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$30m 'Project Urban' by Surf Parks Australia
Farm to Plate Tourist / Major Events Facility is a SCC Priority Project
Bruce Hwy, Glass House Mountains, Sunshine Coast Qld.
Designed by American Wave Machines
Developed by Town Real Estate Director (Craig Morrison on Left + Jamie Vibert)
Thanx Udo : Sunshine Coast News

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Victoria is World Wave Pool Capital with (9) wavepools
Sunny Coast is World Wave Pool proposal Capital with (7)...(*Approved)
2000 Surfing World / 2004 Adventura / 2014 *Actventure / 2019 SurfLakes (Licence) /
2019 Blue Heart Attack / 2020 Bain Manor / 2020 Project Urban.

The last two Wave Pools being by AWM...(re Waco / WA Surfhouse / Hawkesbury)

1999 Sunny Coast site was approved for a Tourist Venture ( Positive! )
The site is closer to Brisbane than Noosa > (Actventure Wavepool is 20km north)
Moby Vics Povesi is Tradie Smoko / Truck Stop Coffee Capital + Few touros here.
The area is iconic for Traffic Jams (re: Dual Pit Stops)

Site shadows Wild Horse's big Wed' paddle in. (re: Glass Mountains' Legend)
13.43H 520m Hwy / 265m Johnston Road (Half of Pineapple Plantation stays)

See Plan above...for following...
The entry hugs West side > Nth > East around the Plantation > 110 [P] lot. Entry.
Shuttle Buses are shown with Loop > Possibly [L] Corp groups or Rail connect.
Rail/Bus rules out earlybird sessions + long way for Gromz or Locals to sneak one.
Times- am CBD pamper > Midday Kombi Backpackerz > pm Tradies > w/e Brizzos.

Water Supply / Pools
Spring Fed Dam can be topped up by main...Runoff possibly into Coonowrin Ck?)
Wave Pool 315m x 92m (28,980m2) Bigger than like Hawkesbury & Japan pools.

Pool breaks both L&R in unison (see Plan) so rides may be shorter not longer.
(Unsure if this pool can run a 2x full length extra long Waco type ride?) Be Cool!
Waco + Japan are reversible breakwall / Hawkesbury is a reforming A frame.
Project Urban is dual breakwall splitting L/R wave direction in unison.
Nearby Actventure (Endless Summer) does same, further splitting into A Frames.

(Quality) AMW 20 capacity can better compete with soon Bne Wavegarden 40 cap
Head High Hollow Waves that keep size & power longer.
Note: There is also a Bikini Model's Pool in N/E corner.(see images)

Entry image shows no turnstyle, but a free flow to an inside peek a boo.
See next photo set & Trendies Queue for a Table not Swim / Surf...(But like a Club)
Almost like a free invite to inspect or sample before entering Pool dinning area.
Old Goldie trick of luring Hwy Chix to the posh loos then grab hubby for a drink!
What's weirder is you don't see surfers only 20 y'o urban white trendy Dinners.
With Bikini Chix swanning about Playboy Mansion Wave Grotto.
You'd have to say it's a pretty fucked up yuppie vision of a wave pool crowd?

Pasty white 20 y'o suit'n'ties with Bikini Models at a Tradies / Truck Stop...Ok!
Class Warfare comes to Moby Vics..."The lady said she doesn't want a paper cup!"

Olympic Venue...
Nearly all Wave Pools break towards a console denying spectators.
Others split the crowd to hub sidelines left or right with money shot far from fans.
This Pool separates fans to each side & yo-yo the view as basketball or tennis.
With sun glare on distant court, spectators need to be more athletic than Pros.

Kiosk site faces 'West' & North > West Sun bounces off the Pools.
Note yuppie architect harnesses Peak Solar Flares to incinerate guests. (Nice!)
The lower the Sun drops the brighter the glare on spectators turning them to ash.
You need lead shields or to hose yer guests in Sun Block & turn sprinklers on them.

Olympians surf with arse to crowd addressing blank wall at opposite side of pool?
Olympians again surf further away before vanishing into thin air, way down there.

Interesting (Car) image shows rare best viewing spot is farthest from Beach Bar.

Just sharing Qldurrz tips to assist.
Sun belted Kiosk has no shade & can't run air-con + Winter winds blast guests.
Offshore seabreeze is wishful thinking, flip the design & hang gets cooler with day.
Images show most guests in Kiosk so any breeze is more precious to hot dinners.
Long term Water loss (Wind/Sun) with Pool rotation needs factoring either way.

Light Poles are very minimal & hardly Olympic standard (hrs 6am -9pm)
Surrounding shots shows neighbourly developer is treading lightly.
Leaving most of Plantation & utilising existing shared laneways
Dam is left as lighting lines the laneway & may have to share with pool.

Think the idea is to keep it simple to win approval & upgrade later.
Learning that owner is in Real Estate, the site may also anchor more development.
Nevertheless the developer is going local & treading light & Qld folks like that!

Anyhow that's a Qldurrz surf thru of our current Project Urban proposal.
Just thinking! Project Urban doesn't sound a bit 50,000 Motorway slums?

Ok! So tbb bitched about Athlete's Bums in the Sunny's perfectly normal.

Sunny Wave Pool curse is pretty wicked but tbb thinks this one ticks the boxes.
Qld has only ever approved 3 Wave Pools (one twice) & all line SEQ Coast Hwys.
Stands to reason that local's Hwy Wave Pool is looking like the 4th! (Pool Party)