Steve Arklay
Wave of the Day: Open ocean blowout
Ben Matson
Wave of the Day: East Coast deception

Watch: Surfing Honolua Bay - January 1, 2021

Craig Brokensha

Raw footage from a windy, though clean Honolua Bay swell a few days ago. Featuring regular surfers, it's a great perspective of one of Hawaii's funnest waves.

Tim Bonython / The Big Wave Project
Wave of the Day: Crystalline
David Thiem
Wave of the Day: Aquatic dreams

Watch: Best of Gold Coast 2020 Part Two

Craig Brokensha

Part Two of Craig Halstead's best of the Gold Coast mixes it up from Part One, featuring punchy D'bah bowls, 'that bank' from Snapper through Little Marley and lots of great action.

David Field
Wave of the Day: Stare into the beast