Swells from the E and E/NE from near and far range sources expected

Steve Shearer picture
Steve Shearer (freeride76)

Eastern Tasmanian Surf Forecast by Steve Shearer (issued Wed Jan12)

Features of the Forecast (tl;dr) 

  • Small increase in E swell Thurs with E'ly winds
  • Larger E  wto E/NEindswell  Fri, holding Sat AM before easing with better winds Sat
  • Small NE leftovers Sun
  • Inconsistent, pulsey E/NE swell from TC Cody Mon/Tues with better winds Mon
  • New S swell Wed with fresh S to SSE winds
  • Surf easing Thurs/Fri


Not much surf since Mon with tiny waves in the 1ft range yesterday which has continued into today. A range of swell sources are ahead. Read on for details. 

This week and next week (Jan12-Jan21)

Tomorrow sees a trough form a small surface low off the far South NSW coast- which was the EC outlook we mentioned on Mon.

That will see a small increase in E/NE swell through Thursday, up into the 2ft range with E to NE winds developing.

The small low moves southwards later tomorrow, bringing a local E/NE fetch to bear on the East Coast. That will see bigger  E/NE to E swell build from 3ft into the 4ft range during Fri although this swell will be accompanied by straight onshore E’ly winds.

Size should hold Sat in the  4ft range before slowly easing during the day but winds improve with a light NW’ly breeze tending more W/NW’ly as a front sweeps across the state.

In the tropics TC Cody is drifting south through the South Pacific window , spraying the NSW/QLD coast with swell. The fetch is not well aimed for NETas but radial spread from the source should see some inconsistent 3-4ft sets through Mon, into Tues with winds much better on Mon. These winds should be NW to WNW Mon, before a trough and low passing to the south of the state sees S’ly winds develop on Tues.

The passage of the low and front to the south Tues is expected to see S swell generated for Wed with size in the 3-4ft range with fresh  S to SSE winds expected. 

Size then slowly ebbs away during Thurs and into Fri with only small amounts of S swell leftover.

Longer term and a high is modelled to be just east of Tasmania later next week. That should see a small amount of E/NE to NE windswell to develop later next week into the weekend but at this stage we’re not looking at anything major. Just a couple of feet. 

Check back Fri and we’ll give a fresh update before the weekend.