Sunshine Coast Wavepool (Timeline)

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Dedicated to hung out to dry Qlder's

'Sunshine Park' @ Sunshine Coast
Lot 22/2652 Steve Irwin Way(Next door BP across from Nursery)
Developed by Sanad Capital -Australian arm of Najibi Dubai

*Feb~ $13m Next Gen Wavepool $40m development
*July~ Waterplay D.Baird > G.Webber 2 Wave designs (Open 2016)
Sunshine Coast Council Fast Track designs
Quicky Board mbr + Kelly's Manager (Backed by Ziff) buy ASP > WSL
New look WSL look to include Qld Wavepool on Oz leg of WSL Tour
Sunny Coast Pro Coach Robbie Sherwell..WP > attract World's best.
*Aug~ Development climbs to $90m Complete date (Late 2016)

*Jan~ MCU from Rural Storage > Tourist Attraction
SC'C approved 'Linear' WP 160m x 80m (1.6m high /15 sec Barrels)
SC'Council spruik 'World's Largest Wavepool'...yet to pass enviro.
Surfing Australia lend their support.
*Sept~ Noosa NSR nominates for WSR

*April~ Local Backlash! Wavepool could undermine WSR
*July~ 'Australia's first Wavepool' Claim if built before Melbourne
Development pushes higher reaching $400m (Start 2017)
First site Map shows no 'Linear Pool' but a Standard Wave Pool
*Aug~ Site Shed Mural to engage community spirit.
Name change from Sunshine Park to cheezy 80's Style 'ACTVE'
*Oct~ Webber >'Whitewater West' >(Oz Largest 9ft/2.7m waves)
2,000 swim cap' /Olympic* /1st 'Slideboard' area in S/E Asia

*Jan~ Stage 1 +Wavepool / 2 Flowriderz approved (Dig > mid'17)
*April~'Whitewater West FIFO Wave Park Guru

Local Pro Julian Wilson wakes to Horseshed share nightmare.
*May~ Mural Site ACTVE 'Jak Wrap' (Jak is an '80's Grom)
*July~ Board appoints 3 Big wigs for development
*Sept~ Earthworks Approved + 6 bid for contracts
'Sunshine Park' > 'ACTVE' > 'ACTVENTURE'
'Slideboard' > 'Wave Reservoir'

Be sure to Click on the orange coloured- [more...]
Free Magical Mystery Tour of WavePark
*Oct~ Infrastructre/Stormwater Bill $2m (Appeal pending)
This Map shows best Site Water/ Reserve Constraints
Company swaps Hotel for free title eco cabins (Await DA for new Stage 1)
*Nov~ Slideboard > Wave Reservoir >'Wave Oz' half sized Flowbowl
See Company Page for Updates.


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Sprout Thursday, 29 Jun 2023 at 9:01am
Appeal dismissed, clearing the way for one surf park to be built down the road from another.

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truebluebasher Monday, 10 Jul 2023 at 12:27pm

Cheers Sprout...
Sanad : "We're disappointed with the decision of the Court & we're considering our appeal rights!"
Think the battle's over...Sunny Wave Pool WAR has just begun.
For 7 years Sanad have never spent a day outside of Wave Pool impossible to think?
Their Expert Pro legal Eagle Team surf airs over the heads of Sanad Wave Pool Boys...

Rival bid appeal knocked Qld North Break Resort outta the park on grounds of Council bias...

This Sanad Perfect Swell rendering is from Munich [Surftown] private Stock...

Surftown like Sanad were shopping around & there seems to be a new wave order.
They got these detailed overhead layouts for each Wave Pool company

The more ya look the weirder thing get...
Both AWM + Endless Surf need to elevate Venues to raise Wave Pool Mechanics above floods.
tbb read about this in the Goldie Council report + note (Bunding) + the weird high stairs at Munich.
Munich Endless Surf Entry is up flights of stairs or Sanad up 2 Large ramps from water park.
Yes! They're not just on an angle...can see deep shadows beneath ...these are Mega Ramps!

tbb just picked up on this New Wave Standing Queue
8th Jan 2023 [Page 1]
Can read tbb trying to make sense of these empty line-ups with crowds lining the shore!
Why build a Wave Pool for no one to surf & all to look at...unless ya don't want yer customers surfing?

Never yet seen a Pizza delivery into A Wave Pool Line Up?
However...plenty of Wave Pool Beach Parties have up priced drinks at lineup Shacks!
In otherwords why have yer 100% customers sit idle as far from cash register as possible...
Ya see! It all makes better business sense to call them in each wave for a hot/cold beverage or boost!

New Wave Line up Queues only permit the alternation of 3 R surfers then 3 Left Surfers > (Next)
First group exits Pool & heads to the Bar or Snack Bar while camping behind other sets of trios.
Kinda like one of the 3 gets the Chiko Rolls & $400 mandated leggie while the other 2 mind his spot

Why a leggie...well rotating 12x a session over concrete is a real drag...
Leggie Inspector with Xray Spex..."See ya problem...A Hairline bee's dick crack...that's a real Bummer!"
"Looks like yer Fucked...World's most expensive Leggie Shop is that way or the exit is this way!"

tbb noticed that [L] > Pros all drag leggies around pool edge...
Now add that many will unleash 12x more exiting the Pool = 12x Leggie Sales! Ka-ching!
Can see why they mandate leashes for wrists toes or wherever coz now ya gotta constantly un/leash.

Here's how the New Wave Conveyor Belt Works
3 surfers > Pro / Intermediate surfs Alt direction on same wave / [L] surfs middle Wall of Whitewater
As this wave Passes an Alt direction wave fires up & repeat .
Perhaps Each Trio may be shopped out like for like if Surfers approve.(Queue Jumping for Chix!)
But each wristband will dictate each wave zone as standard...[L] can't swap with a Pro Hot Dog!
Note Each Wave Facing Group will have Natural / Goof / Kook or backhand mix of similar!

Also 1 Line Up inspector to assist alt timed [L] Take Offs + inspect bands / worn gear.
2 inshore inspectors will direct surfers to Energy Drinks Station / Proteen Bars / Leggie-Bootie Kiosk.

1 ~ 3 adjacent onshore Surfers wade into line up [L] Walks least then deepens for Intermediate > Pro.
2 ~ 3 Surfers then surf to shore...Pro along wall > Intermediate Alt Face > [L] wall of whitewater.
3 ~ Inspector directs crew to Queue for Pro Hydration requirements from that there Red Bull Tent.
4~ Same 3 surfers are next reminded to Queue for Sun Smart Shady Esky snacks
5~ The 3 surfers are then asked to unroll their Yoga Mats for Fast Physio on the Lawns.
6 ~ 3 surfers have gear inspected before re-entering Lineup or World's most expensive Surf Kiosk.
$3,000 later 3 surfers Queue @ The Bank to repeat 12 account withdrawals surfing the New Wave.

Goldie Groms wear out red raw feet queuing at Water Parks...
In otherwords...anyone Camping for 2/3 days will need Tubs of lather + World's grippiest wax!
See : The 2 don't mix!
This Zero Paddle wait onshore queue system is fine in small doses in fine weather...
If it's too Hot or Cold...yer customers are gonna be yelling at yer staff for refunds or decent hospitality.

Also think the reverse flow Drip Tray returns as much water as possible from substantial Wettie Loss.
H2o Expert reckons 5L Wettie/ board each exit = 5,000L / Day splash out
Sanad (Winter)
75x 5L each 12x exits = 4,500L / hr (Reckon ya gotta claw back 10x extra quid off the crew)
AWM American Dream ban wetties for mass day Waders then flog them off to boardriders by night.
Delicate New Wave balance of 10x Personal Water Bills (vs) 10x Surf Merch from Kiosk!

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Jono Monday, 10 Jul 2023 at 1:02pm

What technology is the second one using? I see one is planning to be similar to Waco/Boa Vista.

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truebluebasher Tuesday, 11 Jul 2023 at 1:00am

Reply to Jono...
Sanad changed various designs from Webber to "Typhoon Lagoon" > Endless Surf >

(2nd pool) Surf Parks Australia earlier posted a short news vid on AWM Perfect Swell (Waco)
Compact site is dedicated to Perfect Swell design...very hard to change.

Dec 2021 Sunny Council approved (2nd Wave Pool) Surf Parks Australia

Jan 2022 Sanad appealed about unsuitable Farm Site
Feb : Rare interview Surf Parks Developer let slip that their Perfect Swell Deal was still ongoing.
Sanad caught on ...(Plan B)
May Sanad flicked Endless Surf to sign an exclusive Qld deal with Perfect Swell to undermine S'Parks
Since this deal (Waco) Perfect Swell only ever promote Sanad on Sunshine Coast .

Surf Parks Australia are still tied up by Sanad's ongoing appeals...(Sunny Wave Pool War)
These appeals are meant to slow rival so Sanad can finish ahead to lock in Locals / Bne crew

No word on Surf Parks changing Perfect Swell design as their site is 100% AWM Pool orientated.
If Surf Parks Australia changed designs, they'd risk another Sanad appeal & likely lose the lot!
Instead they keep quiet so not to blow their flimsy Approval...
Sanad Pro Legal Eagles pretty much keep them under their thumb...can't breathe!

Sunny Wave Pool War {Intermission}
Le treat from the Wave Pool War Kiosk

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 9 Aug 2023 at 10:31pm

Just for the Record... Nothing New to see here...can skip on thru.
Public service exercise...
8th June 2023 Sanad Appeal Dismissed 269 pages

Unlike the First Appeal this Doc has no Surf History / Detail.
Mostly built structure....
tbb is only including for reference in case Sanad decide to have another crack...
Other than that, it's merely an argument of overlay Codes.

There is a section for Local interest & Group submissions on this matter!
Also lots of local decisions of Building heights of Sunny Whiteshoe Developments...
Certainly a good Development Watch reference doc in that regard...can include for local interest.
Reads more like a Sunny over development Text Book!
If ya had a Hi-Lite Marker you could get some good historical value out of it!

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truebluebasher Saturday, 29 Jun 2024 at 12:36am

Aussie World $60m Largest sustainable Water Park
Rivalling similar attractions in SEQ
That's a lot of Money for some ( In confidence ) Sustainable Pool Slides + More?
Thinking $60m gotta be a concern to the the puny little Endless Surf Farm.

Note : 'King Size Endless Surf Water Park' just got approved in Melbourne.
Sanad was also a King Size Model Water Park...until The Farm Downgrade

Reckon they'd love an upgrade From Farm to $60m Water Park to land in their lap...well durr!
Noting that Endless Surf Parent Company builds & bosses SEQ water Parks...Go figure!
Either way they'll be in discussion with Aussie World.
Aussie World Water Park would be more attractive to Endless Surf than a standalone XXXX Hang.
That's wot they do...that's their Global Empire!

They got Large Sustainable Lagoon/s just sitting there on the Hwy...what to do with that?
Imagine if they could double up & Bookend Grand Goldie Design...cut down on Costs...Big Resort.
Reckon that'd be worth $60m .

Sunny Wave Pool War III ( Aussie World vs The Farm )