Margaret River
Updated: Fri 31 October 2:50pm Surf: bumpy 4-5ft SW Winds: Fresh SW Weather: partly cloudy Rating: 2/10

Afternoon report. Wind has gone onshore in the last hour or so, so it's akk over for today. Small window tomorrow morning for a surf.

Fri 31 October 7:55am: lumpy 4-6ft SW, Moderate SSE, partly cloudy 6/10

A little more in the swell now with 4-6ft waves on the sets. The faces are starting to clean up as well with lighter winds and some east coming into them, there is still some cross-shore lump in the water, but that will gradually ease off with the lighter winds. Protected corners are still the go for a while though. See what you can rustle up to get some salt on you to end the week.

Fri 31 October 5:38am: lumpy 4-6ft SW, Moderate S, partly cloudy 5/10

Dawn Report: Protected corners are the go in the 4-6ft waves and moderate southerly winds this morning. There's a reasonable amount of lump and wobble in the water from west influence in the winds earlies, but things should improve through the day as these south winds ease and get some east in them. Check back around 8am for the photo report.

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Margaret River
3-5ft (Well Overhead)
SSE 15kt
3.6 m @ 13.3s SW (225°)
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny
First light: 4:54am Sunrise: 5:21am Sunset: 6:46pm Last light: 7:13pm
Current: 13.3 (8:30pm) Min: 11℃ - Max: 22℃
Margaret River

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