Jules Hatton-Ward
Wave of the Day: Riley Dixon slipping beneath a Cronulla lip
Chris Peel
Wave of the Day: Marti Paradisis working the angles
Swellnet Dispatch

Old guys ruling

Stu Nettle

With a combined age nearing 100, Peter Mel and Twiggy Baker this month raised the big wave bar, yet it may not be in spite of their age but because of it.

Andrew Shield
Wave of the Day: Nathan Cook rips the scalp off clean D'bah
Talking Heads

Corey Graham // Corey Graham Shapes

Alex Mitcheson

"An idea should never be left rattling around in your head. If you can do something you have envisioned, then you have an obligation to give it a go."

Romy Becker-Roache
Wave of the Day: Backlit glide on the Mid North Coast
Andrew Shield
Wave of the Day: When Oz puts on its best Indo dress