Updated: Tue 24 May 2:58pm Surf: choppy 3ft SW Winds: Moderate SW Weather: partly cloudy Rating: 4/10

Afternoon report: Winds have eased a touch but there are still plenty of bumps in the mix. Sets are in the 3ft range, but lacking quality. Only good for a short punt if you're happy to battle the bump.

Tue 24 May 7:28am: choppy 2-3ft WSW, Strong WSW, stormy 2/10

Strong onshore winds and stormy conditions again. The waves are very messy and look to be up around 3 foot. There might be some protection at the rock walls later but at this stage it's very raw.

Tue 24 May 6:37am: stormy 3ft SW, Fresh WSW, overcast 3/10

Dawn report: Windswept options in the 3ft range, severely lacking quality and order. I suppose size is a good thing, but it's pretty hard to get excited unless you're keen for short, punchy, all over the places waves. Tune back in for an updated photo report around 8am. 

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Nearest Observed Surf Reports:
Nearest Surfcams:
3-5ft (Well Overhead)
WSW 6kt
5.9 m @ 13.5s WSW (241°)
First light: 6:38am Sunrise: 7:04am Sunset: 5:23pm Last light: 5:49pm
Current: 14.5 (10:50pm) Min: 15℃ - Max: 20℃

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