Lunchbreak - a short film to devour on your break

Swellnet Dispatch

Lunchbreak is 5 minute short surfing film that combines high performance surfing action with a cheeky twist on a Hawaiian North Shore legend.

A group of male surfers are out surfing, when the local 'Gang' comes and calls 'lunch break' kicking them out of the water. The Gang - a bunch of girls - dominate the break and show them how it's done. Their session doesn't last long though, a group of groms are hot on their tails, determined to teach them a lesson.

Showcasing some of surfing's hottest female talent including Laura Enever (World No. 10), Tyler Wright (World No. 4), Felicity Palmateer (World No. 19), Serena Brooke (Former World No. 2) & Ellie Jean Coffey - this cup of surfing-coffee will slap you out of your work day stupor and get your heart pumping ready for a surf.

Produced & Directed by Clare Plueckhahn & Fran Derham, the creators of the internationally award-winning film First Love - Lunchbreak is a piece of multi-brand magic designed to get chicks out of the house and into the water.

Clare Plueckhahn says "The film reflects what's happening in the surf world at the moment - girls are surfing better than ever and are giving the men a run for their money".

Fran Derham describes how "we wanted to send a message to everyone out there that there's always someone younger and keener ready to crash your party and steel the spotlight - so we decided to to tip the surfing hierarchy on it's head and have a bit of fun. We also are launching the film online making it accessible to audiences all over the world.

Check out Lunchbreak here!

STARRING: Serena Brooke, Ellie-Jean Coffey, Laura Enever, Codie Klein, Felicity Palmateer, Tyler Wright, Kirby Wright, Dru Adler, Cahill Bell Warren, Jason Jameson, Noah Lane, Brent Savage, Ty Watson, Kai Hing & Alyssa Lock