Haldane's Daughters: Forgotten Recording Found

What were you doing in 2010?

Don't worry, it's a rhetorical question.

Recently, the band Haldane's Daughters - which includes Neal Purchase Junior on guitar - were reminded that in 2010 they went into a studio and made some recordings. Shortly after they did, however, life got in the way and the band forgot about them, until they resurfaced, went through a few hands, with each person impressed with their 'new' sound.

"The recording just got lost and forgotten," explains NPJ, "as we all had too many projects running at the same time."

Says vocalist Andy Burke: "The songs are based on living for the now and a little of questioning and mistrust in society. They were ideas I had and were recorded as pretty much one takes at Kruegs One Fluro studio on a stinking hot day with Neal's guitar charging through. A fun time and without trying to bring psych rock 'n punk back."

"There was probably way too much surf rock going down at the time," continues NPJ, "and the band didn't want to be pigeon-holed, so it ended up waiting for its moment that just didn't eventuate."

Till now.

Twelve years after it was recorded, SoundPressing have released a limited run of 150 vinyl pressings on translucent purple wax. Take a listen, but don't wait too long.

Haldane’s Daughters are:
Andy Burke – Vocals and Guitar
Neal Purchase Jr – Guitar and Vocals
Brett Layton – Bass Guitar
Rob Brown – Drums
Jay Kruegner – Drums and Bass Guitar
Jamie Kasdagalis - Keyboards