South Coast tomorrow, Mid Friday and then South all weekend

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Craig Brokensha (Craig)

South Australian Forecast (issued Wednesday 17th December)

Best Days: Thursday morning in protected spots down South, Friday morning on the Mid, Saturday morning down South, Sunday morning down South


Workable conditions yesterday morning in protected spots down South with a new swell and strengthening W'ly winds before a really strong SW change moved through. The Mid Coast built to a stormy 2ft+ but conditions were poor all day.

Today was much better across both coasts as winds swung locally offshore with a clean glassy 1-2ft wave on the Mid and 3ft+ surf across the Middleton stretch and bigger sets out at Waits and Parsons. Winds have since shifted onshore down South creating average conditions.

This week and weekend (Dec 18 - 21)

We've got another good pulse of W/SW and SW groundswell on the cards for tomorrow afternoon and Friday from a front that's currently pushing towards us from the Bight.

Before this front hits tomorrow afternoon though, wave heights will drop slightly from today under fresh to strong W/NW winds down South favouring protected locations. Into the afternoon though a W/SW change is due and these onshore winds will also whip up 2ft or so of windswell across the Mid.

The front will pass off to the east during Friday leaving lingering moderate to fresh onshore S/SW winds down South but the swell will be solid with 3-4ft waves at Middleton and 4-5ft sets at Waits and Parsons. The Mid Coast should be easing from 2ft and under favourable S/SE winds creating clean conditions.

Into the weekend we'll see the swell drop away steadily as winds improve for the South Coast. The Mid will fade from a tiny 1ft+ or so and become near flat Sunday.

Middleton should ease from the peaky 2-3ft range Saturday morning with 3-4ft sets at Waits and Parsons under a morning E/NE breeze, while Sunday morning should see better N/NE winds but with a small swell to 2ft at Middleton and 2-3ft at Waits and Parsons. Stiff afternoon sea breezes are due each day, so get out during the morning for the best of it.

Next Monday onwards (December 22 onwards)

As touched on in Monday's update, next week isn't looking too good for surf with a strong blocking high stalling to our west, directing strong and persistent S/SE winds into the South Coast all week. This will kick up plenty of windswell but create poor conditions. There won't be any decent swell for the Mid either, so make the most of the coming period!