Limited windows of good conditions

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Craig Brokensha (Craig)

South Australian Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Wednesday 23rd November)

Best Days: Keen surfers Thursday morning South Coast, similar Saturday morning, Sunday through Wednesday mornings South Coast


A fun W/SW swell with generally clean conditions yesterday, coming in at 1-2ft all day on the Mid. The South Coast was poor and sloppy.

Today conditions weren't as clean on the Mid with a S'ly breeze and the swell as shifted more SW while easing back to 1-1.5ft. The South Coast is still a write-off.

This week and weekend (Nov 24 – 27)

The outlook into the end of the week isn't that flash at all.

The Mid Coast will become tiny through tomorrow and flat Friday with morning offshores.

A lighter and more variable breeze (likely from the south) should be seen on the South Coast tomorrow, with small easing 2ft sets at Middleton and 3ft+ waves at Waits and Parsons for keen surfers.

Friday will then be poor with tiny surf with S'ly winds.

Our moderate sized S/SW groundswell for the weekend is still on track, with a polar low forecast to project towards Victoria in the form of a relatively weak front, piggy-backed shortly after by another front.

We should see two pulses of S/SW groundswell from this progression, the first for Saturday morning and secondary stronger increase through the afternoon, easing Sunday.

Middleton should build from 2-3ft through the morning to 3-4ft into the late afternoon, easing quickly from a similar size Sunday morning. The Mid Coast won't see any size due to the swell being too south in nature.

Winds on Saturday morning look OK with a light variable E/SE breeze before S/SE'lys kick in, while Sunday morning should be better with a light E/NE-NE offshore.

Next week onwards (Nov 28 onwards)

The swell should continue to ease through Monday from 2-3ft across Middleton with a light NE offshore wind ahead of afternoon sea breezes.

Longer term there's nothing significant on the cards and morning NE winds will favour Goolwa and Waits Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.