Updated: Sat 18 April 7:21am Surf: clean 2ft SW Winds: Light SE Weather: fine and sunny Rating: 4/10

Great conditions again this morning. It's worth a look around with a bit of hit and miss action with the tide and banks. Waves are still up around the shoulder head high range in the sets. Keep an eye on it today

Sat 18 April 6:35am: clean 2ft SW, Light ESE, fine and sunny 4/10

Dawn Report: Come and get your clean wave salt this morning with the sets just on 2ft and light ESE winds. It's looking good and there's more to come through the day, check back around 8am for the photo report.

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Nearest Observed Surf Reports:
Nearest Surfcams:
2ft (Waist-Shoulder High)
E 4kt
4.4 m @ 16.2s SW (222°)
0.3 m @ 3.4s SE (131°)
First light: 6:15am Sunrise: 6:40am Sunset: 5:53pm Last light: 6:18pm
Current: 18.0 (10:30pm) Min: 12℃ - Max: 25℃

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