Workable weekend for the keen

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Craig Brokensha (Craig)

South Australian Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Friday November 17th)

Best Days: This morning South Coast, tomorrow morning South Coast, Sunday morning South Coast for the keen and experienced

Features of the Forecast (tl;dr)

  • Smaller, easing surf tomorrow with moderate E/NE tending fresh SE-S/SE winds 
  • Large S/SW groundswell filling in Sun (possibly undersized at dawn) with moderate S/SE winds, strengthening
  • Easing swell Mon with gusty S/SE winds
  • Strong S/SE winds Tue with a building S/SE windswell, holding Wed with similar winds


The surf was average down South yesterday thanks to a fresh onshore breeze though with plenty of swell, not too bad this morning with a shift to east winds and lumpy 3ft+ of swell that's better in some spots than others.

The Mid Coast has been tiny to flat.

Size and conditions worth getting amongst

This weekend and next week (Nov 18 - 24)

Looking at the weekend and winds look a little better than forecast on Wednesday, with an E/NE breeze due tomorrow morning along with 2-3ft of S/SW swell across Middleton, flat on the Mid Coast. Sea breezes will kick in later morning so surf before then.

Moving into Sunday and our large, powerful S/SW groundswell from a 'bombing' low that's currently south of the country is on track.

The low dropped over 24hPa within 24 hours, and as a result we're seeing a great fetch of storm-force W/SW winds being generated, moving slowly east through our southern swell window.

The swell is due to arrive around dawn Sunday, building rapidly through the day and peaking to 6ft+ across Middleton with 6-8ft sets on deepwater reefs, while the Mid Coast remains tiny to flat owing to the southerly swell direction.

Unfortunately winds still look average for this swell, moderate out of the S/SE, strengthening into the afternoon. The keen and experienced will find bumpy options in the morning but don't expect too much.

The outlook for next week hasn't really changed with a strong, slow moving high due to push very slightly east as weak fronts continue to push up along its south-eastern flank. This will bring strengthening S/SE winds on Monday with easing surf from Sunday, smaller Tuesday and Wednesday as winds become stronger, kicking up a localised, stormy S/SE windswell.

Later in the week winds look to ease off a little but remain from the SE though persisting next weekend. Therefore with the current forecast make the most of this morning's and tomorrow's surf. Have a great weekend!