Sunshine Coast Wavepool (Timeline)

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Dedicated to hung out to dry Qlder's

'Sunshine Park' @ Sunshine Coast
Lot 22/2652 Steve Irwin Way(Next door BP across from Nursery)
Developed by Sanad Capital -Australian arm of Najibi Dubai

*Feb~ $13m Next Gen Wavepool $40m development
*July~ Waterplay D.Baird > G.Webber 2 Wave designs (Open 2016)
Sunshine Coast Council Fast Track designs
Quicky Board mbr + Kelly's Manager (Backed by Ziff) buy ASP > WSL
New look WSL look to include Qld Wavepool on Oz leg of WSL Tour
Sunny Coast Pro Coach Robbie Sherwell..WP > attract World's best.
*Aug~ Development climbs to $90m Complete date (Late 2016)

*Jan~ MCU from Rural Storage > Tourist Attraction
SC'C approved 'Linear' WP 160m x 80m (1.6m high /15 sec Barrels)
SC'Council spruik 'World's Largest Wavepool'...yet to pass enviro.
Surfing Australia lend their support.
*Sept~ Noosa NSR nominates for WSR

*April~ Local Backlash! Wavepool could undermine WSR
*July~ 'Australia's first Wavepool' Claim if built before Melbourne
Development pushes higher reaching $400m (Start 2017)
First site Map shows no 'Linear Pool' but a Standard Wave Pool
*Aug~ Site Shed Mural to engage community spirit.
Name change from Sunshine Park to cheezy 80's Style 'ACTVE'
*Oct~ Webber >'Whitewater West' >(Oz Largest 9ft/2.7m waves)
2,000 swim cap' /Olympic* /1st 'Slideboard' area in S/E Asia

*Jan~ Stage 1 +Wavepool / 2 Flowriderz approved (Dig > mid'17)
*April~'Whitewater West FIFO Wave Park Guru
Local Pro Julian Wilson wakes to Horseshed share nightmare.
*May~ Mural Site ACTVE 'Jak Wrap' (Jak is an '80's Grom)
*July~ Board appoints 3 Big wigs for development
*Sept~ Earthworks Approved + 6 bid for contracts
'Sunshine Park' > 'ACTVE' > 'ACTVENTURE'
'Slideboard' > 'Wave Reservoir'

Be sure to Click on the orange coloured- [more...]
Free Magical Mystery Tour of WavePark
*Oct~ Infrastructre/Stormwater Bill $2m (Appeal pending)
This Map shows best Site Water/ Reserve Constraints
Company swaps Hotel for free title eco cabins (Await DA for new Stage 1)
*Nov~ Slideboard > Wave Reservoir >'Wave Oz' half sized Flowbowl
See Company Page for Updates.


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I just arrived back from Sunny Coast Safari.
My brothers & I darted back 'n' forth past this site wrapped in Wavepool Ads.
I'm pretty certain the Local's have given up on it up.

Anyhow %#@%..Nope I still can't say it! Needed a reboot...(tbb)'Bloody lucky them!'
Sunny Locals would love it to hear from swellnetonians or anyone... I guess?

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Hi, just joined so I could try and get in contact with you. I'm presently writing a book on the history of punk in Australia up to '99 and conducted over 200 interviews. My knowledge of Gold Coast's scene though is admittedly a little meagre and I came across a post of yours from last year listing bands I was unaware of. Was hoping that I could possibly use some of your knowledge. If you're interested my email is: t_clark (at) hotmail (dot) com (dot) au
Or phone: 0402306569
Cheers, Tristan

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That's pretty punk alright tristan.clark...(swellnet punks...'It's a Raid!') No it's not!
tbb & crew relive Gold Coast Punk scene often enough.
Just saying that plenty of swellnet punks can help out as much...crew know who!
Yes! Swellnet deserves a Gold Coast Punk Page...we might also consider that.
That way everyone gets a go & can flesh out entries (Swellnet credit page-for all.)

tbb took a while to unearth Tweed-Lismore & Sunny Coast is buried way deeper.
Yes tristan ...I will call soon enough!

PS: tbb will drum up some oldschool Punkz from swellnet Sunny Coast protest site

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Alternate Sunshine Coast wave pool Timeline

2004 "Adventura"
Sunshine Coast Wave Pool Development
$90m Water Park Holiday Village (Opposite) Corbould Park Racecourse
Natural Style Wave Lagoon (Early use of name?) re: Typhoon Lagoon
GC Warner Village were to build the Park.
2005 / 2007 / 2009 Dead lines came & went

(9th Sep 2012 -30th July 2016)... "Sunshine Coast for Wave Pools"

Aug 2016 > end of 2018 (re: Main Time line above)
2019 (Timeline Continues )

9th Sept 2019 Coolum Ranch wave pool

3rd Oct 2019 Coolum wave pool meeting

Oct 2019 Surf Lakes sell 5 waves licence to Sunshine Coast

Wave Pool Bullies team up to kick sand in Sunshine Park Wave Pool...

4th Nov 2019 "Invigorate Resort" +ACTVE Wave Pools > re-lodging DA (Nov)

6th Dec 2019 -"All talk and no action!" Future of WaterPark development uncertain.
Sanad push out the Development Application Deadline! (SC Daily)

(Promo vid) [1:00] Flowrider [1:25] Wave Lagoon [1:35] Loop Linear Wave Pool


Sunshine Coast has 2 ACTVE wave pools + WSL Surf Ranch + Surf Lakes licence