Vans Pulls Out Of US Open Sponsorship

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Stu Nettle (stunet)
Swellnet Dispatch

After ten years as title sponsor to the US Open, Vans have this week announced they won't renew their sponsorship of the only mainland US contest on the Challenger Series.

“The decision to not renew our title sponsorship of the US Open of Surf comes as we look to prioritise several of our owned events, activations, and contests,” the company said in a statement provided to website Shop Eat Surf.

This implies there's no threat to the Pipeline Masters, which is owned by Vans, and their other major surf contest, the Duct Tape Festival. The latter is administered by the Wozzle - it's on their Longboard tour, though hasn't been confirmed for 2023 - while the Pipe Masters is a standalone event with no WSL points attached.

"This decision allows our brand to lead from the front,” the company added encouragingly, though SES proferred the decision was less about retaining autonomy and more in response to earning losses - Vans sales in the quarter ending Dec. 31st fell by 9%. Feeding into the speculation is news Vans have cut their staff, though the exact number is unknown.

Whatever the cause, it follows a pattern of Vans reducing spending on WSL contests. Vans were also longtime sponsors of the World Cup of Surfing and the Vans Pro at Virginia Beach, both QS events, while intermitently running other QS events in Florida, South Africa, and Mexico. In 2017 they sponsored five QS events and one CT.

The Wozzle is yet to announce a replacement sponsor for the US Open of Surfing.


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Surfalot67 Thursday, 9 Feb 2023 at 2:01pm

Why would they have anything to do with the Wozzle? They're going just fine without them.

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peppa bluey Thursday, 9 Feb 2023 at 2:09pm

Terrible wave for any high stakes contest. No doubt, however, that if Vans pull out that some new, non-surfing related sponsor will step in to ensure the close outs and sunshine continue.

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yodai Thursday, 9 Feb 2023 at 2:41pm

And keep Huntington hop alive
What a woeful wave
Bit like pipe finals today

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yodai Thursday, 9 Feb 2023 at 2:51pm

And keep Huntington hop alive
What a woeful wave
Bit like pipe finals today

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truebluebasher Sunday, 12 Feb 2023 at 1:46am

#1 Surf Journo Stu perfectly illustrates what we don't see is most likely the real background story!
Seriously...Thanx Stu! Photo Selection is also excellent as usual & yer insight is on the money.

Vans Ocean Pier Banner bathed with Crew + US Flag / Life Guard Tower / Palm Trees swaying.
All this on a proposed Olympic Surf Venue Beach...only a fool would forgo their slice of paradise.
Think about it...why would Vans take a backward step after all their hard earned gains on this beach.
Impossible! To think they throw away their Holy Grail for some light weight punks to scrap over!

Man...that Steaming Hot Apple Pie should be worth a cool $ million in the wotz up then!

Crew are absolutely right to blame even ELO would...or, already has a million times!

How about we raise the stakes & turn this up a notch...Yes, we'll use the blow torch!

Ok! tbb thought to check any local Olympic Ad Fee increases...surely it's a fight over the Pot of Gold.

Well kinda! There is a review...can't be directly related to such...worth a try...

But this angle did lead to one helluva good similar reason for Vans to pull outta Huntington.

Insightful #1 Surf Journo Stu spilt the beans (re: Other WSL Comps seem to be Ok!)
Now see how clever that we need to look afar but crew thinks not too far from the bad smell.

We can sniff out the last sign of trouble & run that up the flag pole...getting warmer.

6th Feb 2023 : Stu ~ "The Woz adopts IOC Trans Policy"
Ok! Still need to work this, but tbb thinks Stu nailed it with sharing this News...

How & Why!

Vans is a huge, we're talkin' massively HUGE Pride Comp...Luv the rainbow shoes...
Let's just say they've been steering WSL a little bit L&R.

Now hold that thought, coz here comes the deal breaker...

....Line in the Sand......let's bring this home.

What's the one thing that could now blow this Premium Vans Huntington WSL / Olympic AD deal.
Just one thing...Go on...just name it..."Correct!"

Huntington Beach just voted to ban City Hall Gay Pride Flag during Pride Month.
Not just on City Hall but Flags throughout the city...
Political Tide is turning & Vans are no longer welcome in Huntington Beach.

[Vans) : "So long and thanx for all the fish, so sad that it should come to this!"

Fighting Fire with Fire...Vans refuse to Wallpaper Huntington Beach with $Gazillion Ads!
No! Not read about such...but reckon the crew are wise enough to draw their own conclusion!

If any need reminding how big a deal this is...count the prime City revenue from this lost Gold Mine.