Small from the south and better from the north


COVID-19 is changing the way we think about surfing. Travelling to the surf now means you're putting an unnecessary strain on the resources of small regional communities. So, please stay home. If you live near the beach and want to surf, please maintain a healthy spacing in the lineup, don't hang in the carpark, and keep your surf sessions shorter to allow others the opportunity to get wet. Above all, stay happy, healthy and look out for one another.

Eastern Tasmania Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Monday 28th October)

Best Days: South magnets tomorrow, Saturday


Nothing of note over the weekend, but a fun pulse of S'ly swell should of filled in across the coast today.

This week and weekend (Oct 29 – Nov 3)

It's good to be back, and looking at the coming period it looks like today's S'ly swell should be reinforced by a secondary pulse tomorrow before fading into Wednesday.

The source of this secondary swell was a polar fetch of off axis gale-force SW winds in our southern swell window, with south magnets expected to persist at 2ft to possibly 3ft tomorrow, easing from 1-2ft Wednesday morning.

Winds will be great tomorrow and N/NW tending NW through the day, poor Wednesday in the wake of a trough and with S/SE tending E and NE winds.

Following this our attention turns to the weekend and a good pulse of N/NE windswell.

A strong high sitting in the Tasman Sea will be squeezed by mid-latitude fronts pushing in from the Bight, though weakening on approach across our state.

This will see a great fetch of strong to near gale-force N/NE winds generated from the southern NSW coast down to us Friday afternoon and evening, pushing away through Saturday.

This should kick up a good pulse of N/NE swell for Saturday, coming in at 3ft with N/NW-NW winds as one of the fronts pushes across us.

Sunday will be clean again with with small, easing 1-2ft sets, fading through the day.

Onwards from this there's nothing too major on the cards, but we'll have another look Wednesday.