Queensland gets serious about protecting surfing reserves

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Phil Jarratt (Phil Jarratt)

If anyone doubted the seriousness of intent when Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced last month that her government would investigate a legislative framework to protect World Surfing Reserves, (and I plead guilty, Your Honour) that has been laid to rest by the caliber of invitees expected to attend today’s first “Round Table Discussion – Protecting Surfing Reserves” on the Gold Coast.

Of course, the vital Currumbin by-election is only weeks away, with Labor candidate Kaylee Campradt’s chances, described by one Labor source as “like climbing Everest”, firmly pinned to the Premier’s protection initiative, which includes surf breaks literally in her backyard. But, pork-barrelling and cynicism aside, on Tuesday, February 11, Sports Minister Mick de Brenni and Candidate Kaylee at her side, Palaszczuk promised a stakeholders meeting to begin formulating policy in March, and four days in, here it is.

Snapper through to Kirra (WSL)

Although several National Surfing Reserves – notably Bondi - have claimed some sort of legislative protection through various heritage listings and provisions over the years, the Queensland initiative is the first serious attempt to legislate for protection of surf breaks and their surroundings since the Victorian government gazetted the Bells Beach Surfing and Recreation Reserve in 1971.

While there is some irony in the fact that the momentum for this initiative has come from the home turf of Mayor Tom Tate, whose giant marina proposals have echoed the glory years of Queensland’s White Shoe Brigade under Jo Bjelke-Petersen, there can be no denying that Palaszczuk and de Brenni mean business.

In addition to the usual suspects representing stakeholder groups within and near to surfing itself, plus councils for the Gold Coast, Noosa and First Nations, and the two Queensland World Surfing Reserves, no fewer than six State Government departments will be represented by their top mandarins, with Sports Minister de Brenni chairing and Liza Carroll, Director-General of the Department of Housing and Public Works facilitating. That’s some serious fire power.

Noosa Heads (Paul Smith/WSR)

The thrust of this first meeting will be fact-finding, but de Brenni and his staff have already begun looking at other legislative models. The pioneering model of Bells Beach will be presented by Surf Coast CEO Keith Baillie and Councillor David Bell, but perhaps of more relevance will be New Zealand’s more recent Coastal Management Plan and Marine Zone legislation, presented by marine consultant Ed Atkin and environmental scientist Dr Shaw Mead.

As for the Queensland World Surfing Reserves themselves, Gold Coast chair Andrew McKinnon was thinking softly, softly when I spoke to him early week. “Let’s see what’s on offer, and focus first and foremost on the protection of surf breaks.”

Can’t argue with that. Could be exciting times ahead.


NOTE: The author is president of the local stewardship council of Noosa World Surfing reserve.


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brutus's picture
brutus Wednesday, 4 Mar 2020 at 10:33am

Hilarious , David Bell and Keith Bailee from the Surf Coast are under serious investigation for trying to develop Bells , they work against the community and with the WSL....which was proven during the recent campaign to stop the WSL / SCS building a 60 m long 2.60 m high viewing platform at the top of Winkipop....

There is no real protection for Bells , except the local community.....having said that we are deep down the track in getting real legislation to Protect Bells with an overlay of Fed and State protection.......and also an Autonomous Management Board , that will not let people like Baillee and Bell/State Govts to make decisions against the Communitiy's wishes.....

We have 10 pages of SCS's mismanagement issues with a 170 supporting documents , which show we have been fighting our own council to stop development at Bells since 1997!

Bell and Bailee do NOT represent Bells , they are the enemy we have been fighting so good luck with them being there, cannot be trusted!

Hopefully we will have some real progress in the next couple of weeks!

tango's picture
tango's picture
tango Wednesday, 4 Mar 2020 at 11:46am

I'm not across the issues Brutus refers to here re investigations, but I'll second the matter of representation. Surf Coast Shire may be the Committee of Management for Bells under the relevant legislation, but their record of managing the reserve for the primary user group (recreational surfers) is difficult to praise, to be diplomatic. Be interesting to know the backroom dealings which have laid the foundation for the approach they have taken.

The latest raised walkway proposal above Winky Pop was absurd, and the explanation for it nothing short of misleading for the community. The future of it, according to Council, appears to rely on the feedback they receive during the next Rip Curl Pro when they'll build a temporary version of it to specification and then ask the punters what they think. Of course, the risk is that with so many non-surfers attending for a gawk and enjoying the better view, they'll respond to the "survey" and give it support.

It would be great if anyone attending can update us on what our representatives had to say.

Solitude's picture
Solitude's picture
Solitude Wednesday, 4 Mar 2020 at 10:47am

What does protection even mean with respect to already developed spots such as Snapper, Kirra, etc? Does it just assure no marinas, cruise ships etc?

Does it mean stopping clowns zooming around on jetskis?

Is the whole thing just symbolic?

stunet's picture
stunet's picture
stunet Wednesday, 4 Mar 2020 at 11:00am

The definition of that will get sorted out today. I think that however it is defined, specific or vague, it makes it much harder to argue for projects such as the marina or cruise ship terminal.

I'm curious about how the Palmy Artificial Reef falls into the framework.

wax-on-danielson's picture
wax-on-danielson's picture
wax-on-danielson Wednesday, 4 Mar 2020 at 3:13pm

I think in relation to the Goldy if it is good for the surf it's in, if not it's not. Weren't Parko and Rabbit consultants for Tweed sand pumping and if the Cooly banks needed more sand or not?

brutus's picture
brutus's picture
brutus Tuesday, 10 Mar 2020 at 11:47am

Did they get the definition sorted, any news at all from WSR?

brutus's picture
brutus's picture
brutus Wednesday, 4 Mar 2020 at 11:07am

I think that they are just at the start of getting protection , but what will stop multi million $ developments...?
you are right in saying it looks symbolic , which is a good starting point , as everyone puts a value on the beach enviroment!

Halibut's picture
Halibut's picture
Halibut Wednesday, 4 Mar 2020 at 11:32am

It's a bit late for "surf reserves". Reserved for/or from what? Further exploitation?
Surfers and the surf "industry" have been and continue to be key exploiters of all significant surfing locations and their environs. The exponential growth of all aspects of surfing will continue to ensure an equally exponential growth of coastal environmental degradation, legislation or no legislation.

Eugene Green's picture
Eugene Green's picture
Eugene Green Wednesday, 4 Mar 2020 at 8:20pm

Indeed Halibut. Kinda what I was thinking when that surf mag guy appointed himself leader of the “fight” for the bight hoo ha.

tango's picture
tango's picture
tango Wednesday, 4 Mar 2020 at 11:37am

It's difficult not to be cynical with a by-election looming.

I'm very interested in the legislative component of this proposal, and under what piece/s of current legislation the protection will derive its head of power. I can't see them going through the process of creating new laws, though they might amend some aspects of current legislation. Hopefully there won't be a push to amend policy which is far more easily undone by future governments.

It will also be interesting to see what the definition of "protection" is - what physical/env/social/economic attributes of the break are included, the activities/uses it extends to, the degree of compromise for decision making that will be tolerated and the various processes to be put in place for recognition, enforcement and integration with other relevant planning for the coast.

I'm also curious about how highly mobile sand gets protection.

Surfalot67's picture
Surfalot67's picture
Surfalot67 Wednesday, 4 Mar 2020 at 3:14pm

Tom Tate is a crooked arse hat. He would concrete the whole coast if he had a chance with his LNP buddies and pro development councillors. Just remember, as well as voting for a new state member to represent the Southern Goldie, we have to vote on a new councillor for the area, and a new mayor on March 28th. Here's the tip, but do your research!
State Electorate of Currumbin - Kaylee Campradt
Gold Coast Division 14 - Gloria Baker
Gold Coast Mayor - Mona Hecke
These three are the ONLY choices if you seriously want to protect our beautiful natural assets from white shoe pricks and CST's.

Smorto's picture
Smorto's picture
Smorto Wednesday, 4 Mar 2020 at 3:21pm

This is total pork barrelling and Currumbin is one of the most marginal seats in the State so to describe Labor winning the seat as 'climbing Everest' is just more political spin. They are throwing everything they have at it right now because they know they're a good chance of winning the seat.

You can guarantee that if they do decide to introduce legislation for WSRs (because they are just symbolic tourist-related designations right now) just to win a few votes that it will be drafted in such a way that so that any project deemed to be of 'State Significance' could override it (a cruise ship terminal would qualify for that any day of the week).

This coastline is already contained within the Coastal Management District designation of the Coastal Protection and Management Act which already does more to protect it than any token WSR legislation will do.

Sir Abacus Bent's picture
Sir Abacus Bent's picture
Sir Abacus Bent Wednesday, 4 Mar 2020 at 3:50pm

Soul Man, Phil J Conservationist' runs with Campbell Newman and now Tom Tate and Anna of Adani.
Love to talk but, sorry, gotta get back to raising half a million $$$ to fix the dog mess that that Phil and his Noosa 'conservationist' , de-amalgamationist buddies left on our un-conserved beach .

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 4 Mar 2020 at 5:13pm

tbb recently praised swellnet brothers AndyM & Phil for recent Qld WSR breakthrus.
Still stand by that as Phil is openly presenting the case with #1 swellnet here & now!
More than that...Phil is also progressing the involvement as it happens...Stoked!
Whole swellnet crew, again here, always step up on WSR issues...good to see!
More than happy so far...

All here know of WSR issues but tbb sits on the outer of some considered norms.
Now that's where we can share some insight of 2 way equal partner regulation .
Ok! So tbb messed that up...should read ..."Qld Govt Strategic Partners"

What if we apply strong equal all party regulation to WSR
Won't community expect Govt to apply regulation equally to all without exception.
tbb thinks surfers may lose as much as they gain...
Surfers are given stacks of rope and often fly over most of society...(Wings Clipped?)

Rule #1 Hazardous Surf / Pathogen / Rescue Warning: Closes WSR equally to All.
Dredging (NSW?) +Qld (Whales,Turtles,Up creek override - Comps,Boating,Property)
Dredging & Shaping of contest Arenas is so corrupt & must be addressed better.
SEQ WSR Desal intake ( Ban all WSR / Jet Ski Fuel dumps including WSL Comps)
No Fly Zones ( Border to Talle Ck) + PB reef. (WSL have only WSR Drone licence?)
Effectively WSL now own all Aerial Footage of our GC WSR. (Revoke that Please!)

Events : Does event noise / Ads override WSR (Gigs,Aussies,Cooly Gold,Operas)
Beach Bars..Surfing OZ push beer at Rainbow + Bhds + Noosa & it's gotta stop.
WSL / SA Grog Ads on Beaches & Ocean Buoys during Grom Events & Audience.
WSL leasing out Public Beaches for top dollar is plain Corrupt.
WSL structures restrict Habitat & access...can we regulate against event real estate.
Can we keep beach / events free for all.
Surfing OZ Using WSL to ransom off WSR as a cash cow and/or liability.

Surfie's Dogs in NP & WSR again this has gotta stop...so wrong on every level.
Can we expect equal oceanway access to whole reserve.
Boating Channels / Piers / Reefs may regulate against Board rider access.
Govt may require Regulated Surfers to sign off on Shark Net protection.

To good to be true, be careful what ask for & take yer time trawling thru it!
Should be fine but Surfers have most freedoms to loose, tbb can tell ya!

AndyM's picture
AndyM's picture
AndyM Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 8:59am

Hey TBB, please make no mistake, I’m not Andrew McKinnon.

stunet's picture
stunet's picture
stunet Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 9:02am

Word is out now, hey Macca?

Halibut's picture
Halibut's picture
Halibut Wednesday, 4 Mar 2020 at 6:00pm

Crescent Head was made a "surfing reserve" to much fanfare. It also functions as a golf course, a holiday/van park and the site of a surf lifesaving club. Which is the reserve part? What's left to reserve? The boulders on the low tide mark?

Troppo's picture
Troppo's picture
Troppo Wednesday, 4 Mar 2020 at 9:52pm

All I know is if it helps keep the Jet Skis out on big swells, its a good thing!!!

qwocka5's picture
qwocka5's picture
qwocka5 Saturday, 7 Mar 2020 at 4:11pm

amen to that

seahunt's picture
seahunt's picture
seahunt Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 8:09am

It all a little too late, Like 40 years too late..the Gold Coast and Noosa are fucked already

Blowin's picture
Blowin's picture
Blowin Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 8:37am

boogiefever's picture
boogiefever's picture
boogiefever Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 9:42pm

The prize pig!!!! Winner,Most relevant post.... in this whole pissing contest that is the WSR/govt marketing ploy for the white shoe brigade.

Phil Jarratt's picture
Phil Jarratt's picture
Phil Jarratt Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 9:44am

That's one hot piggie, BI! Whatever your point is, it works for me. I can see my old mate Goodvibes grabbing a wad of Kleenex and heading for a quiet corner even as we speak. Oh, wait...the shelves are empty.
Please keep the insightful visual comments coming.

brutus's picture
brutus's picture
brutus Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 9:56am

Any reports on how the meeting went yesterday , we are really interested here at Bells , to hear what our SCS Reps of Bailee and Bell said at the meeting and also wondering if Andrew Stark was there....????

ringmaster's picture
ringmaster's picture
ringmaster Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 1:20pm

Hey Brutus. If ya want to gain some sort of credibility on a PUBLIC forum at least be able to spell the SCS C.E.O's name right. It's BAILLIE.....not the variations you've come up with.

Makes it look like you don't do your research very thoroughly regardless of how passionate you are.

brutus's picture
brutus's picture
brutus Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 6:35pm

damn you are right Mrs Baillie , if it's not spelt right , can't be credible !

ringmaster's picture
ringmaster's picture
ringmaster Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 6:59pm

Mate.......I believe in what you stand for.

Just some harmless nit picking.

Blowin's picture
Blowin's picture
Blowin Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 10:19am

You liking the graphics ?

I’m expanding my artistic repitwa*

*Apologies to Stab comments.

Blowin's picture
Blowin's picture
Blowin Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 2:08pm

You got me running for the Goodvibes archives.

Epic stuff. I really liked so much of what you did at Tracks . Cheers.

PS I Don’t really have an opinion either way with the surf reserve. Sorry I can’t summon up more conflict over the issue.

Bill Scholer's picture
Bill Scholer's picture
Bill Scholer Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 9:52am

Thanks to Andy Mac, who has almost single-handedly created the southern Gold Coasts WSR status, we have some thin-walled, moral protection from the ravages of hungry developers and our untrustworthy councillors. The devious Gold Coast mayor, Tom Take, is the real danger to our oceanfront environment. He and his fellow developer/councillors including his snivelling urban planning chief, Cameron Caldwell, hold no love for the Gold Coast marine environment or respect for the surfing/beach community. What these creeps have done to the Goldie is possibly criminal, certainly in the eyes of beach-side residents who are facing totally unnecessary light rail intrusion thru the southern Goldie suburbs and unbridled high-rise development along the beachfront and both sides of the southern section of Gold Coast Highway.
Thanks mostly to Tom Tate, southern Gold Coast beach users now face a genuine car parking dilemna when wishing to use their beaches.
In my opinion, the best thing we can do the support the protection of our WSR foreshores is to NOT vote for Tate and his supporting councillors in this forthcoming council election.
Currumbin electorate aspirants include Kylee C. (ALP) and Laura G. (LNP). Let's hope that the winner has some conscience toward our beaches and our local surfing community.

stunet's picture
stunet's picture
stunet Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 10:16am

Few people really missing the point here, deliberately or otherwise.

Can't help but think the prevailing "it's already fucked anyway" attitude is some form of narcissism - an old guy's way of saying it was better back in my day.

Raincheck: It ain't all about you.

Recently there was a proposal to build a marina at Bilinga, Tom Tate was talkin' big and local surfers were rightly worried. Should local surfers accept developments such as that and whatever else gets dreamt up just because you think the GC is ugly or overdeveloped or what have you.

People still surf there every day and love the coast and the waves, even if other crew don't.

Maybe take your 'Old Guys Rule' shirt and regale the lads in the front bar with stories of how good you were back then and how fucked everything is now.

Way to spend your golden years...

Sir Abacus Bent's picture
Sir Abacus Bent's picture
Sir Abacus Bent Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 1:12pm

"People still surf there every day and love the coast and the waves, even if other crew don't."
Yes, and bless the young and their enthusiasm for their time in the sun despite the shit we have left them .
But what has Noosa WSR got to do with that?
Noosa Council and tourism including Jarratt are actively seeking ways to limit 'drive ins' that is young and old surfers from anywhere south of 'the sun shines out our backsides'.
The WSR is part of the push to limit drive ins and encourage fly-in up market tourism. That is a declared goal of The Noosa council!
Despite what Phil says this is ALL about tourism and nothing else. Funny he didn't mention the limiting access to Noosa thing .
To call it disingenuous would be to put it gently The idea that this is for 'surfing' is a nonsense.
Meanwhile the council push to limit access to Noosa continues behind closed doors.
One thing the people of Coolum and Yaroomba have learned the hard way; never trust the Noosa Mob .

boogiefever's picture
boogiefever's picture
boogiefever Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 9:46pm

Word. You should run for council.... You sir, have got my vote.

Halibut's picture
Halibut's picture
Halibut Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 11:40am

I agree with you stunet. There is nothing wrong with trying to protect something you really believe in. If you have the time and energy to invest in getting someplace recognised by somebody else as a surf reserve, then fair play to you.
My experience with the concept of "surf reserve" is that the term, once granted, then becomes used as a tool to promote even further promotion for some place which is already heavily overpromoted.

Phil Jarratt's picture
Phil Jarratt's picture
Phil Jarratt Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 12:15pm

The promotion/marketing angle gets thrown out there often, particularly when you're trying to get an entire community on side by being inclusive of all sectors, including tourism. The point is that neither the Southern Gold Coast nor Noosa would have even been considered as World Surfing Reserves if they weren't already world-renowned surf breaks. The cat got out of the bag a long time ago. In fact when the Bells Reserve idea started to get some traction 50 years ago, it was taken seriously precisely because it had achieved world fame as the venue for the 1970 world titles, and while Brutus is clearly not happy about the way the Surf Coast Council has handled its management, its very existence has been critically important in the conservation campaigns of warriors like himself and many of the Torquay crew over the years.

brutus's picture
brutus's picture
brutus Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 1:11pm

yeah not happy with SCS 's management as they have been trying to develop Bells for years .
At present SCS do not consider Bells a Surfing Reserve ,as it's legal standing is recreational Reserve , just like a sports Reserve that has a footy/cricket ground.
We are currently fighting SCS's proposal for a $300K, 60m long , 2.60 high viewing platform , that will be built as per the WSL's request ,on a pathway that has been there for 45 years and still in Great condition...so the WSL might use it during Easter....no respect or understanding that every fight we have is against the same people that were invited to yesterdays meeting....politics to the max , monet being spent , feel good motherhood statements...wait until you really have to get in the trenches , when more people want to visit your new famous spot , and then......wow more $'s from tourism .....and then .....

Blowin's picture
Blowin's picture
Blowin Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 8:13pm


Are there plans to protest directly to the WSL when they come at Easter - if they come at Easter ?

Get everyone to enter the spectator area with hidden protest gear and then when the WSL circle jerk takes off just dominate and overrun the entire thing with your protest. Make sure that no camera angle is possible without involving the protest.

Overwhelm the commentators with a bullhorn , flood every live comments board - here , beachgrit , WSL , wherever with protest rhetoric.

Make it so there’s no doubt the corporate WSL is trying to run roughshod over the locals and at the local’s expense. This reality contradicts every bit of pseudo -soul and confected respect the WSL claim to have for surfers and their environments.

The WSL ceases to exist without the social licence that locals at the competition locations have the power to revoke. Fuck them ....beat them at their own game.

Give that bleached toothed , dandified Oprah-handbag a little lesson in the “ Story Telling “ he loves so much.

Eugene Green's picture
Eugene Green's picture
Eugene Green Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 7:48pm

And end up on the other side of the velvet rope? Out with the plebs, stripped of your VIP pass.

freeride76's picture
freeride76's picture
freeride76 Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 12:47pm

the question: What sort of protection, and what is to be protected is legitimate.

In Noosa's case, the surf breaks are part of a National Park, so what extra protections would be sought?

Could over-development on land or beach nourishment programs be part of it?

What specifically is to be protected Phil?

The question of over-exploitation is a slightly different one but that too, deserves reflection.

Lennox was made a surfing reserve in Feb 2008. Before the ink was dry on the documents Rip Curl was in secret negotiations with council in an effort to circumvent planning requirements like DA's to hold a full scale CT event there.
It was only because the cat got out of the bag and local surfers raised merry hell that Rip Curl pulled the pin.

Exploitation of public reserves by private interests don't seem to fall under the purview of "protection" in the WSR process.
A blind spot, seeing as this may be the only relevant form of protection left for a lot of places.

downthecoast's picture
downthecoast's picture
downthecoast Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 3:35pm

Ahh yes surfing reserves. Does that also apply to the foreshore adjacent ? Wait until that giant yellow turd of a tram rattles it's way right to the beachfront at Burleigh. I can hear the serenity now of the screeching wheels and hordes of disembarking tourists. Will only be able to look at the beach from the other side of the road cause you ain't gonna be able to cross the road and the tram tracks to actually get there. Then even if you manage to get across, empty your wallet to afford the paid parking. (which was only ever to be a trial until the Comm games ended) The local councillor is a disgrace and completely dismissive of ANY critisism cause she's so far up Tommy's backside you don't know where he starts and she ends. So if we're really to get serious about surfing reserves get rid of grubby councillors, and state govs and get it protected by federal law including equal and equitable access to those areas.

oceans11's picture
oceans11's picture
oceans11 Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 4:09pm

As a resident of Noosa, with no vested interests, including political or business, my agenda revolves around simply enjoying the beaches, oceans and coastal areas on a daily basis.
Noosa Council's agenda to keep a cap on population growth is a gutsy policy to pursue,which most residents approve. The Council achieves this by not rezoning large parcels of residential sub dividable land, unlike Sunshine Coast Council that has allowed the huge Caloundra South residential development, I believe about 2000 lots, (on flood prone land).They also have Perigean Springs and Perigean Breeze which combined have many hundreds of allotments.
Next in line will be the Slater pool and 1500 lots also on flood prone land !!!!!!!
Noosa, although busy during holidays and special events, is small enough to drive away from in 5-10 minutes. Hastings St and National park, especially when a swell is hitting the points, is really busy because it has one way in and that also is the only way out.
I think Noosa Council is trying to control tourists visitor numbers so it is not loved to death (like so many other beautiful places around the world) and destroyed.
Without more and more resorts/accomodation this effectively limits the amount of tourist that can stay locally. Maroochydore is a nightmare to drive through as SCC pursue more of everything and growth which is a trap most similar destinations fall for.
I hope Noosa continues with their minimal growth policy to maintain a liveable smallish town.
Selfish, yes, but who doesn't want their special place to be protected.

Sir Abacus Bent's picture
Sir Abacus Bent's picture
Sir Abacus Bent Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 6:44pm

Sorry, dude, no bananas for you.,
The trade off for saving Noosa was opening up the rest of the SC to open slather development.
In a dirty deal with Campbell Newman ( Campbell don't surf) , your Free Noosa buddies, including the Wellington and Jarratt, endorsed an unfettered development candidate in Brett Winkler to send his preference to Mark Jamison in 2012 just before you ran out the door. .
How else do you explain Noosa's 60% for Jamieson after preferences. Jamison, the very man you accuse of gross overdevelopment, a man Noosa would tar and feather if tried his crap up there .
Yes, we too wanted our special place protected. Noosa took that option away from us to save itself . It doesn't get much uglier than that.

oceans11's picture
oceans11's picture
oceans11 Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 8:46pm

Maroochydore's attitude to ugly and out of control development all started at least 30 years ago, including Coolum with the approval and construction of 2 high rise buildings, something that does not sit well with the locals.
Mark Jamieson is perfect for SCC, and de-amalgamation only happened 5 or so years ago. SCC and Noosa are worlds apart.

Sir Abacus Bent's picture
Sir Abacus Bent's picture
Sir Abacus Bent Friday, 6 Mar 2020 at 8:32am

1. Yes under the corrupt Lib Nat Joh regime that happened.
2. The #1 election issue in Noosa 2012 was de-amalgamation. You can google that. It is common knowledge
3. Noosa voted for Jamieson via the dummy candidate, Winkler, a super pro development candidate who preferenced Jamieson ahead of candidates who far more represented the Noosa ethos. They did so on the endorsement of the Free Noosa, Noosa Parks and other scoundrels. Now why would they do that? Yup a sleazy deal with the LNP the same folks who illegally built the Coolum highrises. Here is but one eg, of the truth , amigo.
http://results.ecq.qld.gov.au/elections/local/LG2012/SunshineCoastRegion... Feel free to refute the votes
5. Is that Jarratt crawling further under his LNP couch. Yup, he knows and he is wisely keepin' low .
5 Yes Noosa's brand of 'me first and stuff my neighbours' conservationism is a world away from ethical.

Blowin's picture
Blowin's picture
Blowin Friday, 6 Mar 2020 at 8:43am

There does appear to be a history of ripping the heart out of something to sell at market as sweetbreads.

All with a look of ingenious puzzlement on the face when called out for it.

Phil Jarratt's picture
Phil Jarratt's picture
Phil Jarratt Friday, 6 Mar 2020 at 11:02am

Don't know where you pull your conspiracy theories from, Sir AbFab, but the only place I'm hiding right now is a remote coast of NZ, looking for waves and crays. For the record, never voted LNP in my life, not a member of any political party, do support independents for Noosa mayor (Tony Wellington) and Noosa Council (Tom Wegener). Both surfers, both thinkers and doers.

Blowin's picture
Blowin's picture
Blowin Friday, 6 Mar 2020 at 11:11am

You reckon that remote section of coast has got potential for a comp / marketing / tourism opportunity ?

Shame to see a nice beach not being used to flog a product or further consumerism. At least something to build a brand around .

Sir Abacus Bent's picture
Sir Abacus Bent's picture
Sir Abacus Bent Friday, 6 Mar 2020 at 1:20pm

Feel free to blow the 'conspiracy theory' out of the water with something other than contradiction.
You could start by explaining why Free Noosa activist groups endorsed Winkler a super pro development candidate. Good luck with that .
And the lobsters.


brutus's picture
brutus's picture
brutus Monday, 9 Mar 2020 at 1:16pm

Do you have a vested commercial interest at Noosa?

oceans11's picture
oceans11's picture
oceans11 Monday, 9 Mar 2020 at 6:36pm

Hi brutus, None whatsoever, I am a retired beach bum, I swim every day in the ocean (can't surf anymore), am a health fanatic and generally mind my own business (stick to myself).

brutus's picture
brutus's picture
brutus Tuesday, 10 Mar 2020 at 11:53am

sorry Oceans my comment was aimed at Phil....people seem to be saying "Phil makes $'s out of the Noosa festival , so his promoting Noosa , and writing a nice warm and fuzzy article extolling the virtues of the WSR/Govt's etc....makes sense ,the article is just an advetorial !

boogiefever's picture
boogiefever's picture
boogiefever Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 10:01pm

Theres no way you are leaving hastings st in half an hr.... let alone 5mins. Overdevelopment has left its dirty fingerprints all over pompous noosa..... From the moving of noosa rivermouth for development potential, to the canal system and the traffic nightmares throughout the shire. You're shire suffers from development scars as much as others.....perhaps more.
Tone down the smugness....

Aus_Gannet's picture
Aus_Gannet's picture
Aus_Gannet Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 at 8:33pm

Crazy numbers in the water (driven by deadly accurate swell forecasts) is the biggest threat to Noosa’s breaks. If Tony Wellington and Phil Jarrett are thinking carefully about this - then you have my full support. Not easy stuff to wrap your head around - but an issue that needs to be laid on the table because it’s bloody important to the average punter.

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Friday, 6 Mar 2020 at 10:22am

tbb pre thanked crew for contributions...not disappointed at all...each a winner.
In return tbb wishes to share 50 years living in Qld's most protected Surf Reserve.
Goldie Burleigh Heads surfer since 3 yr/old has seen a lot & rightly should share that.

Firstly! Oz Surf Reserves ain't new...here's a run thru tbb's town...

1825 SEQ All Navigational foreshores are Reserved from Sale (Many still are!)
During this era Fishing, Hunting, Horse Riding Beach Reserves (Until 1950's)
1870's Gold Coast Surf Bathing Reserves (Coast Long) 1864 GC Bodysurfing
1885-1910 Nude Bathing (North to South) was outlawed in Surf Reserves
1910-20's Clubbie Surf Comps in Surf Reserves
1930's Clubbie Surfboard Comps in Surf Reserves
1933 Several GC Aviation Beach Reserves (Overruled Surf Bathing Reserves)
1936 Night Surfing in Tugun Surf Bathing Reserve (Possibly with New Ski-Boards)
1947 Burleigh Head NP protects Point break thru to Surf Bathing Reserve
In every sense BH NP is a NSR running Surf Board Comps (It is all that & more)
1948 Broadbeach surf reserve Night Surf Patrols with infra red goggles/Ski-boards.
1975 National Estate protects tidal Kombumerri Fish Traps expanding NP-Talle creek
1976 ASP HQ >( WSL )
2004 Surfing Qld HQ
2009 Surfing Australia HQ (Cooly)
2016 WSR Snapper to Burleigh Point

That's a lot of protection but still my local suffered greatly & a lot more to come...

1926 Dynamited a Whale on Point Break
1947 Beach Skate Rink, 1953 Beach Baths
1950-70's Beach Radio drove every surfer nuts...(Letters to papers)
1976 Talle Groyne ended the inside Fish Trap wave & started the Sand Pumping caper - thru the centre of Point break.
1977 ASP fenced off The Point for Stubbies (Pay Only Entry)
1990 Annual Sand Pumps from inside out to choke out Shorie & smother the life outta rock break critters & closeout the Point until cyclone season frees it.(Repeat same GCCC Auto timed Wave destruction cycle forever & ever.) Dredging speeds tides & takes Creek Chix on Unicorns out to sea in seconds + Crumples tinnies on Lefthand Point. Same dredging also constantly erodes upper creek habitat...these dead trees become dangerous debris thru the Summer Storms Point line-Up. This dredging is the biggest impost on our WSR...decreasing signature wave value by 50-70%...Now 30 years of this endless criminal wave destruction...it's gotta stop! But how & by who!

1970's Graffiti Desecration of Jabreen the 2017 Drone shower of white trash ashes dumping over Jabreen, Constant GC Jet Air Fuel bombardment over Jabreen + The Trashed iconic Kombumerri midden landscapes.

Weed infestation, Pandanas Kill off, Erosion, Boulder Falls, Arson, Stalkers, Murders, Smashed Beer Glass (Ouch!), Butts, Bikes, Dogs, the blocking of WSR Rock Pool trail (No more Surfers Backdrop Selfie Postcards) > now Via Beach Bar access only & Pop Up beach Bar Bouncers refusing Main Steps Beach Access to Gromz, Shirtless swimmerz (tbb) & Ambulance wanting to reach patient with injured spine. The metro dine out pigs can now conveniently toss gross shit from Eyesore Beach Pub's tables into their private WSR open Tip. Now those 3 worlds drummers bang yer head in. Even had American & Chinese Learner surfers demand tbb vacate the WSR as I don't belong & it's not safe for me.

Timeshare Trolley moats off locals from Private Beach Highrise enclaves...Tram ends Mermaid to The Point free run Surf Safari is forbidden + Tram Locks out locals to 4 key beach access points one to Hinterland (Including safe swim Miami SLSC < > N Burleigh Lookouts ) Beachgoers access is now pushed dangerously afar from Patrols.
Lower H'wy to Burley is barricaded off & to the school also.
Red light to the Point backs up Hwy to block off main beach carparking + only esplanade exit. Making it impossible to leave carspace to join roadblock or for Ambulance to get within 300m to access #1 Busy renowned SEQ basherz top spinal crunch beach.
Main West Routes from [M1] From Reedy CK (6kms-18 lights) From Robina > Barricaded.

Seniors will also lose free Bus service to convalesce at favourite WSR < > hospital. tbb's WSR bus service is halved & stops get fewer > now 1.2kms further away with last Transit downgrade. With crippling Myositis tbb can't manage 500m without 4 day recovery..can hardly drive! Govts now view Buses as Elite Uber service...too good for Townsfolk! We are now officially dead to them. They even propose more slower Spy trams out to our station to force 2 modes & timetables soon twice as long to get there & back...they do not want us near their WSR. That is the plan here people! Not imagining nothing!

Qld / GCCC Rate/bill payers are deliberately by design refused access to Snobs WSR. Shock Horror! All yer Toll money won't lower that drawbridge to Timeshare Trolley Beach. Every piece of shit who are robbing Burleigh Residents access to their beach must go to Jail.

WSR by night is without a Life Blood Hwy 24 hr servo or o/n trader...Tram stop will be low lit without a safety guard or service point now chix are trapped on traffic isle with no safe escape...Any lone surfer visiting WSR by night will need to take care...tbb lives here & gives warning for reason...Here is the site of viscous gang attacks! Oz day attacks on Police to Obliterating Bus loads of travellers by spearing poles...if lights go down here...keep well clear....seriously! Even tbb has been attacked by Burleigh Gangs with fence posts, would never ever catch The WSR night Tram. End Rail Hubs are crime hot spots & Govt ensure this one is darker and more isolated than any other. Good Luck!

Note: Surfing Qld feed GCCC that WSL are dumping GC for Kelly's Wave Pool
Then stooge GCCC for another WSL Pro Burleigh Comp as a 2nd Qld turnstile.
Who needs enemies! {The enemy is within WSR - WSL / SQ / HQ} Go figure!
Surfers are onto this Qld WSR insider whiteshoe trading ...not blaming our crew.
All here are asking for this WSR corruption to be outed...piss it off! Vic/Qld Wherever!
WSR is not for Sale...Go directly to Jail for grand theft...that's the law.

So that's tbb's WSR it's deserves the title but it don't stop the trashing.
You must keep defending your Reserve...tbb has put in 20 years to defend NP/WSR.
Sent letters to every Council /Govt level...just as here & now!

All here know it's an honour to protect such majesty...please don't ever stop!

PS: Add to this Oz largest & highest level protection WSR
#1 Biggest oldest Surf beach in the world (800,000 yr surf history)
1992 World Heritage Surf Island of Kgari {Fee-$58 rtn hike-Ferry pass}
No swimming in lakes with Sunscreen & Lake paddle craft is frowned upon.
Every bit #1 unchallenged WSR anyway you look at it & always will be!

Halibut's picture
Halibut's picture
Halibut Friday, 6 Mar 2020 at 10:27am

Best broadcast ever TBB! I laughed till my glasses fogged-up.
So let me get this right, are you saying that if we go around treating all of our magnificent surfing coastlines as if they were sacred places then that's what they'll become?
Wait, is'nt that un-Orstralian?

Sir Abacus Bent's picture
Sir Abacus Bent's picture
Sir Abacus Bent Friday, 6 Mar 2020 at 11:49am

Early 1990s - Qld state gov and Maroochy Council declare there will be no strip development in Qld or on the SC as per Calif. The open space environmental and recreational values of the Yaroomba Hyatt golf course and adjacent foreshore were to be protected forever. Locals pay premiums for views and amenity.
But then, 2006 : Councillor of Maroochy North Shore gets free SOO footy tix and 5-star overnight stay from developer then casts deciding vote to remove protections.
Lend Lease buys out resort owners then sells to mates Palmer and Sekisui .
2014-19 Jamieson council overrides town plan despite zero mandate.
Sekisui reaps $ 100 million windfall at the push of a bent pen.
Yaroombans left with $1/2 million in legal costs Jamieson council uses approx $ 1 million of ratepayers money to fight ratepayer and residents.

Noosans hide in shame .

2020 Deluded surfers believe politicians promise of protection in an election year . FMD!

oceans11's picture
oceans11's picture
oceans11 Friday, 6 Mar 2020 at 11:38am

I question your maths suggesting that a figure of 60% Noosa votes influenced an election is incorrect:- (check the battery in your Abacus )
SCC pre de amalgamation population (i.e including Noosa) was 375000 approx. of which 55000 was Noosa's population.
Therefor Noosa represented 15% of the total vote, the balance of voters,85% ( Maroochydore, Caloundra,Coolum and the balance of SCC towns.
Are you suggesting that the balance of SCC 85% could not vote in candidates of their choice?
This is classic wingers tactics to blame someone else, this is the difference between voters knowing what they want (Noosa preserving what is important to them) others like SCC being led by dishonest, pro development and very sus leaders taking voters for a ride. This has been happening since pre 1980's when Gold Coast developers moved into the Sunshine Coast and led some Councils on a merry dance !
During Noosa's de amalgamation plan Coolum, Eumundi and surrounding towns expressed strong interest in joining Noosa and leave the SCC. I wonder why.
Noosa did not want to be part of the Amalgamation process but were forced by the State Govt. Over 80% of Noosa residents voted to de amalgamate.
Yes, Noosa has made mistakes re river mouth etc, but I'm sure all Councils have but there is no point whinging about it and Noosa Council has had some amazing leaders in the past with Noosa's natural assets at the forefront when developing policies.
I live where I choose because it gives me pleasure, Where as you seem quite bitter about the past, at least I hope you love where you live.

Sir Abacus Bent's picture
Sir Abacus Bent's picture
Sir Abacus Bent Friday, 6 Mar 2020 at 12:41pm

With respect, you do not understand the numbers,
60% of Noosa is about 7% of the total SCRC vote. Add in the same preference flow for EDV (poor duped souls) and it becomes substantial. (Its all there on the ECQ website) Shifting 7% or more of the vote to one candidate is huge Most seats in Oz are held by less than 7%.
You also need to explain why Wellington et al endorsed a candidate who was diametrically opposed to the ethos of Noosa. And yours! You see, my friend, this is where we found the rats .

oceans11's picture
oceans11's picture
oceans11 Friday, 6 Mar 2020 at 12:17pm

My point exactly,Maroochydore,Caloundra and other SCC towns voted for Jamieson and his cronies, I don't get your accusations aimed at Noosa Voters. I'm thinking just sour grapes.
love your detailed info, you miss nothing, a pity your research doesn't reach the wider community, the masses need to read and heed this stuff !

oceans11's picture
oceans11's picture
oceans11 Friday, 6 Mar 2020 at 1:28pm

I do understand the numbers and still believe Noosa voters at 7% can't be held responsible for the result, why not blame the other 93%.
Propaganda from those responsible for poor decision making over 40 years is just an attempt to deflect criticism away from their atrocious decision making for all those years
I lived in Maroochydore for nearly a year in 1974, a liveable, friendly place where I surfed , had fun and worked. Soon after the pro development Council took over and the rest is history.

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Friday, 6 Mar 2020 at 3:46pm

Thanx Haliibut it is both a mystery & marathon & the more we share our secrets the better resourced we'll be to ward off constant rabid takeovers by elites

Gotta be Suss with OZ WSR Legislation inhouse Invites bookending Global Pool Party with Whiteshoes as #1 preferred invites.
tbb reckons Brutus served notice with the gathering of WSR Council of Councils.

Need Viccos clarity on Bells to better sound out likewise suss legislation in progress.

Bells World Surfing NP is entirely different to Qld WSR's

(Area 57 Mystery) Q: When did Bells sell out (Private) Comp entry fee & to whom?
tbb can trace $8 cost back to early 2000's but has a feeling it goes back a long way.
Please! If crew could unravel this Bell's mystery, I reckon we got a foothold...
Not knowing this makes surfers look feeble & stupid and uncaring of WSL fees.

Under informed outsiders overview of Bells...
1973 Bells Beach Surfing Recreation Reserve.
Re: Historic contribution > State of Victoria Heritage Register.
By way of Longest running Surf Comp (Specific Surfboard category + Wettie Tech)
Also by Social Value - Chix / Shag Pile Sandman Shaggin Wagons / Chiko Rolls etc
1920-30's (Above) Surf/board Comps were held Oz wide in Surf Reserves.

Local & World Surfers read (Surf Bathing Reserve) minus Heritage Bathing Pavillion.
We all know that the iconic waves were not protected just the Surf Comp leasehold.

2002 Point Addis Marine National Park (Bells Lineup is awarded National Protection)
Momentous "MNP" legislation protects Bells Surf Reefs but not shorebreak-foreshore.

2005 The Great Otway NP (Protects Bells Point/Headland to point line)

2005 Bells Beach WSMNP (re: IUCN Catergory II) Protects functioning Ecosystems.
International Union for Conservation of Nature protects Bell's Reef Lineup.
(Official Title): Bells Beach World Surfing/Marine National Park
(Note: tbb believes it was 2005) Happy to know other!

2011 Great Ocean Road (Bells Beach Shorebreak- foreshore Protection)
Bells Beach Scenic Environs are also protected by State of Victoria.

2014 Map says it all (Note: Bells as "Surf Coast Council Managed" Crown Land)
Basically State Protected 2011 beach is zoned, planned & leased by Council.

Now! That is clearly an over reach by design & opens the door for today's free for all.

2020 Proposed World Heritage Bells Beach/Surf/Marine National Park (Both Parties)

$5m Surf Skate,Ocean Baths,SLSC are #1 Pollies Vehicle. (Feds, State, Councils)
Govt gifts WSL $3m / yr to lock up a WSR + Our Councils as their slaves.
$5m State Surfing packs are now also the Norm...so what's the catch?

2018 State Govt " Distinctive Area " (Adjunct to Traditional Peoples 1987 DELWP)

So what are the pollies playing at...(Everything is Protected!) Why retro 1987 law?

2018 Distinctive Area has supreme planning power across later Environmental Acts.
SPP Premium Strategic Planning Polices rezone WH/WSR/NP for Exclusive Clientele.
Basically Fed Govt upzones NP to Premium WH or WSR status...
State govt invite Whiteshoes to inspect premium reserve "DA" Beachfront property.
Once Whiteshoe selects 'DA' WH Quango deal, the SPP quote a premium bribe!

(Pause)Vic 'DA' is all above board! Nothing Suss...don't need plebs to vote in 2018

Current Consult (Phase 3 ) Even by participating you must comply with 2018 Act.
tbb urges all to read DA FAQ...slowly trawl & filter what each directive implies.
Mindful that full protection & zero (footprint) Development is in place & now Law.

They screw you from both ends...Bells has a tough fight ahead...tbb is doing his best.
Sounds to me like Vic has a signature whiteshoe Qldurr drafting your legislation.

Now back in Qld Oz Govts gather with Vic crew priding their "DA" & SPP.
Slices & Dices any WH /WSR & upzones to Celeb Playground Status
Quite possibly the biggest open faceslap in Oz history. Yep! We're fucked alright!

They even snub noses at WH Hinterland ...just the Premium beach reserves thanks.
So smug & upfront about it...we must reclaim our reserves...starting here & now.

qwocka5's picture
qwocka5's picture
qwocka5 Saturday, 7 Mar 2020 at 4:24pm

Hey Phil,
please correct me if im wrong but isnt the fact that Noosa is a world recognised biosphere an added protection against over development of land on the fringe of noosa and surrounds? my question is - do you think some of these reserves should also seek biosphere status and would it help as another layer of future protection?

Sir Abacus Bent's picture
Sir Abacus Bent's picture
Sir Abacus Bent Sunday, 8 Mar 2020 at 9:35am

Speaking of corrections:
Above Phil Jarratt accuses me of saying that he voted for the LNP.
Here is what I really said
""In a dirty deal with Campbell Newman ( Campbell don't surf) , ... Free Noosa buddies, including the Wellington and Jarratt, endorsed an unfettered development candidate in Brett Winkler to send his preference to Mark Jamison in 2012 just before (Noosa) ran out the door." These are easily verifiable facts, PJ .
What does it say that a journalist chooses to the deny the undeniable and misrepresent the words of others?

brutus's picture
brutus's picture
brutus Sunday, 8 Mar 2020 at 9:54am

Does Phil have a commercial vested interest in Spruiking Noosa....??

So Stu and Phil what was the end result of the meeting ??

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Sunday, 8 Mar 2020 at 1:41pm

Qldurrz thank Brutus for Vic Tip > "Distinctive Area" Premium Real Estate Upzone.
SPP/P Strategic Partner Planing Policies (Overrides all Heritage/Reserve Listing)

Govt Strategic = [ No neighbours" Premium Seachange leases for party donations ]
WSL selects Vestal Beach Babe from WSR Harem & puts it in a little bit (Not Painful)

Goldie swellnet Qldurr will risk wipeout to mop up the WSR Over Spray...

Qld WSL groupie MP : "Together we will start a conversation about what legislation looks like, citing NZ / Bells"...
"An 'Independent' discussion paper will then be complied in time for our second round table meeting in "July 2020"... after which 'community consultation' will begin.

Surfing Queensland WSL spokesman: " For Qldurrz to remain competitive when it comes to "Winning Gold", we've got to have 'world class waves to train on"...
"We want to encourage a range of perspectives" to best define what legislation will look like, so that it has the right effect in conserving & protecting our truly remarkable surf zones."

tbb: ( Note WSR Big Kahunas stick to the script & can't involve in process.)
Current Bell's (Strategic Planning/Partnering - aligns with Qld Govt Reserve sell offs.
"Independent / We " - meaning : Stark raving Mad WSL-SQ (As prescribed)
Notice how Qld Surfing (100% Protection waters down to a range of perspectives).
This mirrors Bells...Hmm! Yes! We could do with some more licensed protection!

Note Kelly surfed shit local waves to win more Gold than all of OZ combined.
Govt / Qld Surfing are selling Stark's Olympic Villages of Gold.

Qld Govt "Community Consultation" Recent SMP Spit Master Plan
re: GC Spit (1825 Navigational Reserve / 1872 Public Reserve / 1982 Royal Reserve)
The Spit Surf Reserve was already protected 3x over for 200 yrs ...now [FOR SALE]
Govt are right now flogging Spit Tenders weekly & laughing at how easy it was!

Govt Spit Pre Amble : No CST + No Development North or over 3 stories
Community: Same request for 30 years ..Just the fuckin' Bus Stop you lousy cunts.

Submissions-Public (95% want total protection & Say No Development)
Govt say we're listening & will prioritise Central Park protective management.
Result: Priority Tender CST now 4x bigger with Light Rail Mall Transit Hub.
Remove beach [P] access > Pay [P] [SOLD] All River Parks to Super Yachts / Marinas.
New 'Tree Height' boat stacker approves Cruise Ship height approves Hi-Rise wave.

Qld reserves...Perfect one day Strategically partnered Whitshoehorned the next.

Same with WH GBR Fully Licensed Tracy Island PO
It gets in a little bit...outta my way...just drive the fucker home you sissy!

Common theme upgrading to Seacahange Gold, this tempts strategic partners
Drives them mad...give it to me Now...I simply must have a 'WSR' whatever it is!
Govt can then charge for Premier League Strategic Doc shredding by night.
Works the whiteshoes into a feeding frenzy....more! more...just shred one more!

tbb approves of WSR ...without Industry players. (This has turned to shit real fast!)
They have no more say & access than you, Gran or our kidz.

Govt needs to come clean on who is compiling this secret WSR independent Paper!
Pause: How about WSR Doc goes out to tender like normal lawful fake consultation.
Qld Surfing can't wash their hands from it...but who are their Masters.

WSR is not some White Trash toxic Play pen it's for all Beachgoers.
Bring it back to Grandma's early morning dip & that Kid flying the kite.
We & the kids & starfish get an equal say...Please.
Surfing would look selfish if Gromz are denied a say in their playground.
WSR AndyM / Rabbit often refer to their Grom Surf Stoke...Let's start there!

brutus's picture
brutus's picture
brutus Monday, 9 Mar 2020 at 10:26am

TBB , after reading a lot of your links , it's easy to see how WSR/Surfing Qld/WSL and or all the surfer groups , are being played by the pollies......feel /sound good motherhood statements , or empty rhetoric ?
Often us Southern Surfers look at the WSR as a toothless tiger , which just brings more pressure/people and $'s to the WSR surf breaks ......which for those who have a vested interest , is just more marketing.....because it seemed like WSR is about 10 years behind us down here at Bells , after reading the Meetings agenda I realize it actually about 20 years.

tango's picture
tango's picture
tango Monday, 9 Mar 2020 at 11:55am

Any updates about the actual outcome of the direction for "protection" of the waves on the Goldie from anyone who was in the room?

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Monday, 9 Mar 2020 at 2:37pm

10th Feb 2020
Govt Preamble to WSR Legisation @Global Waves Conference

4th March 2020
Govt Media Statement from WSR ( Legislation Meeting )

Unknown entity is compiling an independent discussion paper for June Round Table.
Community Consultation begins from June meeting onwards.
Qld Surfing seem to be playing a lead role towards WSR as elite training ground.
Other Govt reserve policy makers were present at meeting.

Govt does link to WSR which has no News regarding this break-thru Meeting?

tango's picture
tango's picture
tango Monday, 9 Mar 2020 at 9:35pm

Thanks TBB,
Those media releases are terrific - a lesson in how to say a lot without really saying anything.
I think there is still quite a bit of confusion about the Qld Minister for Sport's cited "protection" in place for Bells, though. Perhaps the WSR crowd and the Qld Govt need to do their homework.
Bells is a bog standard coastal Crown land reserve which happens to have surfing and recreation in the title. As I'm aware from the original gazette of the Reserve in 1973, it is only for "public purposes and protection of the coastline". On the upside, it is a permanent reserve. Yes the Victorian Heritage Register affords it some status, but it does not protect it per se - see https://vhd.heritagecouncil.vic.gov.au/places/70498/download-report.
There are various hoops that development proposals have to jump through for the hinterland through various elements of the SC Shire Planning Scheme, but development is not precluded. The Point Addis Marine Nat Park includes the whole beach and inshore area, which does afford protection to the water and submerged Crown land.
Surely the basic standards of transparency would dictate that the Govt make public who is preparing the discussion paper...? Difficult to ascertain independence without knowing who they are and from which direction/s their bread is buttered.

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Tuesday, 10 Mar 2020 at 6:48pm

Bells World Surf Reserve Timeline ...see tbb above for links.

1973 Heritage Register protects Bells Comp Recreation Reserve
2002 Point Addis Marine National Park protects Bells Reef Break/Slab/Lineup.
2005 Point Addis IUCN World Marine NP protects Bells Wave habitat ecology.
2005 The Great Otway NP protects Bells Headland to water's edge.
2011 Great Ocean Road State Heritage protects Bells Beach entry Car Park/Scenery
2018 State retro 1987 'Distinctive Area' overrides above to allow for 'Eco' development.
2020 Great Ocean Road Word Heritage proposes to up value DA for $PP deals.
Note: Surf Council DA/SPP manages Great Ocean Road Crown Land (Bells Beach)

tbb's National Treasure Map clue...just one more Quest!
Surf your 1973 Heritage Hydragliph into the Bells puzzle Map to reveal Bells WSR.

*Map of the management boundaries at Bells Beach Surfing Recreation Reserve

Note: Bells was Gazetted under GORCC (Map- Crown Land Managed by Surf Coast).
18 Aug 2014 GORCC possibly transferred Bells Management Rights to Surf Coast ?

tango's picture
tango's picture
tango Tuesday, 10 Mar 2020 at 12:54pm

I'm not quite sure this is the case re the full timeline, but my understanding of the gazettal of the Reserve is that there was nothing extraordinary in its creation:
- The land was originally reserved as part of a much larger parcel of coastal Crown land extending right along the coast through the Land Act 1869 which has morphed into the Crown Land (Reserves ) Act 1978 and related amendments since.
- Barrabool Shire Council (now Surf Coast Shire Council) was appointed committee of management via the Land Act 1958 in May 1971.
- The name of the reserve as the Bells Beach Surfing Recreation Reserve occurred via the Survey Coordination Act in late 1971.
- the original regulations for the Reserve were gazetted in June 1973 and have been revoked and updated since.

GORCC has never had control of Bells. GORCC was formed in 2005 through the amalgamation of five separate committees of management between Torquay and Lorne. GORCC manages the coastal Crown land immediately NE of the Reserve boundary near The Wave all the way through Jan Juc/Torquay to Point Impossible/Thompson Creek.

I still don't know of a publicly available documented timeline which sets out everything accurately. Love to be given a link to it.

brutus's picture
brutus's picture
brutus Tuesday, 10 Mar 2020 at 12:04pm

Bells has been mismanaged by SCS since the beginning ........the story betweeen the WSL and the SCS/State Govt wanting to develop Bells for more tourists and VIP's at Winki at Easter....waiting for the last FOI docs to land .....game over?

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 11 Mar 2020 at 12:22am

Crew acknowledge original Saltwater peoples who have first say on all matters.

Right you are Tango...Vic seems similar to Qld 1825 / 1870's Reserve (Layering)
It's more about the preservation requirement restricting premium rates revenue.
Whole world is queuing right now for a sniff of any OZ WSR.

Govt herald iconic Bells Beach protection by Great Ocean Road Heritage Listing.
Media clearly spell out Bells Beach Surfing Heritage protection...Front & Centre!

7 April 2011 : Burke: GOR include Bells Beach outstanding Heritage value to Aust'.

8 June 2011
GOR also traverses the iconic Bells Beach, an internationally renowned surf location.

8 June 2011 The Age : T Burke added GOR including Bells Beach to NH register.

7th April 2011 SMH " GOR listing protects Bells Beach."

8th April 2011 Australian Geographic GOR
"GOR listing protects Bells Beach."


Even Now...all press releases state Great Ocean Road WH listing for Bells!
*May 14 2019 Anthony Albanese: ( On WH Listing GOR + Bells )
"In 2011, The previous Labor Govt included the GOR & scenic environs on the National Heritage List. This listing stretches from the Otway Ranges, GOR itself, the 12 Apostles and iconic Bells Beach."

tbb digs out Bells Beach Protection Timeline in Great Ocean Road Heritage Listing.
There is a rare exception that downplays GOR Bells Surf Reserve.

2013 GOR (Coast Committee) are employed as Heritage Crown Land Managers.
2013 GORCC draft Coastal Management Plan for GOR.
2013 GORCC Bells Beach lease (Committee of Management)to Surf Coast Council.
Most Gazetted lands went to Vic Parks & GORCC but 'Oz Jewel' went to SCC.

GOR Surf Reserve was never dedicated as Surf Coast Seachange has other plans.

Surf Coast Council wasted no time exploiting new Coastal Reserve caretaker powers.
2013 Bells Task Force 'share' 1973 Reserve to win SCC consultation contracts.
Community questioned this was not in the brief & objected to jobs for muppets.

(1973 Bells + GOR Reserve) 2014 annexed by Surf Coast Council (Mission Complete)
We see this reflected in the Map- now Managed by Surf Coast Council via Task Force
New CMP Boundary extends to High Water mark. (3 year gig ends in Dec 2018)

Dec 2018 CMP was replaced by (Marine & Coastal Act ) + [ DA / SPP] until > 2025
MCA incorporates CMP 1973 Rec Reserve under Section 9 - Implementation Plan

*Surf Coast Council Manage 2 Surf Reserves > Bells Reserve + GOR Surf Site/Beach
This includes Road Carpark Comp Site Beach to High Water Mark.
Crew can decide if Original Reserves have same protection or DA for SPP fodder!

PS: IUCN Point Addis WMNP protects Bells Line Up for cetacean migration refuge.
Bells World Surfing Reserve for cetaceans, shares set waves with human snakes.

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 11 Mar 2020 at 9:30am


Phil Jarratt's picture
Phil Jarratt's picture
Phil Jarratt Wednesday, 11 Mar 2020 at 7:37am

Sir AbFab's obsession with bizarre conspiracy theories doesn't warrant further comment, and no Maurice, I have no commercial interest in Noosa these days. I wasn't able to attend the recent round table meeting on the Gold Coast but a brief statement from me on behalf of Noosa World Surfing Reserve was read into the minutes, and I will attend the next. The various opinions and ideas shared at the meeting are not for me to divulge but the outcomes were:
Department will prepare an options matrix (there are probably 5 or 6 different legislative approaches that can be used)
Round table group to meet again in about 6 weeks to look at options (they promised more notice next time)
Following that meeting, a discussion paper to be prepared and the Group to review and sign off
Seek general community feedback (aiming for mid this year)
Group reviews feedback from community
Group advises government of preferred approach/option by the end of 2020.

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 11 Mar 2020 at 12:13pm

Sir AbFab & Qldurrz get sand kicked in our faces & can't see battle lines in the sand.
tbb again salutes #1 swellnet & fellow crewmates for WSR raw nerve centre.

Big thanx for WSR dartboard Phil, reckon we could nail Guru AndyM to the cross.
If swellnet WSR Big Kahunas can't come clean then WSR is lost to the people.
Phil was absent from meeting yet steps up here thru swellnet for the crew... luv it!

Phil like us, was unable to scribble on Round Table's Invisible inc' whiteboard.
Phil vows never to divulge 5 or 6 Matrix Options...

{After just one swellnet crew's brainwashing expression session}

WSR Matrix Options Conspiracy (Fact or Fiction?)...even tbb can't say!
Matrix Option 1: GW20 WSR Round Table covert Strike Mission (No warning given!)
Matrix Option 2: Covert Round Table appoint Top Secret WSR Star Chamber Cabinet.
Matrix Option 3; Relaying Pentagon WSR secrets is a crime against Humanity.
Matrix Option 4: Insider Phil's Top secret decoy Package Drop @ Checkpoint Charlie
Matrix Option 5.0 WSR open day pencilled into WSL - WSR 364 comp day Calendar.
Matrix Option 5.1 WSL reschedule community's selfish WSR open day to Xmas day.
Matrix Option 6. WSR Cabinet deploy Aerial Bombardment of WSR Stickerz.

Crew thanks Phil as we never even knew half of that!
All the wiser & stoked that Qldurrz no longer waste time on WSR Conspiracy.

Once Govt come clean on who "THEY" are...the crew might settle down some.
Imagine if THEY are the ones currently bribing Govt & ransoming Goldie WSR.
Rest assured THEY are banned from further WSR involvement...that be for sure!

tango's picture
tango's picture
tango Tuesday, 31 Mar 2020 at 8:14am

I know things have moved a bit since, but is there any progress on the work from this? Any update on the discussion paper and who is doing the work?

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 1 Apr 2020 at 4:21pm

{ Corona Surf Reserve Sale }

Australia's worst Blonde Driver Laura bumped Kaylee off the side of Mt Everest.
(See above Feature!)

In doing so the pork barrels stopped rolling on the Southern Goldie Corona Surf Reserve.

Premier's Goldie Upgrade : Corona Surf Reserve is renamed Corona Surf Reserve
CSR Pollies / Pros {Corona Surf Reserve}
Premier : "Local Pollies & Pros should be allowed to surf 'our' beaches."

No one's saying CSR will mirror Pro CSR (They're Clearly nothing alike!)
The Rich People will equally Lockdown CSR + CSR. (Ok! So, they're identical.)

NRL takeover the Moreton MP Surf Reserve (Modelled off CSR fuck off version)

[STOP-QLD BORDER] Corona Surf Reserves (Free Giveaway to Pros & Bullies)

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 15 Apr 2020 at 11:31am

2019-20 ~ Gold Coast Surf Reserve Lockouts
Part 1 (TOS) South Straddie
2008 Moreton Bay MP covers all Islands/ Bays in SEQ / CBD
re: Gold Coast TOS / South Straddie are Marine Park Reserves.

2019 Moreton Bay MP review follows on from SMP / Great Sandy MP review

19 July 2019 Consultation Closed

Qld Govt swear it was a straight review to extend Protection & no changes.

1st Sept 2019 Moreton Bay MP Legislation

Section 107 (P 74 ) Boat anchoring restricted to 120 days / year + no Reef Anchors.
Fines- 10 -20 Penalty Points = $1,334.50 - $ 2,669.00.

TOS Surfers are not likely to surf over 120 sessions/year but a mates vessel might?
Approaching Xmas the Tinny could trigger camera & 1st trip to TOS costs $1,335.
It's more the Fact, Govt said no Changes then lockout 66% use of #1 GC surf break
Same clause evicts all Bums anchoring SEQ waters...new marinas are coming.
SMP Spit Master Plan clears out Bums Bay & Sold off Parks for Private Moorings.

Pattern shows Govt transferring Roads / Beaches / Parks / Waterways to Mobsters.
This includes transit push to Timeshare Trolley that Upzones Qld Govt stamp Duty.
Public step outta line....$1,334.50 ( Same as Coronavirus Fines ) Social Credit it is!

Anyone thinking the MP Legislation is just for precaution & Big Brother is a joke!

Jan 2020 GC installs 20 hi-def Behavioural Cams spy [I.D] vessel crew no's + [ Fines ]

tbb is just sharing the mindset of same Govt drafting our current WSR legislation.
So! 2/3 Loss of TOS surfing reserve access & sadly that's just the beginning.
This same TOS Break could yet be wiped out to all Surfies...Aint no Joke!

25th March 2020 TOS / Straddie Surfing MP was closed due to (Covid -19)
Includes Camping + Pools + Swimming Enclosures (Water Taxi > Essential Service)
2nd April Lockdown on all Islands.

tbb's next recent example is the biggest Gold Coast Surf Reserve Sell Out ever.
To be continued.....

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 15 Apr 2020 at 3:06pm

2019-20 ~ Gold Coast Surf Reserve Lockouts
Part 2 (SOS) The Spit Surf Reserve
1825 The Spit Navigational Reserve not for Sale (Crown Land if you like)
Being an end destination doubles as Gold Coast Outlands so is closed often.
Straight up lesson > Original Legislated Reserve > Reliable Stand By > Off Limits
Meaning Gold Coast's Oldest Reserve is loved to death...seemingly Zero protection.

1800's Horses + Hunting had right of way > Interstate Shipping cut straight thru.
Air Strip / Sandmining / Sea Mine Explosions clearing the Beach...
1970's Nudists bossing the Dunes / Theme Parks breaching Height restrictions
1980's Concerts/Airships bossing parks / Resorts Bulldozing trees into the beach
2000's Lockdown Zone for Hazardous Surf > The Suicide Rip > Death Alley
Rallies / Protests / Cop roadblocks / Campervan Crackdowns / Fire Traps & Dogs.
Along with all that is Bums Bay vs Superyachts vs Fishos / Seaway Run Downs.
Last but not least The world's largest Whiteshoe infestation.
Billion Casino /CST Resort Plans led to the world wide shortage of Whiteboards

State Govt were sued / stepped in to let people decide = Meaning GC Bulletin.
Spit Master Plan
80% of People said to leave it as it is + no Cruise Ships ...(Mayor said poll was Fake!)
Govt said No CST & No North Development > Just the Central Park...Sorted. Legislated
Govt: Central Park = Bigger CST + Sell off all Riverside Parks / remove Beach Parking.

SMP - Start: TOS > Runs North to South with 7 precincts + 5 sub sets.
The Sub sets allow developers to cross reference for up zones.
The Spit Trees slyly became the new height overriding the old 3 Story height limit.
99.99% of the public still think it's only 3 stories + (CST is now Govt Pet project).

March 2020 The Spit Public Realm Guidelines (Whiteshoe legislated Comic book)
The Realm Comic Book comes with SMP Chocolate Wheel as a Code Breaker.
North-South precincts are circled & quartered into precincts, exploring new Realms.
Extra Colours now border all 20 zones meaning Nature Zones share Urban Vision.

Govt: "Some projects may span across two or more typologies & consideration must be given to illustrating a transition between the visions at certain locations."

Translation: Whiteshoe Dreamtime! Where planning laws can been dreamed away.

Landmark Entry Tower Statements precedent > (Pine Trees Height)
Govt: "Welcomes larger vessels through infrastructure, navigation & landmark marker/s...Maximises connection to the Village Centre & other nearby attractions."

Translation: Tree =12 Story Ship Wharf > Beach Hi-rises > Hi-Rise Village > Marina.
Consider 'Seaway Entry Statement Tower'...precedents TOS Entry Hi-rise.
Marina-Wharf's Tower Height prohibits equal distance & still wider precaution.
Super Tall Electrical Hazard perimeter -Water spray & Toppling into sea as beacons.
The Spit Jetty lighting has clear zone only Seaway towers command more no zone.

Heaps of Spit Surf Zone's approved building Pads (Gated) all growing by the minute.
TOS was seldom if ever included in SMP but it is now #1 SMP Whiteshoe Gold Mine

Again if you think tbb is going off the rails...SMP waterfront park takeover right now...

None of this would have happened without Govt Legislation of Spit Surf Reserve.
Now the whole Spit / Straddie / TOS Surfing reserve can be sold to highest bidder.

Consultation begins soon on Evil Comic Book...keep you posted...

PS: Spit is currently under Covid -19 lockdown with Cameras blacked out to public.
Northern beaches close more often due to recent BOM Hazardous Surf Bonus.
Usually The Spit > North Burleigh would be Shut not just (Covid -19 / Spit + Surfers)
This leads into Part 3

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 15 Apr 2020 at 9:50pm

2019-20 Gold Coast Surf Reserve Lockouts
Part 3 (WSR) Gold Coast Surf Reserve.
It's important to reveal that Govt (Part 1 &2) Hid game changing agenda.
So what Govt honey pot is hidden on southern Goldie.

#1 Ticket is the Time Share Trolley (GCCC Supatram)
Burleigh Tram moats off local's access points to most Beaches.
Up Zoned enclaves further weed out any strays & deter Point / Esplanade visits.
Point shows that any Tram to Coolangatta would likely hug Kirra Point.
Road would end @ Kirra Point Stn (Needing Large Turnaround Hub limiting Parking)
Sure the Tram locks locals out from beach access that's the objective.
Most iconic Goldie Surf Safaris + Car Park Hangs will be toast. (Premier applauds!)

#2 Govt Agenda (Cooly Beach Front leasehold)
State Govt + Mayor override local Councillors / MPs for Big Ticket Cooly Beachfront.
Cooly Gold / WSL / $40m CG Volleyball Stadium / Big Beach Cricket Arena
Cooly Rocks On /Grand Beach Opera sets / Massive Concerts / Markets / Movie sets

WSL HQ (Starky) fronts central Cooly Beachfront with WSL Lawyers near..
Note Last WSL Comp was held in NSW & No Comp this Year = ($6m Goldie loss)
Crew need to know that + Cooly Alp seat Loss hangs over Goldie Surfer's Heads.
tbb thinks Surfers owe Govt a lot more now, than when WSR process kicked off!

WSL /Surfing Qld /GCCC agreed to dump Cooly for CT Coolum Ranch + CS B'Hds
WSL override Govt laws, so operate Cooly VIP + Beach Pubs during Cyclones. Easy!

Qld Govt are currently planning CST on Philip Park bookend to Queen Elizabeth Park.
As horrid & greedy as it sounds the Queen & Prince are holding up Royal Sell Off.
History shows that nearing our Royal's demise both Beach Parks are being eyed off!

WSL could be nodding & anchoring a beachfront Slot along Surf Sticker esplanade
Not in a sinister way, merely following Govt agenda from Part 1+2 scenarios.

#3 Wildlife distancing is real tight around Cooly. (Govt could profit from that!)
WSR 'Legislation' has an obligation to prioritize a migration timetable.(Parts 1+2)
Similar to Moreton MP Boating Bans > Surfers may be forced out of Migrations.
Sand pumping smothering Turtle's Habitat + Shark Nets catching Whales
Surfing as Boating on Reefs / Rockwalls / Points may give way to endangered Turtles
Councils driven by locals are now near militant on Turtle Protection.(Turtles Power!)
Just as Nest sites are full on Castle Keeps, so too will forage sites be off limits.

We can assume this, as Hazardous Surf is banning surfers + phones are new cops.
We know for sure if Lifeguards pull out then Govt wish all to follow suit. (WSL?)
Surfers may out each other for surfing during a Migration as with Jet Ski Tow fines.

#4 - SEQ Water.
2019 Premier shut down WSR (BOM - Hazardous Surf- This was a change)
2020 Yet to be Sworn in Mayor shut Down WSR (Cooly) Corona Crowds

Southern Desal Inflow Pipe supplies SEQ Water Supply.
We know several Airport PFAS leaks have entered supply lines.
No boating pollution here so Surfers are next biggest security risk.
Legislation certainly requires best practice on Clean Water + many fines there!
Council often shuts beaches, dams, creeks over pathogens

There is likely to be changes here....
Beach Showers are very cruddy at the best of times & surfers admit they're to blame.
Beachgoers waiting for surfers is like waiting for siss to get outta the shower. OMG!
Boardriders first flood the Park with Surfboard washing.
Then Twice again for Wetties then finally on sunset they wash the stink off again.
All of this toxicity from Fibreglass & Neoprene kills in micro amounts.
Snapper / Greeny / Kirra all swamp sloppy viral Toxic Surfers Pits.
Many, as Snapper (The Worst) Flows unfiltered out the Key into Busy line-up.
Other Beach Users pretty much skim the toxic slurry with vitals on the Surface!
If you ask tbb this is #1 Change that needs to be made.

If surfers can't go natural then why mass poison the Public & Drinking supply.
Think of 1,000's of Stickermen washing a cocktail that brews thru the line.

Surfers need to sort WSR Board / Wettie Slosh or lose it!.
No longer can Boardriders feed this Toxic Cocktail Bomb into Migration Zone
This is a no brainer...Don't shit in yer own WSR ...That fuckin' simple.

Just saying it'd be piss easy to fine people for poisoning WSR / SEQ water supply.
WSR / SEQ (Limited) Water Plant ..Surfers cut back showers from 5mins to 1m?
Either all go without because of Toxicity or just ban Fibreglass / Neoprene showers.
Alternatively Surfers be held responsible for relocating Showers away to Toxic Pits.

tbb is being upfront! Better if Surfers sort this mess before Govt orders you to.
That would look pretty shitty if WSR advocates were rewarded as biggest polluters!

Legislation requires many Govt Department reviews.
Fibreglass long kept off the Marine Debris Cards > (Look Plastic! > Over There)...Run!
Here's how Govt Departments now rate [ fibreglass ]
AMSA -Garbage
D of E - Garbage
CSIRO - Rubbish
Sea Shepherd - Marine Debris
Fed Govt - Marine Debris
Just saying the world is catching up to boardriders... fibreglass is tallied as plastic.

Ever wondered why Surfers wash Boards?
Because the salt gets in, the Poison + wax equally permeates to coat / kill reefs.
Heavy Toxins Settle in local area in Crab's Guts & Plankton & SEQ Water Supply.
Black Plague highlights how this bacteria infests the ocean. (New or Old Boards).

WSR Committee need to own up & come clean with half decent WSR standards.

On other Govt agenda - Dogs are banned on all Southern End Beaches.
Yet Surfers are again the biggest offenders..#1 Pro's Dogs to Surfing Dogs.
Not picking on surfers nor posting the myriad of lawbreakers...trying to help here!
Again why have a WSR if Surfer's dogs shit all thru it? (Grubby look fits?)

Wash Up!
Govt are obligated to Protect water / Habitat by (Secret Hi Tech cams > hefty fines)
Govt never miss a chance to rid locals & trawl Tram to rezone Beach Upgrades
We know they corruptly partner with WSL and would do anything for them...

However! Coronavirus reveals Govt only sell WSR image rather than manage it!
WSR is bu far the largest most prominent [M1] Qld Govt promotion.
During Covid -19 this Mega invitation to WSR hogs centre Stage.
Govt is running world's biggest ad for all to hit the World's Best Beach?

Premier knows full well it needs a mega [Beach Closed] Sticker or a Cover Up!
Clear to Whole Planet that Premier doesn't link her pet WSR sign to Surfing.
Stands to reason that WSR is the Ultimate Real Estate Hoarding...All say Aye!
WSR upzones beach real estate for Timeshare Trolley to moat exclusive WSR condos

That seems to sum up perfectly the WSR agenda...Slice it Up! Who gets what!
Curious to know if WSR reps alerted Premier to Giant Beach Party Invite.
World's biggest Surfing Postcard (Mid Covid-19) Wish you were here... (Doh!)

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 24 Jun 2020 at 12:37am

8th April 2020 Noosa WSR : "Do the right Thing"
"Please don't think that as a surfer you are somehow exempt from government health regulations put in place to get us through this crisis as soon as possible. If we are to beat this thing quickly, all Australians, including Surfers, must play their part.
"At this time Noosa's beaches are open for exercise purposes only, and for the sole use of local residents...(Noosa Covid Surfers Code Follows)...
Legislation came a little bit early...

11th June 2020...Noosa WSR request Noosa Council adopt Shark Net alternative.
Noosa Today: [ Page 2 ] Shark Nets Battle.
Letter was by "Action For Dolphins" backed by Noosa Parks Association + N-WSR.

Knee deep in Shady Sharky Polls
18th Aug 2019 West Qld Should Shark nets be removed to protect other sea animals!
Yes 14% / No 71% / Not sure 14%
Important Poll as Regional Qld are Sunny's tourist bread'n'butter.

Up to yer neck in Local Sunny Sharky Polls
29th July 2015 (scd) Do you support the use of Shark Nets on Qld East Coast?
Yes 55% / No 40% / No Thoughts 3%

17th Dec 2015 (scd)- Should all Australian's tourist beaches have Shark Nets?
(Yes 49% / No 50%)

29th Aug 2016 (Do you support the use of Shark Nets)
Yes 33% / No 52% / No, but Something other 14%

23 July 2019 (scd) Should Shark nets be removed to protect other sea animals?
Yes 0% / No 83% / Not sure 17%

1st June 2020 (scd) Should shark nets be removed from Noosa Waters
Yes 40% / No 50% / I'm not Sure 10%

Noosa WSR Shark Nets are there to serve all Surfers...(No viable Plan B as yet.)
Larger Surfing Public engage wholly & naturally with WSR so face full on Shark fear.
Boardriders have height, shield, weapon, escape pod...(Better than nothing!)

tbb is not being smart, just reminding most WSR 'surfers' haven't boardrider rescue.
So it's not unusual to have Polls demand a level of protection as all boardriders enjoy.

Space suited Elroy Jetson hoverboarding Astro telling 'surfers' to jump the Shark?

Sorry, WSR hodads... but that's how privileged & rude this order comes across.
Wake Up! WSR is a tiny weeny bit Boardriders but mostly, nearly everything else!
Boardriders must stop acting like they rule over the WSR...
(It's everything to all & all we got left...so cut this swanky us vs them!)

*No Nets = WSL licence to walk / ransom / boycott & Wave Pool Comp both coasts?
WSR needs public support to develop a Plan B...not just to pull nets & buzz drones.
$1m for 1,000's of bathers towing Shark Shield battle scars (Ouch!..Ouch! Again!).
Another yuppie call on top of Skeg Dogs surfing WSR / NP with bathers in pens.
Sure! We all want a better way...but this is just Kookie!

Qld Govt insist on WSR Nets (vs) Noosa WSR wants the Nets gone.
Yet N-WSR website has no mention of this...(Will Qld Govt revoke WSR dedication?)
Those undermining Qld Shark mitigation usually face 1/2/3 High Court challenges.
tbb is just advising it won't win Sunny boardriders a WSR legislation {Sticker}.

Govt are gonna think boardriders are wacko...(Why?)
Yes Please (Extra) Nets for WSL / GC-WSR Pro Comps but No NP Dogs thanx.
No Thanx (Remove) Nets for WSL / N-WSR Pro Comps but Yes NP Dogs please.
Neighbouring Qld WSR Councils with 100% opposing WSR Charters?

That's why Govt treat WSR Pro Hodad boardriderz as a bunch of Kooks...durr!
Can you imagine this lot at WSR round table handing out the Chiko Rolls...OMFG!
Crew might wanna rethink that legislation thingy...we're just gonna back-paddle a bit.
Where else but Qld!

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Thursday, 25 Jun 2020 at 9:46pm

25th June [Nets Out Now] Spelt Out in Surfboards at WSR Burleigh Heads.
A fortnight after Noosa WSR Protest by "Action For Dolphins".

(Smack Bang in the Middle of preparing WSR Legislation Paper?)
tbb again reminds "boardriders" that WSR legislation is bigger than all of us!
Here the Conservationists use Surfboard props to make that point very clear.

Conservationists are drawing their line in the sand & calling WSR surfers' bluff!
Readers presume Marine Conservationists are involved in drafting WSR Legislation?
Surfers must now decide to rid the nets & kiss goodbye to WSR legislation.
Noosa WSR have taken the Bait! (Not verified) Goldie are keeping well out of it!

Noosa-WSR-GC [f-i-t] don't link, same Qldurrz now pretend to share a round Table.
C'mon guys! If the crew are serious about legislation, then show some Local spirit!
Get yer shit together...(Do that & tbb won't charge you for the lousy coaching.)
Goldie drops in & Noosa rides tandem, now just hold yer line on the same wave. Easy!

Shark Nets are #1 on WSR Legislation Agenda, whether surfers like it or not...[ Tick !]
Govt hand out big dollars to WSL / Surfing Qld / WSR & won't back down on nets.

Australian Marine Conservation Society
"We can put some Drones Up & more Lifeguards on the Beach!"
"These non lethal methods are being shown by scientists, as effective means of improving bather safety!"

[9 News]: "3 humpbacks have been caught in nets during the last week!"

4th June Shark Nets replaced by Smart drum lines?

24th June -Humpbacks & High Rises (3yr Petition to remove nets is 100,000 Strong!)
News is that changes to the Shark Control Programme is Imminent

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 1 Jul 2020 at 9:47pm

Qld Govt Tourism...(Post Covid) Surfing / WSR promos...
Qldurrz Tip: This is the biggest Qld Beach Promo in a real long time..
Way too many beaches to list here....Qld (WSR) Legislation is a hot potato.
$6m-$7m is the going rate for beachside shack/penthouse Burleigh to Surfers.
Open ocean of 180* covid free breeze will only soar in price & Tourists will lap it up!

Qld Surfing...

Gold Coast
Burleigh Heads


Sunshine Coast

Mystery Qld Surf Resort....Clue: (North of Bundy)

T.Edds's picture
T.Edds's picture
T.Edds Thursday, 2 Jul 2020 at 12:15pm

We need to stop referencing the fact somebody is a surfer as marker for their credibility. If develop and understand a set of personal values and vote accordingly and consistently we might be able to effect some change. If we continually change our votes on a policy basis then we will seldom see progress.

If we are relying on Phil Jarratt or the surfing industry to protect our coastlines we are well and truly fucked. The only thing Jarratt can be relied upon for is to leverage a buck out surfing. Who knows what the agenda is truly behind the push behind this action but it would be unsurprising to discover that it is driven by financial motives.

The surf industry and government share a parallel trait where they look at a situation and think 'quick, how can we make a buck out of it?' The first thought is never how can we look after this as to realise some longevity.

Out of curiosity Phil who did you vote for in the last federal election? More broadly, do you consistently vote for the same party?

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Tuesday, 6 Oct 2020 at 6:40pm

Consultation is Open

"Protection for World Surfing Reserves in Qld".


Discussions Paper

Consultation (note) Survey / Written
Gold Coast WSR & / or Noosa WSR

tbb review of Survey.
Needs email validation + thorough [I.D]

Note Consult times with WSL Comp > Bug'z Campaign.
Surf Jock's Sports & Public Housing is a bizarre Department for WSR

Discussion Paper covers the whole Survey...best to read that first.
As you do, draft your Points to suit Discussion Questions before Survey.
This keeps tabs & ensures you get all your points across. (tbb didn't?)
Just saying to value your own input above all... then feed it back through survey.
This will save you buckets of time & give 100% satisfaction...(tbb didn't?)

Enviro' Topics are thin...so you will need to spread & slot eco points to suit.
Yep! For sure, don't hold back on what's most important. (You can squeeze them in!)
tbb was all over the shop...backtracking on where to fit Marine Ecology.
It does spell trouble that WSR lego is light on marine critter cred.

More so it pushes Sport / Comp over recreation.
Again! Don't lose sight of your local recreational needs.
At least consider keeping natural harmony over Boot Camp upgrade.
Oceanway Jungle Gyms are morphing into some terminator rally.
Note the Govt Surfer Dude running the show is #1 Surf Comp Jock..

PIenty of serious questions that raise the bar...(tbb was surprised)
Asks about your Qld Saltwater Surfing & Qld Surf Culture Knowledge.
Both of which are generically imported into Discussion paper.

WSR Legislation > Existing / Amended / State Wide / Stand Alone / Stake Holders
The Paper does offer crude examples but don't be led...stick with your gut feeling.
Also stick with what you know to be true, less so than what's lazily exampled.

tbb found the paper rushing to upscale rather than example process.
It glosses over what we have but never walks thru the sticking points.
Therefore glosses over how new options can effect change.
No! You won't read of Policing the Line-Up.

Qld Govt reserves were ever rock solid...now they got new fab legislated Protection.
You just select your Govt's level of Protection right the way up to Penthouse Level.
They even let you vote for your favourite protection racket & backhand deal.

Pays to note the agenda dances around what sort of development is acceptable!
Seldom discusses which process grants WSR protection, if any at all.

PS: Possible the Consult team dredged up the TSB transition survey
tbb will bookend swellnet Superbank survey site to lend further WSR insight.

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 21 Oct 2020 at 8:46pm

21st Oct 2020 (GCB) Gold Coast City Council WSR Submission

Background...GCCC (Liberal) Strictly endorse 'Ceremonial' WSR with zero power.

GCCC wish for developer freedom to creep Private Resort beach bars to Surfline.
State has said they will fight GCCC whiteshoe Pop Up Beach Bars (But never does!)

State Govt throw $3- $50m FIFO Post Card International Beach Piss Up Promos.

Basically > Global Corps Junkets (vs) Whiteshoes Beach enclaving
WSL = White Shoe Line muddies the line in the sand...WSR Event / VIP Packs / Bars.

Several Councillors have been critical of Legislated State Powers over beach licencing.

Liberal Cr Hermann Vorster prepared a GCCC WSR submission.
GCCC motions 'opposition' to change ceremonial WSR status > No Legislative power.
Motion doubles down on original Ceremonial Pow Wows Only.
GCCC will support Promos of { WSR Signage } but strictly no State Beach Takeover.

tbb: What does this Mean?
GCCC sees Shark Mitigation + Alcohol Licencing + Beach Services being at risk.
Possibly thinking that State will act on Public Consult? (Who here believes that?)

Council wish to reserve the right to profit from non consult dodgy beach leasing.
They're worried the Legislation will restrict commercial viability of private leasing.
eg: GCCC "Beach" $ Markets $Volleyball $Weddings $ VIP hire- Films, Xerts, Bars.

WSR peoples consult most likely endorses...
Less Build + More Ped access > No Grog + No Night Lights + No Noise

State Govt Sport / Housing is an odd fit...if crew can enlighten Qld on this approach!
We all see ties to Surf Brand Jock Camps & VIP hangs under Olympic branding.
Again...No Oz WSR / NSR ever endorsed VIP $20K / night Pro Jock Camps,

SOS issue warning that State Libs refuse to accept SMP + Are pushing for CST.
Premise here is ALP/LNP see Beaches / Foreshores as Covid Recovery Magnets.
Biggest Covid investment is Beachfront...(180* Covid Free CBD to Sea is the Game)
Rewarding higher profits than World's Top 20 Wealthiest 40% Covid Windfall.
(Ultra Bleached Sea Change.) Oz is on notice! ( Guard your City / Holiday Beaches! )

PS! Recall Rabbit's Launch Site @ Burleigh Hds WSR.
There are currently 3 separate Pool Proposals within 50mtrs of where he stood.
If you stand still on yer local then you will be cemented.
Yes of course these Plans eat into the WSR & Yes, you hear of it only here & now!
Right again! In this Corner of the World, that amounts to a mere puddle...
Within a stones throw 1,2,3,4,5 + more Hi Rises all over CASA-height...boxing us in.
Parks & Heritage Theatre being Smashed for Time Share Trolley Sales Station.

tbb reckons to save somethin'...just not sure wot that might be...as it's all going fast!
Our most beautiful Town is turning to shit by the Hour by the minute & it hurts!

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Sunday, 15 Nov 2020 at 5:06pm

Qldurrz WSR legislation...fiery updates continue...

Qld WSR sites have not updated info or links to current WSR Legislation > (Nov/end)

Noosa WSR Legislation..( neutral links )....are now the new WSR Gold Standard!
State Independent MP Sandy Bolton >> (Have Your Say- WSR lego.)
Noosa WSR Lego links by (Surfing Councillors) Amelia >Tom's Noosa Biosphere

29th Oct - 'Gold Coast City Council warns of Legislation sneaking in to protect WSR'

GC Mayor Tate... tells State Govt to back away...
" WSR was a ceremonial gesture to appease the Surfing Industry.
Let GC Council make WSR decisions on the WSR not Brisbane.
Consult was nil & Council will submit opposition to WSR lego.
Focuses too much on Surfers.
May create real property concerns for Beachfront Residents."

Superbank Cr : Reminds-WSR is not to impact on development & Beach Events.

GC Council voted 'unanimously ' against WSR Legislation.


August 2020 - A. McKinnon: " Council officers attended a stake holder meeting."
Qld Govt / WSR : "Council have already signed off on discussion paper."

Mayor : "Let's wait till after this Saturday's election, see who's in!"

GC Council Agenda : Private Beach Leasing. ( Deckchairs / Gigs / Beach Bars...etc )

O.N / LNP : (Policy) NP/MP Eco Tourism Licences. > ( WSR Private Leasing )
Burleigh LNP MP - M. Hart . (Burleigh Brewing) - "I'm against Beach Bars!"
tbb: Wrote to BB of boycott, in protest of their encroaching Beach Bar habit...
LNP - Mr Hart is #1 GC Beach Beer Baron. ( LNP / gccc ramp private beach bars)
If Mr Hart closes his Beach Bar Tab ...tbb will return to buying local Burley Brew.
Hint : tbb his not swigging his local brew & seemingly not for some time to come!

ALP / Greens / AJP / Cannabis P -(Policy) > WSR Legislation.
ALP Rabbit : After day 1 (Nothing?) No Links for Submissions to WSR Legislation.

Recap : Bugz + 2 Qld WSR's give no assist or link to Legislating WSR's
GC Council + LNP oppose legislation
Qld Govt / Noosa will quietly & neutrally link to it...but not promote WSRs.

2020 Election - All 3 WSR (Seats) Results.
Noosa (Ind) / Burleigh (LNP) / Currumbin (LNP)

Andrew McKinnon : Light Rail cost (ALP - Rabbit > Burleigh )

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 2 Jun 2021 at 11:35pm

Qldurrz WSR's Lego Timeline by the dry docked Goldie crew. (Sorry for the delay!)

11th Feb 2020 - Premier's Announcement
4th March -1st Roundtable convenes
27th Aug - 2nd Roundtable Discussion Paper
2nd Oct - 30th Nov - Consultation Period

16th March 2021- 3rd Roundtable Consult
7th April- Consult Website

Qldurrz WSR's Lego Consult Snapshot
Responses 86 = Online 72 / Written 14 / Male 56% / Chix 44% / Disabled 3%
Noosa = 43% (vs) Goldie 81% (Almost All were Qldurrz)

Lego > Preserve 1st Nation / Environment / Surf Heritage (vs) Evil Overdeveloped Line-ups
Prioritise 1st Nation Naming Rights / Cultural Events
Sandpumping- ( Equal No / OK) But none wanted excess Dredging / Pumping
Environment - Water Quality / Foreshore-Critters (vs) Population / Pollution / Climate Change
No CST / Marinas / Seawalls .
Tram : Respondents repeatedly raised Hi Rise Timeshare Trolley as a threat.
More [P] + No more Robbing existing [P]

Unsafe Conduct:
No Bullies > Crowds > Boyz Toyz > Events / Parties / Jet Boats / Jet Skis / Foils / Yachts

New Lego - 45.2% (12.9% Disagree) (vs) Old Lego 41.9% (9.7% Disagree) (That's Close!)
Noosa stayed with Old School Lego.
tbb: Also picked up on the baited Questions bullying for State Control...Too heavy man!
Overall mixed results on State Control as many preferred more Local control...that was the vibe!
Note: Goldie Mayor protested about State Takeover of "Our Beaches...it was all leaning that way.
Crew can read that the Vote was split...had the WSR been in Parks & Wildlife it would be a thumbs up!

All agreed on Stronger protection of WSR's by State no matter what.