Swellnet Board Sell/Swap Wrap

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Craig Brokensha (Craig)
Swellnet Dispatch

Saturday was another huge success with the 4th Swellnet Board Sell/Swap held on the grass at the southern end of Freshwater beach.

Raising money for Lifeline Northern Beaches and the upcoming Lifeline Classic surf event, a total of $1,450 was raised, not including raffle tickets and other donations that were received during the morning.

With around 100 boards for sale and a good break in the weather and wind, the vibe was again great with the community getting together to catch up while also scoring a bargain. The lack of surf also helped the cause.

Freshwater Longboarders also raised an additional $830 through sales which will go towards their team for this Saturday's Lifeline Classic at Queenscliff. Also thanks to Marty at The Pocket Cafe, Freshwater for the food and coffee vouchers.

The Swellnet team is just shy of $3,500 which is a huge effort and a big thank you goes out to all that have donated and took part on the day Saturday.

Even if the surf gods aren't smiling for the competition, come on down, say hi, and be part of a great community event, barracking for the Swellnet team.

If you'd still like to donate or buy raffle tickets click here: Donate // Raffle Tickets


thermalben's picture
thermalben's picture
thermalben Wednesday, 17 Nov 2021 at 6:36am

Well done everyone.. thanks for your support!

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the-u-turn's picture
the-u-turn Wednesday, 17 Nov 2021 at 6:01pm

Bravo Swellnet. A great initiative and most worthy cause.

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AlfredWallace's picture
AlfredWallace Wednesday, 17 Nov 2021 at 7:11pm

Well done Swellnet and the broader surf community. There’s something grand and warm about seeing surfboards laying together in the open, bit like a spiritual gathering of eras. !!

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Thursday, 18 Nov 2021 at 12:11am

Cheers Ben > Salute #1 swellnet & thanks for caring so much Craig.
the-u-turn + AlfredWallace really gotta way with words...simply perfect!

Weird thing about these swellnet swap meets slips under the radar.
Sure tbb is no longer into Surfboard riding or Surfboards but luv the surf stoke of this.
Reckon these swellnet events transcend Surfing to a healthier higher plane.
Whole crew just know this is the right thing to do & say so! No matter what yer gig!

Looks like Craig's hard work was rewarded with a Top Day had by all.
Sure, all too easy! tbb will stamp yet another ... #1 swellnet Classic !

Luv these photos that capture the essential above said Surf Culture.
Genuine keepsakes they are...precious & few!
Less about the money, size of crowd or even the boards...
It's knowing that the Surf Community still cares enough to make magic happen.

First up! You'd expect a sea of Hodads manhandling the goods!
You know...like a dawn raid > smash & grab > So long! Thanks for all the Fish!

Like Wow Wipeout! swellnet hauls in the Gromz. (Ain't that a turn up!)
Gromz are bamboozled...having to make the most important decision of the long lives.
Could be something special here, that we Hodads can learn from the Gromz!
Looks for certain they could step into a lead role in the future of these Board Swaps.

Check out Da Boyz > The Man in Black is so cooking up a deal..
Dads & Loads of SurfChix chilling / Hot Dogs & Microgromz...it's the real deal alright!
Even the Loner Skateboard wants an Upgrade!

Crew are only too happy to dedicate frontline swellnet a sunny seaside song.
This is such a happy song that is simply perfect for Craig's seaside wellness commune.
The Sunrays - I live For the Sun....Go!

Craig's picture
Craig's picture
Craig Thursday, 18 Nov 2021 at 10:51am

Thanks guys, we're now only $500 off raising $5,000, and if so we get 20 bonus points for the event. So any further donations for a great cause are appreciated! Many thanks.


Craig's picture
Craig's picture
Craig Friday, 19 Nov 2021 at 4:36pm

We got to $5k! Thanks everyone for being so generous! Let's hope a mysto swell pops up tomorrow..

udo's picture
udo's picture
udo Friday, 19 Nov 2021 at 5:49pm

Well done Craig - $5000 is unreal..