Good week across the South Coast

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Craig Brokensha (Craig)

South Australian Forecast (issued Friday 27th March)

Best Days: Tuesday down South and on the Mid for tiny peelers, Wednesday down South, Friday down South, Saturday morning in protected spots down South


Excellent weekend of waves across the South Coast with a moderate sized swell and offshores Saturday, becoming smaller and more manageable but clean again Sunday morning.

The Mid was tiny and clean Saturday, becoming even smaller into Sunday.

Today a new SW groundswell has filled in with good surf again across the South Coast to 3-4ft at Middleton with bigger sets out at Waits, while the Mid is around 1-1.5ft with the odd bigger 2ft bomb pushing through at swell magnets. Early offshores are now giving into sea breezes, creating bumpy conditions into this afternoon as the swell eases back a touch.

This week (Mar 31 – Apr 3)

This morning's pulse in SW groundswell will be followed up by a secondary pulse tomorrow, but the size has been downgraded a touch, with the secondary frontal system generating it not coming in as strong as forecast on Friday.

Still we should see Middleton persisting around 3-4ft tomorrow with 4-6ft sets at Waits and Parsons while the Mid is due to hang around 1-1.5ft.

The swell should ease into the afternoon/evening and further Wednesday from 1ft on the Mid and 3ft at Middleton with 3-5ft sets at Waits and Parsons.

Winds will be great for both coasts tomorrow with a NE'ly tending N/NE breeze (E/NE on the Mid) ahead of more variable winds into the afternoon.

Wednesday will then be best down South with a moderate to fresh N'ly tending N/NW breeze, tending lighter and more variable from the W/NW into the afternoon before a late onshore change moves through.

Thursday will be poor as a surface trough pushing in overnight Wednesday due to kick up a weak SE windswell down South Thursday with fresh to strong SE winds.

Friday will be better as winds swing back to the N/NE, as the SE windswell eases from 3ft across most locations with peaky fun waves across the exposed beaches.

This weekend onwards (Apr 4 onwards)

Saturday will be the best day to surf over the weekend as a new inconsistent S/SW groundswell fills in under morning W/NW winds. This swell will be produced by a poleward tracking but broad and strong frontal system firing up south-west of WA.

The swell will be inconsistent but should build to 3ft across Middleton with 4ft sets at Waits and Parsons by midday/early afternoon. The Mid will miss out on any size.

Come Sunday a weak onshore change is due with an easing swell leaving no decent options for a surf.

There's nothing too major for next week as a series of blocking highs across the south of the country restrict the westerly storm track to the Polar Shelf resulting in small to moderate and inconsistent amounts of swell. We're likely to see solid levels of short-range S/SW swell from the middle of next week onwards though, but more on this Wednesday.