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WA bodyboard champion went into 'Mick Fanning mode' to survive shark attack

Nicolas Perpitch

Noah Symmans channelled his inner Mick when a shark clamped onto his leg on the weekend.

Man attacked by shark at Pyramids Beach south of Perth

At one stage, police believed the man was sitting on rocks with his legs dangling in the water when he was bitten.

Watch: Russ Bierke // Darkhorse

Stu Nettle

Russ relishes his underdog status on the Big Wave Tour.

Watch: Russ Bierke gets pumped at Nazare

Stu Nettle

Watch Russ Bierke fade to black at huge Nazare.

Dreamtime with Ellis Ericson

Stu Nettle

"The nostalgia thing is great, but I wanna push ahead with design."

Cronulla Gromtag Qualifier to decide final four teams  

“It’s great to represent your local club...and it’s always fun cheering on your mates”. - Jarvis Earle

Watch: Noa Mizuno // War with the Senses

Stu Nettle

There are no easy sections here.

Watch: Shane Dorian on the Joe Rogan Experience

Stu Nettle

Timestamped for your pleasure.

Surfer attacked by shark near Ballina

Beaches around Ballina have been closed for 24 hours.


Gallery: November Rain

Craig Brokensha

Winter-calibre surf lights up the Victorian coast.

Watch: The road to homecoming

Stu Nettle

Enjoy the angel's view over pumping Teahupoo.

Five hot surf destinations to seek asylum at this summer


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