A slightly better weekend outlook


COVID-19 is changing the way we think about surfing. Travelling to the surf now means you're putting an unnecessary strain on the resources of small regional communities. So, please stay home. If you live near the beach and want to surf, please maintain a healthy spacing in the lineup, don't hang in the carpark, and keep your surf sessions shorter to allow others the opportunity to get wet. Above all, stay happy, healthy and look out for one another.

Eastern Tasmania Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Wednesday 6th November)

Best Days: Saturday south swell magnets


Nothing to surf yesterday or today.

This week and weekend (Nov 6 - 10)

There's nothing significant on the cards for the rest of the week, but come the weekend we should see some fun S'ly swell pushing into the south magnets.

The first and likely best pulse is due on Saturday, produced by a polar fetch of strong S'ly winds projecting up from the polar shelf tomorrow, weakening Friday while swinging a little more S/SW.

This should produce a fun S'ly swell for Saturday coming in at 2ft+ across the south swell magnets. A morning W/NW offshore should create clean conditions with possible sea breezes into the afternoon.

This swell will fade Sunday and be replaced by a weak and off angle S/SW swell from a weak front pushing up past us.

I'm expecting less size maybe to 1-2ft on the south swell magnets and with varying NW tending SW and then E/SE winds. This swell is then due to ease Monday with a W tending NW breeze.

Longer term the outlook is a little tricky revolving around a mid-latitude trough/low moving in from the west, but more on this Friday.