Embarrassing songs that you love.

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seeds started the topic in Tuesday, 29 Mar 2022 at 9:00pm

No judgment as that has crept into my last music thread. Now come on we all have songs we love that aren’t in are usual I’m so cool playlist.

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Mario Speedwagon Wednesday, 6 Sep 2023 at 12:13pm

One for all the rednecks, and all their mind-numbing, dumb-arse balderdash...here, there, and everywhere

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mickseq Sunday, 10 Sep 2023 at 8:19pm

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mickseq Sunday, 10 Sep 2023 at 8:29pm

for the current environment

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Jelly Flater Sunday, 10 Sep 2023 at 8:40pm



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truebluebasher Wednesday, 13 Sep 2023 at 12:32am

Big shout out to the imaginative back trax... Yes Sir I can Boogie / Mr Ed...
Backtracking comes with an Embarrassing Songs Warning.
Totally Embarrassing /R\ Flasher's Overcoat that no one dares perv on.
Walk With an Erection / Being a Dickhead's Cool / Gay Bar / Detachable Penis ... etc...
Knock On Wood (vs) Ring my Bell....(C'mon! tbb was just a red faced grom!)

Gonna add some'class' to feast on a blood lust frenzy of Teenage Tearaway Tearjerking Tragedies.


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truebluebasher Saturday, 18 Nov 2023 at 10:59pm

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linez Sunday, 19 Nov 2023 at 6:08pm

Go you strat, go! Nice Tbb..

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truebluebasher Thursday, 11 Jan 2024 at 10:32am

Celebrating the gut wrenching intimate union of Covid & Candida.

[ Breaking News]
Joh's Qldurrz defiled a Gag Order on Highly infectious Public Health STD Posters



Yeast mold Candida thrives in Vented Long Covid patients guts > Now front-lining as STD Travel Bug!
Everybody : " JN. 1 = Gastro prolongs record [+] Waste Water."

[ Outbreak News ] Kansas : Candida love bug nests in best friend's oral cavity...
Toto! I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore...(Please! Get a Kennel!)

Outbreaking @ #1 this week the super icky infectious "Candida"

Super Infectious positive Candida lovers.
Require Mandated Mass Dose of Neutrophil Band Cells

Mandated techno rap cure is debunked...
Chorus of Anti Rapper Seniors are defiantly singing themselves free of infectious Candida.


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Pop Down Thursday, 11 Jan 2024 at 2:46pm

Hello TBB

I will have a look around a find a few of your posts that I have seen pop up , but have not checked out .

I saw a County ( or something ) in the US , brought back in masks .

Within 24 hours , public opinion forced them to change their minds .

The information U provide , I find valuable .

I love your taste in music .

My knowledge of music is not the best and I love seeing your clips .

I can suggest ( can't post as a T rex ) an Old Clip ( Black and White ) that I love every time I hear it .

Melani - Candles in the Rain . Please find the Live version performed in the Netherlands .

Perhaps ( if I had one ) in my top 10 live performances EVER .

The audience is SOOOO daggy ( like me ) but just loved her ( first time they had seen or heard of her ) . So TV Carson show lol .


It was performed in 1970 with the Edwin Hawkins Singers .

There is a clip that goes for 7 minutes that include her being introduced the the audience .

She had just come from Woodstock and the audience thought she was from Mars . at first .


I just watched it again .

It ( the whole clip esp the end ) is just magical .

The energy and love in that studio went OFF the charts .

Melani was moved , so , the band and audience joined in .

She changed peoples lives with this song .

Remember the Vietnam War ?

Remember the brave stand another Man took on that War .

Ali , another great name .

Gosh , he was willing to fight , but wouldn't in Nam , so was banned from fighting , at home .

Weird .

So good for me to hear after the War Thread .


I recently saw Melani sing with a friend , Miley Sirus ?

Candle in the Rain was a song with a message sung a talented woman .

The message resonated so loudly in her and in the people of the time who heard it , it became a Uniting Anthem .

When she sung it , I could she her change and she just kept getting stronger .

Everyone in that Studio was willing to follow her .

So cool .

A God job , she became a Joan of Ark , on Live television .

lol So , check it out TBB , U legend .

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velocityjohnno Wednesday, 17 Jan 2024 at 5:33pm

What you gon' do with all that junk
All that junk inside your trunk?
I'ma get-get-get-get you drunk
Get you love drunk off my hump
My hump, my hump
My hump, my hump, my hump
My hump, my hump, my hump
My lovely little lumps, check it out!


It was as if trillions of brain cells suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.

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seeds Wednesday, 17 Jan 2024 at 5:47pm

Most fellas love humpy lady bumps. Woot woot.
Will.I.Am being overly self critical?

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seeds Wednesday, 17 Jan 2024 at 5:50pm

Well obviously that leads to this.


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velocityjohnno Wednesday, 17 Jan 2024 at 6:03pm

And before that there was this

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seeds Wednesday, 17 Jan 2024 at 6:06pm

Hahaha ‘mudflaps my girls got em’

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seeds Wednesday, 17 Jan 2024 at 6:10pm



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truebluebasher Wednesday, 31 Jan 2024 at 2:20pm

tbb has shared these trax individually over the last few months.
Not heard songs more deserving for a razz...but in a sickly way.
Only fair on the crew to keep them apart ...each deserving of their own Hall of Shame Empire!
Even the Song's back history sounds dirty...catch a disease just reading about it!
Leaves nothing to the Imagination...Wot ya see & hear will get yer blood boiling...So Racey...(Oops!)
You really want More...listen @ [2:20] Steal my .... funky Pub Pong Hook why don't ya! No Spoiler...OMG!
70's (Adult Film Actor..wtf! Don't Judge!) Andrea True ...More More More!

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 31 Jan 2024 at 2:53pm

Gold Coloured Vinyl LP certified as Silver Dollar
UK answer to ABBA > Guy'n'Dolls (Duo) Formed Dollar
So sickly that all thought this was some Brother / Sister incest thing...
Dollar : "Nope! Sorry! That's disgusting....quit droolin' you pervs!"

Anyhow...people got busted...tapping & singin' to this tune...never, no way that's Disgusting!
No one likes this song...they love it...quit droolin'...all wanna hook up a threesome with Dollar!

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 31 Jan 2024 at 3:40pm

1978 Psycho melodrama sound booth opened up avenues for New Wave Chix .
Lucky Stars track also mistaken as some kissing cousin Psycho Stalker act.
True that he did stalk his Female Singer...(Perfectly acceptable pick up moves in the day!)
Stalked her Gig > Bumps into her outside her Apartment...
Phones her to say he wrote a song for her but gotta come to my pad to sing it together!
Never paid 'This Mystery Chick' royalties until 2008
Gotta listen to this song with a drinking glass pressed against yer neighbours wall...
Kinda awkward but still also perfectly acceptable kinky way of tuning into 70's Psychobabblegumpop.

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truebluebasher Sunday, 25 Feb 2024 at 8:32pm

Supa Special Sundae Session...requested by blow in Irukandjis.
ISA coming out Song @ Fernando's #2021 Surf City Closing Ceremony El Salvador...

(#1swellnet Tribute) "Fernando's tribal Surf Council mandated Surf Shanty Directive!"
Psalms [2:45]
"I would like to present The ISA Song & I would like the Minister to Join me!
I know the Minister like to sings and dance..Ha! Ha! Huh! Huh!
So this is a Song! We never had a Song...you know a lot of these Songs from Federations, from Countries are quite boring. This is supposed to not be a Boring Song, it is a song for Dancing for Singing and for playing again, you will find this on Spotify, you'll find it everywhere and I already have it on my Mind...I hear it a few times.
It was composed a month ago and 'scripted' by Argentinian Multi Grammy Award Winner Senor Flavio Cianciarulo from a band called Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. Flavio is a Surfer (WSL Daughter Surfs for Argentina) and he was inspired by that Phrase I created 2 years ago.."A better World thru Surfing".

You have your Lyrics with You...Do you have your Lyrics? It's that Paper that was on your Chair...I know you're sitting on top of it...it's a nice paper. This is the ' First Time in history! ' that we're gonna sing this song and believe me...we are gonna be singing this song for many years.
It's about thanking, with Love, the Oceans and our Planet, they are the ones that allow us to have so many happy moments in our Life riding waves and it's also honouring just a little bit of Hawaiian, it's in English & a little bit Hawaiian. It also honours our Hawaiian Surfing Roots. The Great Duke Kahanamoku, the wonderful Queen of Makaha Rell Sunn and of course the other great Hawaiian Eddie Aikau and in this particular case of today it's in memory of the soul of a person who has been with us the whole competition 'Olympian' Katherine Diaz whose spirit is here today with us...
So, Let's Sing! Let's Clap our Hands and Dance! GET UP GUYS!
You need to Get Up!
You Can't Sing sitting ...It's not Healthy!

Whole crew were moved to tears...so why they all just sit there & refuse to sing!

Nope! Crew were not dregged out on ISA Shroom Punch...then why such a Tough Gig for Fernando!

It was mid Covid & Crew donned Masks + singing was in breach of ISA Covid Safe Comp rules...and...
Ends with Fernando vomiting over his own $Gazillion Multi Grammy Award Winning Surf Beat Intoxia!

Crew : Supa Stoked with our [+] surf song...feel better now!
Tribal Surf Council Ceremonious Ultimatum kicks in @ [2:45]


B Side : Teahupoo ISA / WSL Dream Tour Combo

[0:30] Official Surf Council Tribal Hula (Fully sanctioned by Fernando's Ego)

[3:10-4:20] Mitch Robinson (WSL) : "Teah-Huppa-O Rap" (As the Locals prefer to Call it!)

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seeds Sunday, 25 Feb 2024 at 9:51pm


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basesix Sunday, 25 Feb 2024 at 10:12pm

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seeds Sunday, 25 Feb 2024 at 10:39pm

That sort of Dylan is great.
Saw him on that last Oz tour
His band was great
He was pathetic
Mumbling old fool making his last cash grab
Couldn’t understand a word

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basesix Sunday, 25 Feb 2024 at 11:25pm

couldn't agree more seeds, as a kid I wowed to Hollis Brown on my mum's Time a Changing LP.. dark stuff..

Then had this tape stuck in my ratty Daihatsu Rocky's tapedeck for 6 months.

(Early 90s at Canunda NP, carbound in the Rocky, only Dylan to listen to, with wind and rain pelting, getting ripped with my girlfriend, I was ranting about the genius of Dylan doing Rising Sun from the girl's point of view, when the Ranger knocks on the window, we jumped a mile, wind down the window to shroud him in smoke, and babbled 'were not camping' type stuff - our campfire and wet swags beneath his feet - I think he just thought we were funny and harmless. Anyway, early Dylan is pretty dang good.)

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seeds Sunday, 25 Feb 2024 at 11:29pm

Yeah nah
Haha not
This is a delete edit

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truebluebasher Tuesday, 27 Feb 2024 at 10:04pm

1979 Christie Allen songs No.1 / Goosebumps / Magic Rythm were pretty daggy back in the day...
Plain dead 70's UK > Oz MOR tacky Pop in amongst edgy new wave sounds
Was gonna run the risque Goosebumps for a laugh but then come across 1998 Lively Mushie brew.

Gooey Pop song gets a Bogan Pub Rock tweak to slipstream the New Millennium retro groove.
No right to perform such a daggy 70's song on MCG arena rock stage.
Turns out this performance was from a premium Mushie gig...tbb might load it on Ben's Tunes!.

Oz Counter Meal with Cristie's Mushies...sure why not!...bring it!
tbb promised never to like this gooey song but 45yrs on tbb no longer gives a shit about standards!
Merit & Sound...gotta give Christie credit for keeping it real & bringin' it...'nother cup of Mushies.
Swear her voice sounds better...lends more cred to the song...sounds more dangerous...like AIDS!
Just sayin' even daggy songs will grow on yer for all the wrong reasons...wear ya down in the end..SOS.