Fun surf continues

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Craig Brokensha (Craig)

Western Australia Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Wednesday March 31st)

Best Days: Thursday morning, Saturday afternoon in the South West, Sunday morning

Features of the Forecast (tl;dr)

  • Easing mid-period W/SW swell tomorrow with favourable winds, smaller Friday and deteriorating, strengthening S/SE winds
  • Mid-period S/SW swell building Sat, easing Sun (peaking Sun AM in Perth and Mandurah) with generally favourable winds (not so much in the South West Saturday with strong SE breezes, tending variable)
  • Strong, new S/SW groundswell on the cards for next weekend


The first pulse of W/SW swell filled in nicely yesterday with light winds and clean 4-6ft sets across the South West in the morning (holding today) 2ft across Mandurah and bigger into the afternoon with 2-3ft sets this morning but with some slight bump. Perth was a clean 1-2ft yesterday, similar again today with light winds.

This week and next (Apr 1 - 9)

The surf should hold a similar size into tomorrow morning as the final pulse of mid-period W/SW swell fills in overnight, keeping 4-6ft surf hitting the South West, 2-3ft in Mandurah and 1-2ft across Perth, easing through the day and smaller Friday.

Conditions should be nice and clean across all spots with an E'ly offshore in the South West, tending E/NE and then with weak sea breezes, with S/SE-SE morning winds in Perth and Mandurah.

A trough will move in Friday bringing strengthening S/SE winds, more variable in Perth with afternoon sea breezes.

Our new, mid-period S/SW swell for the weekend is on track with a broad, though not overly strong polar front due to project up towards us this evening, generating strong W/SW-SW winds. The front will be slow moving, helping to generate some healthy size, with building surf Saturday to 4-5ft+ into the afternoon, easing from a similar size Sunday morning.

Perth and Mandurah probably won't see any size until Sunday with sets to 2ft across Mandurah, 1-1.5ft in Perth with the possible odd 2ft set.

Conditions on Saturday will be windy across the South West, with a strong SE offshore, lighter into the afternoon and E/SE-E/NE tending variable winds further north.

E-E/NE offshores are due Sunday ahead of afternoon sea breeze, so get in through the morning. Come Monday the swell will be on the ease and a trough will bring a W'ly change that'll only be temporary, with offshore winds due back into Tuesday.

Longer term, strengthening but not overly consolidated frontal activity should produce some new swell late week, with a larger S/SW groundswell on the cards for next Saturday. More on this in Friday's update though.