Flyer: Don't Mark It On Your Calendar

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Stu Nettle (stunet)

It was International Women's Day last Monday and I didn't celebrate it.

Which, in the modern context, means I didn't comment on Facebook or send a post on Instagram.

In this regard I treated it the same as International Surfing Day, or more specifically, Earth Day. Days that, on the face of it, I'm thoroughly in favour of, however I'm suspicious of the way they're observed.

Performative celebrations can't advance a cause. A social media post can't take us to a better world.

Women should have equal rights to men, the environment should be protected, but we don't get to that place by striking single dates off a calendar as if it's another Hallmark celebration.

The reason this is appearing on a surf site is that this week the long-awaited film 'Girls Can't Surf' premiered. It was no coincidence that its release coincided with International Women's Day - it was designed that way.

However, as a vehicle for change the film is vastly more efficient. Despite being an historical doco, it allows the viewer to feel the frustrations and hardships the women faced, and still do face both within surfing and the wider world.

It'd take a hard heart to watch 'Girls Can't Surf' and not see the women as heroic. Talented, determined, and tough - all the qualities that men celebrate, all year long.

So this week I didn't celebrate International Women's Day, however I did speak to the director of Girls Can't Surf and reviewed the film. I'd urge everyone to get out and watch it too.

- Stu

Review: Girls Can't Surf

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Matt78's picture
Matt78's picture
Matt78 Monday, 15 Mar 2021 at 9:37am

Stu, that's probably the worst bit of judgment I've seen on here from you. Fair point about marking days on the calendar but chose your battles mate. You could have just said nothing or you could have published this article about an issue that is less likely to scrape at already raw nerves. It's offensive to equate celebrating women's rights with International Surfing Day. Surfing is your area of expertise why not write this after ISD? or if you want to probe into social issues, write it after International Men's Day (November 19, if you want to mark it in your calendar). And reviewing"Girls Can't Surf", this the Scott Morrison "what would I want if it was one of my girls" defense... With the multiple current examples of harm to women at the hands of men in positions of power (you are in a position of power Stu), the byline of your article seems unnecessary to me.

this article might help

Blowin's picture
Blowin's picture
Blowin Monday, 15 Mar 2021 at 8:29am

On the contrary, I thought it was a great piece. Stu is not referring to the women’s march, he is referring to the vapid posturing which typically goes down on the date just as did the author in the article you linked :

“Forget delicious International Women’s Day breakfasts and uplifting tweets about girl power”

Your claim that the byline in this article “ reeks of misogyny” is a laugh and a slap in the face to Stu’s obvious lack of maliciousness towards women.

Sort your shit out and stick your misplaced accusations in your arse.

Matt78's picture
Matt78's picture
Matt78 Monday, 15 Mar 2021 at 9:39am

Yeah fair play Blowin, but that's the point isn't it? These things don't happen in a vacuum, and given the broader issues that are getting such good support, that byline seems misguided to me. I'm not saying Stu is malicious towards women, I'm suggesting he thinks more broadly about tricky issues like this and contextualises them more thoughtfully. No offence intended Stu, I've edited my first comment to reflect what actually think after a coffee...

Mordz's picture
Mordz's picture
Mordz Tuesday, 16 Mar 2021 at 6:08pm

Chill Blowing, you always seem to get your nuts in a twist so easily.

stunet's picture
stunet's picture
stunet Monday, 15 Mar 2021 at 9:46am

No offence taken. The blurb is deliberately provoactive, in the same way the title 'Girls Can't Surf' is deliberately provocative: it baits a hook for people to bite on and read the rest.

Also, I've written similar pieces about my feelings on International Surfing Day and Earth Day, and for years I've "said nothing" about celebrating International Women's Day via banal social media posts, yet this year those social media posts were juxtaposed against what I saw as an effective way of celebrating the advancement of women - to wit, watching 'Girls Can't Surf'.

Matt78's picture
Matt78's picture
Matt78 Monday, 15 Mar 2021 at 1:45pm

Fair enough Stu, I'm glad you called out those others too. I just re-read your pice and I did go off half-cocked, you make a better argument than I absorbed on my first read. My bad...

Island Bay's picture
Island Bay's picture
Island Bay Monday, 15 Mar 2021 at 9:50am
zenagain's picture
zenagain's picture
zenagain Monday, 15 Mar 2021 at 9:48pm

Lovely IB. How good is Leunig!

I pledge right here and now to keep plodding along and trying to remain unwoke.

Who's with me?

Island Bay's picture
Island Bay's picture
Island Bay Tuesday, 16 Mar 2021 at 4:56am


simba's picture
simba's picture
simba Tuesday, 16 Mar 2021 at 6:30am

haha ...yup again!