposed design fly thru.
(Promo vid) [1:00] Flowrider [1:25] Wave Lagoon [1:35] Loop Linear Wave Pool


Sunshine Coast wave Pools...ACTVE / WSL / Bain + Surf Lakes licence

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truebluebasher Friday, 22 May 2020 at 9:45pm

20th May - Sanad Press Release

New State Development Tourism Minister Kate Jones...$50m Kick Start
(Cocoon) Promo spikes all SEQ Day tourism - Wave Pool Developments...

Julian Wilson was the original backer of this Noosa wavepool

Been a long time coming, but that's pretty much standard for Wave Pools.
Designs have changed from "Pro Surf Set up" to Public & now!
tbb can add it ranks #3 Water Park in Qld...(#1 & #2 have wave pools)
Kate Jones is pushing for Council approval in weeks + end of Year dig?
Sanad say council is looking at end of June + be pushin' end of 2021 Park open
see previous article for detailed plans - submitted before Council Elections
New Council has 2 surfers onboard...interesting to see their take on the wave pool.

Bonus swellnet Qldurrz blurb on Cocooned Wave Pool KickStarts

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keano Thursday, 11 Jun 2020 at 9:21pm


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truebluebasher Saturday, 27 Jun 2020 at 7:53am

State Pushing on Council fast-track approval for Waterpark hits a hurdle.

Actventure Wave pool development
19th June - Qld Courts.
Sanad Capital Pty Ltd -v- Sunshine Coast Regional Council

This wavepool (Stage 1) was previously approved in built resort design.
Current design does seem to (swap) for more residential lots.

(Above -previous legals) re: Infrastructure / Stormwater Bill $2m appeal.
This is the most likely delay as Council will lean on State Govt to foot the bill?

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truebluebasher Sunday, 4 Oct 2020 at 4:09pm

16 Sept Sunny Coast Council approve Wave Pool for 2nd Time
Endless Surf 2-7ft waves every 10 secs.
Development Plans

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truebluebasher Thursday, 12 Nov 2020 at 10:58am

28 Oct Waterpark Developer goes back to Court .
World Wave Pool Court Clerk tbb :
Sanad wants 'additional' $233,263 stormwater trunk fee scrapped.
Sanad launched an appeal to Planning Environment Court to remove fee.

These charges seem to be additional to Oct 2018 - $2m infrastrucure appeal

Arguing over construction site runoff into waterways
Sanad claim fee is a rort as Council have no stormwater infrastructure.
Sanad place no additional pressure on Council's existing stormwater infrastructure.

Certainly sounds like the perfect case for Lawyers to argue over.

Oct 2018 Map of Stormwater site runoff flows...(Link was cut)
Dug up these web drawer Council Docs (re: Stormwater runoff on this site)

Total infrastructure charges for Qld Wave Pool Water Park Res/Resort = $2.6m
tbb still thinks Qld Govt 'may' have covered most charges for Xmas Gold Spade.

This report confirms Stage 2 Wave Pool
*Endless Surf Pool by industry leader WhiteWater ( re: above.)

End of year start is not ruled out as yet...(2 year Project End Time)

Material change of use, building & operational works permits are needed to begin.
Similar were already approved ...shouldn't be an issue! (I'll see you in court!)

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Fliplid Tuesday, 1 Dec 2020 at 7:21am

Yepoon wave pool looking to open up to public

"The current scenario with COVID-19 is not allowing surfers to travel to overseas destinations, so it's a fantastic opportunity for us to put forward to see if we can open it to the public."

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truebluebasher Saturday, 5 Jun 2021 at 10:01pm



ACTVENTURE Endless Surf Pool Plans are now available.
These are Comp / Pool Layout plans
Interesting that Sunny Media wrote them off...yet they're slowly coming good!

Even better that SANAD also kept original promise of a competitive Pro/Olympic Wave Pool.

These designs will surprise the crew, if only for their commitment to comp surfing raises the bar.
Current Qld / NSW pools are gonna have to step up to better this new level Comp layout.
It seems Endless Surf are gonna play along.

Only guessing that waves could equal Goldie's "Ramped" Endless Surf Wave Pool
tbb tried to measure out the wave a fair way along & can share that!
Can't promise any big wave sets but neither ankle snappers.

Architectural Plans [P 23]: Wave Wall rises 2m above "static water" that levels out at 2.8m deep
Static water level flows over into 1.5m Compartment Pools > (Possible Hydro Power)
When swell rises '1m' for waves it lightly swashes over next inshore swim up Bar Pool at 1m deep.
Waves may pitch above raised 1m swell height but seemingly must stay below 2m wall height.
However! The pool can't raise swell above 1m to ramp higher waves with the Bar Pool operating.
The precise Chamber switching of pools may hydro power the Wave Machine...(It is what it is!)
Should be able to offer different waves but lacks the 'cyclic tide timetables' of Wavegarden Pools.

Comp setup > Spectator Stands / Pro Standard Judges Stand & Replay Screens with Training-First Aid.
Central swim bar to Merch/Stalls > 8 bus bays / 6 taxis...(Very competitive with beach Comp Access)

Similar Wave Pool was previously approved in original Stage One.
So you may see "Approved" on plans as stamping should be a formality.
Also the 2024 opening is loose as SANAD said they can play with stages as need requires.
Stage 2 can fast-track if market dictates...(eg: A rival Sunny operator!)

Stage 1 tenders have been released to public.

PS: Recent [f] / News Pay Wall articles reported on cool if any could share!

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 11 Aug 2021 at 9:55am

See: 29/07/2021 (Concurrence Agency Response)
[ Click Action ] > [ Preview]

[Click] Approved Traffic Engineering Report ( re: For Hosting International Wave Park Comps)

Sure, a boring traffic report...but hang in there...
[Scroll ] Pages 9/10 ( Note 2x Wave Pools come into view)
See ( Detailed Layout sizing of pool designs-side by side)

Recall original was Webber's Loop Linear (see above posts)
2014/16 Wet'n'Wild style Wave Pool (Approved but scrapped)
2021 New Endless Surf (Stage 2) In Council.

It shows that despite Local Media ridicule & Legal bun fights the development kept true to it's word.
Given the fact that a Water Park company took over...most thought a wading slosh pool downgrade.
The aim of providing an international Comp standard Wave Pool has returned as original core attraction.
Compare the massive Site take up of new design...that's a massive commitment for a developer.
Wave Pools boss prime estate investment along side Accom / Water Parks / Golf / Farms..(A Big Leap!)
Slowly but surely Sunny SANAD are making waves...

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Sprout Wednesday, 11 Aug 2021 at 11:20am

I'll add this one here too TBB...
Developer Sanad Capital, which already has approval for the long-awaited tourism drawcard, this week lodged major infrastructure plans for the site on Steve Irwin Way at Glenview. This encapsulates bulk earthworks, civil works, drainage, stormwater, vegetation clearing, road access and carparking and could mean a project start date is just months away.

Sanad’s plans incorporate a 160-villa family resort called Invigorate, a water park (Actventure) and wave pool (Endless Surf). Sunshine Coast Council will now have 45 working days to look at the infrastructure plans and then the more detailed design work on buildings will follow. Mr Sutherland said much already had been done on this and he hoped the detailed design would be signed off by the end of September.

“We want to work on many of the elements simultaneously and open everything at Christmas in 2023.’’

“In accordance with council’s approval and before construction can commence, a number of further permits and infrastructure is required.”
Just 20km south, at Moby Vic’s Glass House Mountains, the wave pool project proposed by Surf Parks Australia also is advancing. It is applying for a material change of use that would allow two rural-zoned parcels to be used for tourism. The Public Notification period, where people can make submissions, is underway.

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zenagain Wednesday, 8 Sep 2021 at 2:17pm

Not much detail on the wavepool.

Is Endless Surf the Webber wavepool?

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Sheepdog Wednesday, 8 Sep 2021 at 7:22pm

Wooooooohooooooo coal powered bombs!!!!

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Sprout Thursday, 9 Sep 2021 at 8:15am

The Glass House Mountains one making progress.
A wave park at Glass House Mountains – the second proposed for the Sunshine Coast – is riding a wave of popularity, sailing through its public notification phase.

The Glass House attraction would incorporate the latest artificial wave-generating technology from American Wave Machines, which has a Surf Ranch in Waco.

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Sprout Friday, 8 Oct 2021 at 8:54am

Exclusive look at the world-class surf pool that will complete thrilling Sunshine Coast attraction
The patented heart-shaped Sunshine Coast pool will be similar to one currently being built in Paris and another used during the Tokyo Olympics. Glenview will get the biggest of the firm’s three models, which measures 282m by 84.5m.

“The ability to precisely control the angle of the wave’s face determines the speed, from a gentle beginner wave (2 feet or .61m) to a powerful 7 feet (2.1m) barrelling wave.’’

Ride times range from 10 seconds to 26 seconds and the multiple zones can accommodate up to 75 surfers an hour, with each surfer catching dozens of waves.

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udo Friday, 8 Oct 2021 at 9:38am

3 awards won by Tulla

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truebluebasher Thursday, 21 Oct 2021 at 4:18pm

Wow! Sprout & Udo! Fantastic Park Upgrades...
We can mix'n'match plans for zenagain...

swellnet did the original Webber Design was scaled back to standard wet'n'wild (here)
Webber design featured by default in Promos up until > (2020/21 Water Park Plans)
Above articles / VID & Promos even show 2 Wave Pools + 2 Flows at one stage.
Loop Linear + Wet'n'Wild style + SUP Lazy River + Delux Oz Flow Rider Bowl + Standard Dual Flow

1. Phase 2 pool was earlier approved...ES is 2nd Wave Pool approval. (See: Side by Side Plans)
Download [3] Traffic Report 25/05/ 2021

2. Sunny Endless Surf Plans
Sunny Main Frame Page [2] (Download) Architectural Plans 25/05/2021

3. Parkwood Endless Surf Park Designs feature the same [ ES 4800 ] XXXL Super model

Note Wave Pools hold back on design specifics as extra Commercial Components are added...
(TIP) Store a mental note of each Plan detail to form the bigger picture...tbb can & will explain...

tbb feels we can expose an underlying secret as to why Qld Wave Pools shifted focus to Booze'n'Babes.
This then Changes the Make / Model / Design aspect to Pool Bar by default.
C'mon! 7ft Waves Barrelling into a Beach bar disco is a recipe for why do this?

QSLS / RLS / Govt clamp down on Municipal Pool & Foreshore Booze.
Goldie Whiteshoes forever push half a dozen Private Barbed Wire ticketed "Euro" Beach Bars
ALL Qld Wave Pool designs revolve around a Beach, why risk Surf Safety in central design?

Micro Breweries..."Wave Pool Olympics" Piss Take (The future of the Wave Pool Beer Market?)
Of course that comes with official piss-pot's Olympic Wave Pool review!

Wanna see that again....Wave Pool Lager
...or try Wave Pool Pale Ale..

ES Sunny Kiddies Water Park + Goldie Euro Trash Palm Resort = (Are both Wave Pool breweries)
Brew up a 7ft Barrel means exactly that ...the Whitewash is obviously Yeast Extract....XXXX Burp!

Q : Can brewing Barrels brew Barrels & Do we need to scull more beer to stoke up the Wave train?

Bonus by 'Sprout' too deep? tbb will sneek out the back door or punch thru the Skylite.
Glass House Mountains AWM Surf Park Plans
Plans are devoid of Paddock to Plate freshly peeled Pineapple Juicing Exhibit or Boutique Brewery?
Essential ingredients when aiming for Q100 Pub & Pineapple Juice Bar?...(So where are they?)
Main frame "Architectural Plans " 23/10/2020

Are we looking at Endless Surf Beer Barrel Hybrids
Parkwood likely brewed this up...then Sunny ( Port Douglas > Melbourne might get on the bandwagon)
Anyone got more on these Wave Pool Brews?

Ye Olde Wave Garden N'Land Brewery

Wisemans AWM Pro Pool has Balter Brewer's & crew would lap up Pro Wave Pool dregz.
Urbnsurf have fully licensed Boutique Powers but have no recent plans for a Brewery.

We also know Kelly & Waco are Mad Keen on Beer Promos & would slot a brewery in no time!

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Sprout's picture
Sprout Friday, 12 Nov 2021 at 9:56am

Making waves on Steve Irwin Way: what the cutting-edge Endless Surf attraction will look like
The surf pool has been designed by Canadian firm, WhiteWater, which will send a team of experts to oversee the installation as the project develops. The patented Sunshine Coast pool will be similar to one the company is building in Paris and another used during the Tokyo Olympics.

Glenview will get the biggest of the firm’s three models, which measures 282m by 84.5m. Endless Surf is a surfer’s dream of on-demand waves. Using a special program called the Wave Doctor, wave patterns can be changed in real-time based, on the session requirements and guests in the pool.

The ability to precisely control the angle of the wave’s face determines the speed – from a gentle beginner wave (2 feet or 0.61m) to a powerful 7 feet (2.1m) barrelling wave. Ride times range from 10 to 26 seconds and the multiple zones can accommodate up to 75 surfers an hour, with each surfer catching dozens of waves.


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seeds Tuesday, 23 Nov 2021 at 11:51am
Be plenty of new punters.
It’s already looking ghastly around the hospital and the new developments at Bokarina.
Thankfully I moved to the northern hinterland years ago but as everywhere it’s population has grown.

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Sprout's picture
Sprout Thursday, 16 Dec 2021 at 9:07am

Wave park war looms after second Sunshine Coast surf pool gains council approval
This application, by Surf Parks Australia, sought a material change of use to establish a $30 million facility and the reconfiguring of a lot along Johnson Rd, Glass House Mountains.


Sprout's picture
Sprout's picture
Sprout Thursday, 30 Jun 2022 at 7:46am

First look at the epic waves that will break all day, every day at new Sunshine Coast attraction.
Prominent civil contracting company, Shadforth, has been secured to complete the civil works, which will commence in coming weeks after being delayed by recent bad weather. “We hope we will be surfing in late 2023.” He said the pool would be 288m long and 80m wide. Developer Sanad Capital’s plans for the Glenview site also include 51 two and three-bedroom “lakeside” apartments, 23 three-bedroom “surfside” short-term accommodation units, food and retail outlets, a microbrewery and open-air cinema.

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Tuesday, 5 Jul 2022 at 11:48am

Sprout! Themz fightin' words be fuelling a Sunny Surf'n'Turf War..

Sprout's articles seem harmless enough...but the War is on!
Here's Sprout's mixed Grill in Slomo on the watch carefully Sunnyboys!
The game has changed!

16th Dec 2021 Sprout's Wave Pool War begins...
Sanad Endless Surf made a submission against nearby rival Surf Park's AWM Perfect Wave.
"There is no economic need for a 2nd Wave Pool 20km from the ours!" (They really do mean that!)

2nd Wave Pool was approved over the Xmas Break...But that's not the end of the matter...
Far from a bit of healthy competition, we're looking at a Snake like Drop in to wipe out #2.

Ok! tbb...this had better be worth the price of admission & it sure is alright...Promise!
This be a fully blown Wave Pool War!

Sanad has run with > Webber > Family w'n'w Surf Lagoon > Endless Surf...into 2022...but!

Endless Surf recently partnered Myrtle Pools ( Pre Fab Stainless Steel Panels)
Can build & Dismantle a Wave Pool Stadium in months or Surf between hi-rise problem!
This is a departure from original Concrete Wave Pool different...we don't know!
eg: All about the Bikini Bar Pool more than any dumb Wave Pool...think along those lines!

Possible that New Engineering of XL Stainless Steel Pool Panels are not yet approved in Qld.

For whatever reason Sanad have "Possibly breached" or pulled outta contract with Endless Surf.
(See below for more on that!)

Here's wot tbb thinks is goin' down....First to recap from above...
Sanad said they were riled & are weighing up legal options.
Sanad spend more time in court than in Wave Pools...(see heaps of this shit in above timelines!)
Sanad launched a submission stating they do not want Wave Pool competition so close to shore!


With new Endless Surf Wave Pool Sanad option to opt out...& they did!

By switching to AWM Perfect Swell they can now fast track a new contract...but why & by how much?
Sanad likely took advantage of rival's $500k impost & caught out Surf Parks Australia's Licence fee.

Back door was open for Sanad to outbid Surf Parks Australia & secure State Rights to Perfect Swell..

It's possible that Sanad picked up on a loose fit Deposit Contract Loophole...
Perfect Swell aren't fools & more than likely allow 11th hour wriggle room for a rival to up the bid!
Thus cutting out rival Surf Parks Australia from holding a 2nd nearby competing AWM License.

30th June Sprout SC News link > "Sanad signs { Exclusive Qld Agreement with AWM }"

Sanad could pay it's cheaper than another court case.
AWM boss confirmed > Sanad will be their 1st in Oz...(Meaning Sanad are fast tracking this stage!)

We could be looking at Sanad stealing Surf Parks (Perfect Swell's joint regional rights).
Sorry to does smell like that as Sanad are Qld Champions on Contractual Law suits.
Really can't see in a Perfect World > Perfect Swell building 2 pools 20km apart...(Not happening!)

Washed up dregz from the Sunny Snake Drop in...
Sanad AWM Pool is 288m x 80m (vs) Former Glass House Mountains Pro AWM was 315m x 92m.
Glass House Mountain's may have run outta so tbb?

Parkwood (From above) will now have 1st & only option on Endless Surf Qld Rights...
Just guessing mind you that Sanad is willing to pay for Goldie's exclusive rights...Money for Jam!
May well be that Sanad merely handed over Qld licence to Goldie to forgo any breach...(It's Possible!)

Urbnsurf have secured Qld Rights & hinted about a Wave Pool in same Briz North region.

Surf Lakes Sunny Coast Rights have long been secured...(Wouldn't mind checking Sanad on that!)

See that Gromz...that's how ya Snake & Drop in...always have yer Gold Spades ready to dig in!
How many drop ins do you do!

Goldie Westerly Windina says once her pet Goat stops chewing on her licence yer welcome to it!
Might neighbourly gift from Goldie to Sunnyboys...don't be knocking back a stiff Westerly Windina.

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Serendipity60's picture
Serendipity60 Tuesday, 5 Jul 2022 at 12:28pm

Goldie Westerly Windina says once her pet Goat stops chewing on her licence yer welcome to it!
Might neighbourly gift from Goldie to Sunnyboys...don't be knocking back a stiff Westerly Windina.

That's Gold .

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udo's picture
udo Tuesday, 5 Jul 2022 at 12:50pm
Sprout's picture
Sprout's picture
Sprout Monday, 8 Aug 2022 at 9:53am

Wave of activity as scene set for long-awaited $130m surf pool and resort.
A 25-hectare parcel, along Steve Irwin Way at Glenview, has been cleared in recent days by prominent Coast-based firm, Shadforth’s.
Mr Sutherland invited the public to check out and

AndyM's picture
AndyM's picture
AndyM Monday, 8 Aug 2022 at 10:12am

Looks unreal!
The world needs more genuine eco-developments like that one.
And the pièce de résistance, a microbrewery and ample parking!

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 10 Aug 2022 at 1:02pm

Thanks for the Updates crew...( Sanad opening date fast tracked timeline from above )
12th Nov 2020 Wave Pool was relegated to a delayed Stage 2
5th June 2021 "Delayed" Offset Stage 2 was set to open in 2024 ( Fast track was possible! )
30th June 2022 Endless Surf is swapped for the Perfect Swell wave model.
8th Aug 2022 Now All stages will open by end of 2023

So obviously something has happened with Courts / Govt / Pool Boys....(Unbeknown to us!)

* We're led to believe Sanad secured the end of 2021 State Govt Covid Cocoon Tourism Funding.
Likely around $2m-$2.5m to cover the Stormwater infrastructure & associated Court Fees.
So we can mostly cover that or rule it out of recent fast tracking...

* Wave Pool construction time is now faster...
Perfect Swell can Guarantee 1 year build (vs) Endless Surf promote even faster but can't promise.
But it's more about Perfect Timing of the swap...(Kinda like a preemptive strike!)

Govt's annual Mid Year Tourist Cash Splash may have a major influence of timing & need to swap!

June 2022 Qld Govt Tourism Development bonus $200k is also conditional for fast tracked opening?
The small print on this bonus shows Qld Govt investing & fast tracking 'Unique' Tourism Ventures!
Example : New Tourism Experience Development Fund will cover 25% of 'eligible' Project's total cost?
Crew can envisage that Govt deem a goofy Wave Pool as Gold Level "Unique Tourist Development"
Crew also know Sanad Comp Layout / Pool Venue is an International "Olympic class Tourist attraction"

So handout doesn't apply to whole project but backs 25% of any "Unique" Components.
Crew can see that Sanad has quite a few Unique Tourist Components...(Who leads who here?)
Were these grants designed to dovetail & bankroll this Water Park? ( Kate loved Goats / Sanad)
Basically the Govt will back a Wave Pool to the tune of 25%...(tbb is unsure of any 'unique' site caps!)
Just saying that certain Tourism Projects could collect quite a bit of Govt funding...not saying it's evil?

One must consider that at least one of the Wave Pool Builders sussed this out & backed the favourite.
How could tbb know this?
Well....Sanad boasted Exclusive Perfect Swell Qld rights.
(Translation) = "Qld Govt Unique Tourism Venture"
Now we see! Not just about the rival Pool Boys Brew Ha Ha but it's now a race for the 25% Prize Pool
Sanad Invited the Neighbour's Pool Boy with his cool Pool Toyz to their Unique Pool Party.
Govt / Sanad / Pool Boy sign the Birthday Card for the Exclusively Unique 25% Prize Pool.
Cry if you want over! The Neighbour's Perfect Dream Wave Pool is just that....We shall see!

In closing...Govt 25% prize pool enables 'All Sanad stages' to be fast tracked -Xmas 2023 opening!
Just saying that tbb is loosely reading into these grants...there is no further detail! Mostly reviewed later!

Sprout's picture
Sprout's picture
Sprout Wednesday, 10 Aug 2022 at 2:49pm

Great work there TBB, very interesting about the grants.

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Saturday, 13 Aug 2022 at 7:57pm

Sunny (vs) Goldie are fightin' over that there Unique 25% Wave Pool Grant
Parkwood Wave Pool is now rushed thru Council...race is on...time is ticking for the Holy Grail.

Trade negotiations with neighbourly rivals Sunny ... here's Sanad's Hot Doc all were looking for.
Sanad's Notice of Appeal against Surf Parks Australia Glass House Mountains Wave Pool.
tbb never thought to check in the Glass House Doc drawer 'after' Council approval...(20 Dec last link!)
Simply went back to sister Glass House site & there it is.
Click 10/12/2022 [Action] > Preview ... or Direct link to Sanad appeal (Whichever Works!)

Sanad's Appeal
Approval should be Refused...mostly concerns to overstepping Rural Zone codes!
* Reduction of Rural Land!
* Does not Enhance Rural Character & fragments the Scenic amenity!
* Alienates current Agricultural Pursuits
* No community need for Development
tbb could go on but it seems Sanad are disputing the Rural >Tourism upgrade...
Well! They can't be rubbishing the Pool they just poached from their neighbours!

Orders for Judgment
1. Uphold Appeal
2. Application be Denied
3. Further Court Orders ( Crew know that Sanad are Pro Court Surfers!)
Surf Parks Australia had 10 days to reply...nowhere near enough for such wide ranging appeal.

No idea how Surf Parks Oz got outta this brutal stranglehold.
Just saying that tbb followed their progress & SPA seemed to follow & comply fairly with all stages
tbb's opinion is that the Govt / Council had laid out the cross Tourism guidelines & assisted them.
Meaning Sanad are really having a crack at initial draft rezoning to tourism.
tbb reported that SPA often delayed but never blatantly breached any process to win approval.
Sister site doco drawer shows no short cuts or dodging, rather a hard slog to bring it on home!

Sanad may have stalled project start in order to pressure Govt for 100% backing with no opposition.
This Unique Tourism Grant seems to marry in all too well...
As said Tourism Kate was happy to pose with Sanad when Sunny Papers branded them wannabes!

Sanad claim they can finish all stages within 16 months yet haven't moved a barrow load of soil?
tbb checked up on Sanad's backer! Like who is ...Talal Y. Najibi
This bloke runs Pakistan's Huffaz ( Seamless Pipes )
Supplies Arab / World with High Quality but broad range costed Pipelines.
Has some big known movers in his pocket > KPMG run his books & supplies BP / BHP / Colgate...
He is listed as a Top 10 Oz player in this field
Highly likely he may fit out or control progress of Qld Gas / Hydrogen Pipelines

Movers'n'Shakers generally win a Govt leg up or nudge gentle assist to flick off rivals.
Whether he intends to build a Wave Park this century or stop everyone else from such!
Whole world knows US bully Qld to funnel Arms to's on record...No Secret!
Past dealings show Qld Govt will nuzzle up to Sanad if need be.

Just how have Surf Parks Australia dealt with Sanad's Appeal?
No word from Surf Parks Australia since Dec 2021 approval & Sanad's Perfect Swell switcheroo!

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Monday, 29 Aug 2022 at 7:24pm

Found it! Not sure how we missed this...worth backtracking to dig it out!
All here knew something went down that changed the the whole dynamic.
Reckon we found it...or Sanad read about it first, now some months later...we can share that info!

Also explains why Surf Parks Australia remain in Limbo with a closed shop!
Sunny Wave Pool War (Part 1)
24th Jan Sanad Filed Objection
18th Feb 2022 Real Commercial News
Mind you! This is a shit Hot Wave Pool Review in it's own right...
Real happy to share this report as crew will luv all the specs & detail / Links in a concise format..
tbb & crew salute Erin Delahunty for delivering the goods...need to write more Wave Pool articles!

Sanad are not appealing Surf Parks Australia for any breach as such...
They're taking Sunshine Coast Council to Court for approving a 2nd nearby Wave Pool.

24th Jan 2022 : Sanad's Lawyers HWL Ebsworth lodged a claim in the Planning & Environment Court.
Claim : " New Surf Park is in wrong location with no economic, planning or Community need for it!"
" Unacceptable impacts on surrounding sensitive land uses! "

This in itself never changed the was when Surf Parks Australia were asked to comment...
Watch & Listen carefully to a slip of the tongue that gave the game away & gifted Sanad the Ace Card!

Response :
Surf Parks Aust' Craig Morrison : "His team had the Tech, funding & experience to deliver the Project!"
Stating at the time...Using AWM tech!
"So it's disappointing that the Appeal has been filed against the Council!"
"We are moving ahead with detailed design & ((finalising agreements)) with our development & operating partners. We hope this appeal will not slow our ability to get moving on the construction of the facility!"

Not only was Surf Parks on the back foot in defence...they left the bloody front door wide open...OMG!
Crew can read that Surf Parks Australia waved a Red Flag to a Bull...while...[ Finalising Agreements! ]
Reckon as soon as Sanad read this report they hot lined AWM to ((Finalize an Exclusive Qld Licence))
Well with yer opponent showing his hand...what else were Sanad do, but to take the bloody Prize Pool.

Not sure how Surf Parks Australia come back from this or even if Sanad need bother with the Courts.

Cannot imagine why the Locals shared such a vital make or break deal so openly with the World!
None here nor anywhere needed to know a day before the deal was done...shot themselves in the foot!

All know that Sanad walked straight in & took their prized pool from underneath them...too easy!

Sunny Wave Pool War (Part 2)
3rd March Sanad / SCC Infrastructure Fee dispute is settled.(Re: RACQ Chopper!)
14th March - The Urban Developer
At this point of time the report clearly states Sanad were still anchored by Endless Surf.
Sure! They could've been lazy or foxing to stall!
Meaning! Sanad's appeal had stalled or slowed Surf Parks Australia...who had yet to finalize AWM.

30th March 2022 Court Hearing
Court case is not listed...
(Q: Were Sanad courting AWM & signed MOU...not needing a Court Decision!)

Understand that Australian Surf Park Development was centred on AWM Design! (A Massive Risk!)
Whereas Sanad could slot any Wave Pool as side deal & have done several times over.
Sanad merely needed to sign the licence fee on AWM & it was game over for AWM centric rivals!
Surf Parks Australia need to reapply for new Wave Pool design & Sanad would appeal before permit!

30th June Sanad simply ditch non or part committed Endless Surf to scoop rival AWM
AWM list Sanad in news but not 'former' (Surf Parks Australia-Licence deposit must not be locked in!)

Notes : Sanad now reckon they're a responsible local corp > sponsoring RACQ "Care-Life Flight"
So we know they're saddling up with Govt & may have promised to stop suing the Local Council...Huh!

Sanad website nonchalantly waltzes both Endless Surf + AWM.
Apart from the one news article and a few photos there is no AWM intro or Promo.
Unusual as AWM are delivering their best Wave Pool.
There is very little push from AWM...happy for a Surf Sticker or Postcard...Whatever Dude!
Meaning Sanad approached AWM...who simply sold out for the licence bucks.
Sanad have to be dragged kickin'n'screamin' to dip a toe in a Wave Pool, just the exclusive licence thanx!

Gold Coast
Endless Surf now gloss all Parkwood Planning Docs Front 2 Back as #1 Showcase Surf Park.
Endless Surf site is pushing Goldie Hi Rise / Port Douglas Resort but not former Sunny Wave Pool.
Meaning once Sanad ditched Endless Surf they threw extra bucks at Parkwood Hi Rises. (No Secret!)

PS if any know of assumed 30 March 2022 Court cool to share.
(Think NEWS titles ran something?) Otherwise!
tbb feels Sanad never needed to proceed after their Exclusive ink was dry!
As said AWM don't recognize Surf Parks Australia...despite AWM being their meal ticket.
That would account for Surf Parks Australia's silence...time will tell!

PS: Surf Parks Australia could switch to similar Endless Surf > Sanad still likely has that licence also!
Sunny sure know how to do a Wave Pool War...plenty more have fallen in Sunny Surf'n'Turf Wars!

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JaJake's picture
JaJake Thursday, 1 Sep 2022 at 2:31am

GL with the drama