Watch: Raw footage from Nazare

Stu Nettle
Swellnet Dispatch

Two days ago Nazare was hit by a big swell. It wasn't huge, only mid-range when put into context, but it'll likely be the last swell of the season.

Now, this video is not from that swell. This video was shot six months ago, way back in November. It was the first swell of the season, and, as it happened, the largest one of the lot.

As it was the first swell a mixed bunch of surfers were waiting in anticipation - a veritable United Nations gathering. Videographer Pedro Miranda let the camera run when this set came through on First Peak. He also provides the backstory:

"First Peak is directly in front of the cliff with the famous lighthouse landmark. It is the most dangerous spot in Nazaré but also the one where the biggest waves break."

"The first wave of the set was caught by Axi Muniain from Basque Country, the second wave was charged by Rafael Tapia from Chile, and the third and biggest wave of the set was ridden by Rodrigo Koxa from Brazil. The fourth wave was not surfed by anyone."

Rodrigo's wave is currently up for nomination in the Biggest Wave categories of the XXL Awards.


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gillos commented Saturday, 21 Apr 2018 at 9:38am

Jeez, listen to that BOOM in the background \0/