Flukey south swell

Eastern Tasmania Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Friday 8th November)

Best Days: No great days, try south swell magnets Thursday morning


A fun pulse of S'ly swell on Saturday coming in on forecast and to 2-3ft, holding 2ft+ yesterday but on the ease, tiny today.

This week and weekend (Nov 12 - 17)

A strong low formed west-southwest of the state last night, but the fetch around its centre is too west to generate any swell for us over the next two days.

The low is forecast to move slowly east over the coming days, with a broad but off axis fetch of weakening strong SW winds aimed through our southern swell window tomorrow evening.

This may generate a small pulse of S'ly swell for Thursday morning, but the direction is very south and we're only likely to see sets to 2ft at south magnets.

Following this the storm track will be too zonal to generate any meaningful swell for our coasts, so try and make the most of Thursday morning's flukey S'ly swell.

Locally winds look favourable for the magnets with a persistent NW offshore.

Longer term we may see a small S'ly swell early next week. More on this Wednesday.