Excellent weekend, best Sunday

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Craig Brokensha (Craig)

Western Australia Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Friday 8th August)

Best Days: Saturday, Sunday, Monday morning, Tuesday, Wednesday morning


Onshore winds hit Margs yesterday with a smallish swell while further north conditions were favourable for most of the day with generally variable winds (stiffer offshore from the NE around Gero).

Today more variable winds have developed across all coasts with 3-5ft waves in the South West, 1-2ft sets in Perth and 3-4ft'ers around Gero.

This weekend and next week (Aug 9 – 15)

There's been no change to the large and powerful SW groundswell due across the state tomorrow with an overnight arrival ahead of a peak around midday/afternoon expected in the South West, late afternoon in Perth and Gero. Margs should see 10-12ft+ waves across most exposed breaks with bigger surf at offshore reefs, while Perth should peak to 3-4ft, while Gero is expected to see 6-8ft+ sets at exposed spots.

Winds are looking good through the morning but less so into the afternoon with offshore E/SE breezes that will likely swing S/SE after lunch.

Sunday however looks excellent with a dropping swell from 8-10ft, 3ft and 6ft+ respectively under fresh but easing E'ly winds. Therefore there's no excuse not to score some decent waves across the state this weekend, (within your ability).

The start of next week is looking fun as the swell continues to drop and we see some medium sized + SW groundswell filling in later Tuesday and peaking Wednesday.

This swell should top Margs back up to 4-6ft with 2ft sets in Perth and 3-4ft waves around Gero. E'ly tending S/SE winds are due on Monday but Tuesday looks great with E/NE tending variable winds, and Wednesday should see early E/NE winds across all coasts before swinging light onshore into the afternoon.

Longer term there's nothing too major on the cards with a drop in swell due into Thursday, steadying Friday as winds persist from the northern quadrant. Into next weekend a long-range and moderate sized westerly swell is due with variable winds.