Off season swell for the Macaronis Coaching Clinics

Swellnet Dispatch

There's a lot of people who say there is no off season in Indonesia, that the waves keep coming year 'round. That may be the case, in fact it is the case, but as a lot of the operations in the Mentawais slow down, and the boats stop running altogether, I think we're justified in calling summer the off season.

However, the current forecasts are decidedly 'on'. The next fortnight in the Mentawais is looking plump with a series of swells rising out of the Indian Ocean that'll keep most breaks between 3 - 6 feet with crowds at a minimum.

It's good timing then to make one last call for our Macaronis Coaching Clinics. There are four trips of between six and ten days running back to back from late January to late February, staying at Macaronis Resort with coaching by Clayton Nienaber and photography by his brother, Shane Nienaber.

And if you really act quick, Macaronis Resort has a discount for people who fly in to surf the next swell then continue their stay into the first clinic.

Want more information? Contact the crew at Macaronis now.