Port Macquarie
Updated: Tue 2 September 8:51am Surf: clean 2-3ft SE Winds: Light NW Weather: overcast Rating: 4/10

The surf has cleaned up over the last couple of hours thanks to the incoming tide and offshore wind. It's quite peaky though so some patience Is needed for the decent ones. Winds could be ok all day or at least until the sth change comes through.

Tue 2 September 5:57am: clean 2ft SE, Light NW, partly cloudy 3/10

Dawn Report: 2ft waves for the Port region this morning. The winds are form the NW and only light, so there's some clean rides to be had in this smaller size. They'll freshen a bit later and then they're due to head west. Check back around 8am for the photo report.

Daily Photos:
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Nearest Observed Surf Reports:
2ft (Waist-Shoulder High)
WSW 4kt
1.2 m @ 8.7s ESE (120°)
0.6 m @ 11.1s SE (125°)
Showers increasing
Showers increasing
First light: 5:40am Sunrise: 6:05am Sunset: 5:33pm Last light: 5:57pm
Current: 15.1 (10:30am) Min: 10℃ - Max: 21℃
Port Macquarie

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