Noosa officially dedicated as 10th World Surfing Reserve

Swellnet Dispatch

Noosa, Aus. (Feb 21, 2020) - On Friday, February 21, Australia’s famous Noosa pointbreaks were officially dedicated as the 10th World Surfing Reserve.

Coinciding with the Noosa Festival of Surf and the WSL Longboard contest, the three-day celebration was the culmination of years of work building the Local Stewardship Council, completing a Stewardship Plan and finalizing an economic study of the area.

Noosa has long been out in front of the world when it comes to conservation, with the forethought to protect the stunning Noosa Headlands and amazing pointbreaks through the establishment of the Noosa National Park.

“For us, Noosa has always been a leader to demonstrate to the world how to proactively protect surf ecosystems, and critical coastal habitat in a way that benefits local people and the economy. In many ways the World Surfing Reserve helps to extend that message of conservation to other surf communities around the world,” said Nik Strong-Cvetich, Executive Director of Save The Waves Coalition, parent organization to the World Surfing Reserves program.

Working together with the Save The Waves staff, the Local Stewardship Council (LSC) has put together a detailed plan of action, called the ‘Stewardship Plan’, to further support conservation of Noosa’s waves and coastline. It’s aimed to define and implement several initiatives to promote safety and reduce the impacts of surf tourism, manage erosion, and help improve the water quality and biodiversity of the Noosa River.

“It is a huge honor to be the 10th World Surfing Reserve and privilege to serve alongside a hardworking Local Stewardship Council,” said Noosa WSR president Phil Jarratt. “We know this honor marks additional protection of one of Australia’s and the world’s most iconic surfing ecosystems, but in many ways this dedication ceremony is only the beginning of the work.”

The Noosa World Surfing Reserve, from North Sunshine Beach to Noosa River, is the third WSR in Australia, following Gold Coast and Manly Beach, and joins the prestigious ranks of other globally recognised surf breaks such as Punta de Lobos, Ericeira and Santa Cruz.

Over 200 people in attendance for momentous dedication. Save The Waves and the LSC were also joined by Former Longboard World Champion and Noosa WSR Ambassador Josh Constable, Noosa Mayor Tony Wellington, 7x World Champion and Surfing Australia President Layne Beachley, Pro Surfer and Surf Journalist Devon Howard, CEO of Queensland Adam Yates, Shaper and Professor Tom Wegener, and many others from around the world.

More information on the Noosa World Surfing Reserve can be found here.


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Blowin commented Monday, 24 Feb 2020 at 10:44am

News Flash :

Noosa officially designated Global Surfing Zoo

Noosa, Aus ( Feb 24 , 2020 )

Coinciding with the ridiculous human circus experienced during Cyclone Ulesi , the famous Noosa pointbreaks will be officially declared a Global Surfing Zoo.

For many years the beautiful Noosa headland has played host to an ever increasing number of disrespectful and antisocial pole smokers whenever the slightest swell has graced its superb series of pointbreaks , yet local surfers have been left feeling snubbed and under appreciated by the surfing world at large.

Local surfer Pauley Riddan-Mal had this to say on the deeply felt angst running throughout the Noosa community-
“ Snapper was included in the Global Surving Zoo hall of fame years ago and what do they have they we don’t ? Brutal drop-ins , Jet ski’s through the crowds on head high days , endless competitions to satisfy a few egos , complete disregard for the basic etiquette of surfing and a basic disregard for lineup hierarchy - they’re Noosa specialties !

I mean , we’ve got tourists straight off the plane paddling directly to the inside before their hair is even wet just as much as Snapper . I just want to know what it takes to get us over the line . If the daily occurrence of a predawn car park filled with backpackers camped out and taking their morning dump two feet off the track isn’t enough then what is ? “

A ceremony will be held over the weekend to commemorate the recognition of Noosa as a spot more likely to inflame frustration than stoke . A mass paddle out and drop in is to be held to celebrate the occasion.

Mayor of Noosa , Cr Solled Outkant had this to say “ I feel it’s an important step towards realising the potential of the greater economic zone known as Noosa . Not a day too soon either ! Tell me , where else you you catch a knee high peeler , be dropped in on half a dozen times every wave for an entire session and when you finally lose your shit, be told by the beginner surfer from Austria who just rammed his board into your shins whilst dropping in uncontrollably, that it’s people like you who ruin surfing ? “

Noosa’s addition to the Global Surfing Zoo’s lineup will complement Snapper, Manly and Bondi beach in Australia’s growing list of places where the chances of catching a wave necessitates reading Sun Tzu’s “ The art of war “.

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velocityjohnno commented Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020 at 6:26pm

“If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by and then drop in on you.” - Attributed to Sun Tzu sort of

That was gold! lol, keep up this series of reports!

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braudulio commented Monday, 24 Feb 2020 at 10:36am

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.

‘IF YOU UNDERSTAND, things are just as they are;
if you do not understand, THINGS ARE JUST AS THEY ARE.’

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eat-your-vegies commented Monday, 24 Feb 2020 at 10:38am

I think I know pauley

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neville-beats-buddha's picture
neville-beats-buddha commented Monday, 24 Feb 2020 at 10:57am

Good mates with Lou Katmee.

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Mallimitch's picture
Mallimitch commented Monday, 24 Feb 2020 at 11:49am

There is irony here...

1.) Having a rant about a very genuine problem on a website that, one could say, fuels the very issue at hand?

2.) Me complaining about the exploitation of said lifestyle, while checking the cams of said surf break?

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Smorto commented Monday, 24 Feb 2020 at 11:54am

The protection afforded by the existing National Park combined with the anti-development Council means that this means nothing and is clearly something Noosa have sought for tourism purposes (i.e more people) rather than being needed in any, way, shape or form.

They now have another meaningless title to add to their 'Biosphere Reserve' that they advertise on signs as you enter the shire.

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Phil Jarratt's picture
Phil Jarratt commented Monday, 24 Feb 2020 at 12:36pm

Noosa doesn't need any more tourists and Noosa World Surfing Reserve has no agenda designed to attract them. We're more interested in making surfing in Noosa safe and sustainable, hence our free CPR courses, our campaign for defib stations at the outer bays and our Surf Code education materials delivered through board rental outlets. You could read more at, or you could just continue to spread uninformed negativity.

Phil Jarratt

Smorto's picture
Smorto's picture
Smorto commented Monday, 24 Feb 2020 at 12:45pm

Yeah sure that all sounds great (CPR, defib and code of conduct) but still not sure why you need a WSR declaration to implement it??? Seems like marketing to me.

Yes, I've seen the website and I've seen your book as the first item for sale in the store section too.

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brutus's picture
brutus commented Monday, 24 Feb 2020 at 1:14pm

You are attracting more surf tourists , as they will want to see and surf the newest/latest / greatest WSR!
So "we" are more interested in surfing safe/sustainable/ Surf code/ defib/ CPR courses , which seems to have a commercial angle, than actually protecting the Noosa points and beaches?

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Lanky Dean's picture
Lanky Dean commented Monday, 24 Feb 2020 at 3:18pm

Phil, just a suggestion.
How about a first aid station with tourniquets?
Placed at each break.
There's plenty of big fish and loose logs in the area.
Coupled with long walks in and between breaks.

monkeyboy's picture
monkeyboy's picture
monkeyboy commented Monday, 24 Feb 2020 at 12:10pm

So - Thursday really wasn't that busy - that was THE day.
Friday was ridiculous - but why would you bother; it was a quarter of the size and 10x more people. Let them have it and don't worry about it.

Interestingly and not for the first time - overheard in the car park whilst some Aussie dude is trying to find a park for his diesel blowing 4WD: "er mate, this is fucked I can't get a car spot for 30 minutes and I've driven all the way up from Byron..."

on a long enough timeframe...

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bipola's picture
bipola commented Monday, 24 Feb 2020 at 1:27pm

sounds like serious stress to me. Do the locals that were born in noosa ever pack up and leave for greener pastures?

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Optimist commented Monday, 24 Feb 2020 at 1:29pm

I think all the guys speaking in that video own an ice cream truck there or something?

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GuySmiley's picture
GuySmiley commented Monday, 24 Feb 2020 at 2:17pm

I have very fond memories of Noosa early on. I've been back infrequently since and scored some good surfs ducking and weaving the crew but never as good as the first two trips in the 70s. I guess that would be a familiar tale to many. I was last there three years ago and was truely shocked at the poor state of the National Park. It looked totally neglected and over used by a factor of many. I hope this announcement will see some big money put back into the headlands overlooking those bays, just to pretend they care. It pains me to say this but I have no intention of ever returning to Qld and the GBR, it seems it's a different universe up there that has little in common with me anymore. Too bad, it was once a true paradise.

spitti handshapes's picture
spitti handshapes's picture
spitti handshapes commented Wednesday, 26 Feb 2020 at 2:17pm

your totally right,,, i live here have a house here a mortgage i pay rates even,,,and i cant stand the place anymore the waves are infrequent the banks are frequently shit on the beaches and when it is good in noosa which is the only really great place to surf here its so crowded you think,,, whats the point,,, in fact i think that of surfing now in general its crowded everywhere... mentawiis phillipnes sri lanka bali ive been all over the place and concluded ,,, whats the point as a result im slowly enjoying the carefree life of a non surfer,,,, once upon a time it was ,, hey man you shoulda been here yesterday but now its more like three decades ago,,,,

Lanky Dean's picture
Lanky Dean's picture
Lanky Dean commented Monday, 24 Feb 2020 at 3:08pm

Last wave on the east coast to actually break.
Good luck informing the tourist
" that there is actual waves that break there."
It's great to see another wave saved though.

Optimist's picture
Optimist's picture
Optimist commented Monday, 24 Feb 2020 at 4:15pm

They want Defib stations at the outer bays?....this could be a good idea...if its too crowded you could fire one up, Stand on the point , stick the paddles in the water and yell..CLEAR!

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Snoz's picture
Snoz commented Monday, 24 Feb 2020 at 4:47pm

“Surf code education materials delivered through board rental outlets”
You’ve got to be kidding me @ Phil Jarratt!
Watching those board hire outlets hand out hire boards to tourists during the Uesi swell was an absolute joke!
Half the people out there on their own boards Shouldn’t have been there and watching said board rental outlets hand out foamies to tourists/backpackers who can hardly swim let alone surf was downright unacceptable!
But those Noosa Buisnesses aren’t all about the money but more the safety of the surfer!

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truebluebasher commented Wednesday, 26 Feb 2020 at 2:14am

Gold Coasters congratulate Sunny Crew dedication of Noosa WSR.
Crew are also stoked for fellow swellnetonian Phil...great work!
Those keeping track of Global Waves Conference overheard WSR Govt' legislation.
12th Feb 2020 (Qld Premier -Full text, should equally apply to Noosa WSR?)

Qldurr tbb is proud & salutes Surf Reservists Andrew McKinnon & Phil Jarratt.
Any step forward is a giant leap in our State...The guys bought their time & won out!

Noosa WSR Commemorative { The 1st Surf Safaris }
1865 Archer's Party was the first "Settler Surf Bathing Party"
1876 Shepherd's Surf Cruises rode the outgoing tide over Noosa bar.
At low tide the 5 Riotous Surf Bathers hit 1st Point Noosa
In over the Bar were roofed by a Green Monster chased by a further 2 boomers.
Note: That on low tide with big swell running...this party of 5 Surfed Perfect Noosa!

GC rogue Surf Historian passes on original Noosa Surf Safari (Full Version / Feb 1876)

The Same Beach today is a NP / NSR > WSR.
WSR Noosa NP is endangered by Jet Skis, Drones, predator comps & Toxic Slabz.
Noosa Dogs are now gifted more Surf Coast than restricted Pioneer Surf Bathers
Dogz can also chow down on WSR Koalas & Turtles while Surf pioneers are in pens.
No impact pioneer surfers drown in a sea of regulation while Surfer's Dogs sail over it.

If we were to Judge WSR by Noosa Festival of Surfing then WSR fails on every level.
Boardriders should have included "Imprisoned Surf bathers in Sunny Sea Ring"
Instead you all blocked out Public Flag wavers of what measly waves & views they had!

Town Booze Bus Stops ply the Beer Buses to"Illegal" WSR Beach Bars
11 & 13 y/olds "illegally" gig for Happy Hour Skegz guzzling for prizes in WSR beach pub.
So why not Dogs (illegally surf WSR - NP) ...who in Noosa really gives a shit about WSR !

The precedent that Noosa Festival sets, is to smash every fragile law that protects the WSR.
Noosa WSR must name, shame & report each one responsible for desecration of WSR.
Further more, the Hodads should apologise to the Gromz for puking over their new reserve.
tbb is pissed off seeing surfers sell out & Trash WSR for profit from day one! (Poor Leadership!)

WSR surf council must quit their high & mighty pretentious ignorance of beach laws.
If WSR/Festival abuses every beach law then so to can Whiteshoes...Bye Bye Reserve!
Surfers shopped out every defence in very first piss up!...What cred has Noosa WSR now?
Happy that you won the trophy but it's already tarnished. No! It won't shine like it should.
tbb wishes Noosa well...fighting off the enemy within is clearly yer biggest hurdle.

Silly tbb kinda hoped Qld WSR's would team to fight off whiteshoes, not to bed them.
Big Day for Noosa & Qld Surfing. Goldie crew will celebrate alongside swellnet crew!

tango's picture
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tango commented Monday, 24 Feb 2020 at 7:13pm

It will be interesting to see what the imminent plan says, and how it will make a difference to existing coastal management arrangements. In the scheme of protecting breaks, I am surprised that Noosa needs the declaration to assist managing it - after all, it is part of a National Park and pretty well-protected by existing legislation. It might not be managed all that well by the Qld Govt, so perhaps that's a valid reason?

It is unfortunate that the interests involved in the Cttee and the sponsors seem to have a strong tourism bent (but, hey, that's where the money is to influence and pay for things). And more unfortunate that Phil's book is the first thing you can buy in the shop, notwithstanding how good it is. It would be a bit more appropriate to separate out members' commercial interests from the core message, I reckon.

Phil Jarratt's picture
Phil Jarratt's picture
Phil Jarratt commented Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020 at 3:32pm

There are many comments in this thread that could be addressed by a quick flick through our website,, but to tackle the "members' commercial interests", the book Noosa World Surfing Reserve Guidebook, and its predecessor Cup Of Tea With God, were both entirely labours of love on my part, with no payment for research, writing, editing and management. Many of the photographers also contributed their work free of charge.

Phil Jarratt

tango's picture
tango's picture
tango commented Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020 at 11:50pm

Thanks Phil, but with pedantry being one of my many pedantries, I reckon the members' commercial interests comment stands re tourism interests. Having had more than a flick through the website, there is still a strong impression that the stated rationale for the declaration regarding protection isn't quite clear given the protections which already exist, and it could be made much clearer. I'm sure that tourism interests have cottoned on more than the benefits for product and branding which flow from such a declaration, but it is Queensland after all.
With regard to the labour of love and contributions, I say well done, thank you, and applaud the pro bono work in promoting improved stewardship for what is a very special place.

simba's picture
simba's picture
simba commented Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020 at 10:07am

Yes ,As said it’s just another marketing stunt to line the Pockets of the hangers on that are USING the NOOSA Destination as a brand to sell there ideals.

Thanks to the past folk who stopped the action of council giving in to development ,this beautiful National Park was protected ,WSR can’t Claim this.

Who funds this and what do they give back to the local surfers and community besides a cabinet with a safety item that would have to be continually maintained.

Leave our amazing coastline the way you found it .That’s the message WSR could be promoting

Or as Milfy said “don’t destroy what you come to enjoy”

The secrets out ha ha


mowgli's picture
mowgli's picture
mowgli commented Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020 at 2:59pm

What legislative or regulatory backing does this have? I mean beyond whatever there already is (I would’ve thought being back by national park was all that’s needed?).... and who is paying for all the marketing etc?

“Life is a long lesson in humility.”

mowgli's picture
mowgli's picture
mowgli commented Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020 at 3:07pm

Ok so, “going to look at” is politician speak for “maybe…one day….maybe….”.

Keep in mind there’s a State election in several months. Mr de Brenni mightn’t be in a position “to look at” what legislation might “look like”. Certainly going to find it hard to look at what’s been done internationally (taxpayer funded surf trip woooooooo!) and bring the lessons here (I imagine that’ll be a short list of lessons given the very different policy and regulatory environment here vs. EU)

Also, these are sand-bottom breaks….what can a WSR do about transport of sediment in the present day (from over the border from a totally different Council and State jurisdiction) and the effects of climate change (sea level rise increasing severity of erosion, increases in storm intensity, and potentially even a slow-down in the natural northward movement of sediment due to southward expansion of the ITCZ). Let alone QUEENSLAND legislation...and how does that reconcile with other legislation?

“Life is a long lesson in humility.”

tango's picture
tango's picture
tango commented Wednesday, 26 Feb 2020 at 12:08am

It will be interesting to see what comes of this.

There is already a range of plans in effect for the Gold Coast and which recognise surfing, with perhaps the most direct being the Gold Coast Shoreline Management Plan.

"Recommendation 7.24:
Clearly define recreational amenity in general and recreational surfing amenity in particular, and set a series of management goals. Where achievable, coastal protection and management strategies need to be developed that incorporate strategies to improve recreational / surfing amenity whilst not compromising coastal security."

If "legislating" for the protection of the Goldie is the aim, and the Premier doesn't want to see it affected in "50 years", the Premier might want to join some dots my kids have no trouble joining. The overwhelming scientific opinion is that it's going to be mighty affected in 50 years time by a phenomenon called climate change - apparently directly related to CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels and mining coal.

Adani, Premier? Until the government gets behind a carbon neutral position, it is actively endorsing the complete destruction of all gold coast points in 50 years time.

Oh Swell's picture
Oh Swell's picture
Oh Swell commented Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020 at 6:18pm

As I watch out tonight from NZ at a Tuesday lineup on the Swellnet cam.
Crikey Johnson.
Still the circus is in town.
Take your treasure where you find it.
Got your Million dollar carpark?
Tracks was written into my blood way back then.
So I'm with PJ.

velocityjohnno's picture
velocityjohnno's picture
velocityjohnno commented Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020 at 6:37pm

Are jetskis banned in WSRs?

davetherave's picture
davetherave's picture
davetherave commented Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020 at 6:41pm

Why can't we celebrate surfing?
Is Noosa and the Goldie being a World Surfing Reserve going to change anything? Really?? It will still be crowded, and at least it recognizes and appreciates all the surfing pioneers that stood their ground against mainstream socialization.
I still remember talking to AndyM and Rabbit outside Maccas at Coolie and seeing his wholesome passion about his experience with the Peruvian Reedboats.
Andy has been very vocal about my understandings of life and practices, but one thing that we agree upon, is that surfing is an absolute blessing.
Hence, it is always way more beneficial to focus on what we share, rather than what we don't.
It's surfing that has brought you here, let that be enough.


truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher commented Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020 at 10:44pm

tbb backs up davetherave...Goldie is extra proud of {WSR}.
Basherz are Super Stokeded with our world best Surf Patrons Bugz & AndyM.
Goldie agrees 100% that Noosa {WSR} & Phil can also be the pride of Sunny Fleet.

Qldurrz are reading many good questions from the crew on {WSR} promotion.
We feel it's fair & best if we can share #1 examples of highest level Surf Promotion.

Here's an example of promotion of Qld/NSW "Legendary Pacific Coast "(Drive/Way)

[M1] Picture Signs

1) {WH} Gondwana Waterfalls are relegated to [NP] local falls

2) {WH} GBR has no WH/NP/MP or anything...more of a posh Tourist Drive!

3a) {WSR} Qldurrz / Oz #1 & only World Attraction
GC { WSR } Oz biggest & best ever Tourism Drive Promo?

3b) Victoria {The Great Ocean Road Sign}

Qld Premier backs up Mega {WSR} Promo with view to full protection Legislation.

How has Surfing gone from feral to World Hero?
Qld Premier seems to value {WSR} more than very ordinary GBR
Qld Pollies bankroll & Photo Bomb every WSL Event...
Backhands, Junkets, up zones, fast tracks...whatever, please let us get ya some more!

Surfers should be looking at this bigger picture of what the Govt really wants!
Govt < > Surf Corruption is at record high levels & lead Surf Reps are in too deep.
Many lines in the sand have been crossed & tbb has outed revered Surf Reps.
WSL leases out {WSR} & extorts {WSR} Monies with Wave Pool Comp threats.

#1 Rule: Any Surfers exploiting Qld {WSR} Environment are not welcome in {WSR}.

BenSchemel's picture
BenSchemel's picture
BenSchemel commented Wednesday, 26 Feb 2020 at 7:53am

Ban legropes (and jetskis) in the reserve.
Charge big dollars if you need rescuing more than once a week.

boogiefever's picture
boogiefever's picture
boogiefever commented Wednesday, 26 Feb 2020 at 10:20am

Pure marketing for the rich to profit further off the Noosa name and to put the sunshine coast wave zone in jeopardy through over tourism.
A WSR is about as useful as a biosphere endorsement.... environmental weeds and pests cant read the signs. Neither can bogans, or rich kids without their butlers. Boomers are too busy juggling investment home portfolios and franking credit dividends to worry about it.
But if it makes noosa feel superior to other sunshine coast suburbs (as if they need help) then i guess it serves its purpose.

redclement.'s picture
redclement.'s picture
redclement. commented Friday, 28 Feb 2020 at 4:24pm

Magic place Noosa you can still score waves away from the sheep. There is a world class point break north of Punta de lobos.

tonks's picture
tonks's picture
tonks commented Saturday, 29 Feb 2020 at 9:43am

I have brilliant memories of Noosa dating back to the early seventies.Back then Noosa was like a Mecca to surfers.We read about it inTracks & Surfing World & swore that 1 day we would make the pilgrimage to go there.We were not disappointed as everything we read & saw in the mags was true, long beautiful clean waves at every point.Turning off from the highway we encountered nothing but bush with the odd house her & there.We laughed when we saw the for sale signs with the agents name being Max Christmas!Back then you could camp anywhere,it had such a great feel about it being a small country town,fantastic memories.But it’s really changed now,too much over development.I will always remember it as it once was & 1 thing they can’t change,the long beautiful clean waves at every point.Adios Amigos!

Sir Abacus Bent's picture
Sir Abacus Bent's picture
Sir Abacus Bent commented Sunday, 1 Mar 2020 at 11:37am

"Noosa has long been out in front of the world when it comes to conservation..."

I think he meant conservatism.
The current Noosa Mayor , Jarratt, Noosa Parks et al, joined with Campbell Newman and the LNP to get de-amalgamated from the rest of the the Sunshine Coast at huge cost to Coolum and Yaroomba who have had to raise a half million to fight Sekisui. Sekisui is the result of Noosa's support for a pro development mayor in the SCRC just before they slipped out the back door like sly dogs. Votes don't lie.
Let's be honest here, None of these clown were anywhere near Noosa when good people saved the Park . Today the pretenders ride the coattails and good work of others to flog another meaningless tourism bauble.
Conservationists? Not by any definition I know.

boogiefever's picture
boogiefever's picture
boogiefever commented Sunday, 1 Mar 2020 at 11:23pm

Well said. The only thing bigger than noosa's ego is the cost of a "half caff mocha skinny latte" in hastings st.
The one town i would applaud a corona-virus outbreak....

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher commented Wednesday, 1 Jul 2020 at 9:16am

Jan 2018 - "Surf back thru Time to retro Sunshine Coast"

June 2020 Tourism & Events Qld ...[ ITINERARY ] ~ (1st Govt Noosa WSR promo)
"Your guide to 48 hrs of World-Class Surfing in Noosa"